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Cari-ism #277

Our division is split between 2 states and 3 locations. We have lots of meetings (read: conference calls). We have our first video conference giving us the opportunity to put a face with the name.

We broke into groups and brainstormed. My group chose me to present.

The first item to discuss was a Centralized Document Repository.

Which, thanks to me, is now referred to as the Centralized Document Suppository.

Yes, I said suppository in a video conference. That was taped.

And I didn't even realize it.

Post-meeting, the guys were laughing. They suspiciously stopped as I approached. I asked what was so funny, they said, "You don't know what you said in the meeting?!"

I turned a shade of red that's illegal in most states. Because yes, everyone noticed. (with the exception of me)

I almost saved myself by explaining, hey, it was just my way of saying "Take this document and shove it."


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