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Cari-ism #654

Thought for the day:

"What you don't remember, didn't kill you"


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or my favorite thought for the day

"You can't drink all day unless you start early"

Which leads to mine!

I'm going to keep your thought with me all weekend. Because up in the north woods, it's likely we will open the first beer at 9am. Which should be done guilt-free.

And so it was.

From what I can recall.

Why wait to start so late?

They dont call 'em "Scotch Eggs" for nothin'.

:) And on Sunday, I woke up to the rustle of a dog chasing a chicken. In the cabin. Scared the poor bird so much I'm surprised it didn't lay an egg!

It was like a midwestern farm safari.

The Top 5 Signs You Drank Too Much This Weekend

5> Yet again, dry cleaner employees greet you with, "Hey, it's VomitGirl!"

4> The doorman asks for your I.D. just to see how long it'll take you to find your pants.

3> Your liver, in a fit of pique, leaps out of your abdominal cavity into a pan of frying onions.

2> Worried friends call Monday morning to make sure you returned the goat.

1> You're now sober enough to realize "Drink Canada Dry" is a slogan and not a personal challenge.

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