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Oops, I did it again

I took another week off of marathon training.

And am supposed to go the Cirque de Soleil at 1pm the day of the marathon.

My friend's wedding is the night before the race.

I have about 1,000 more excuses burning a hole in my arsenal. This bites.

Last Wednesday, game 3. Of course we were on the "deep-end" of the court as in, there is a 4 foot drop-off. I was going for a ball near the edge and while I knew where I was, Josh was encouraging - you got it you got it! So I went for it. I did get it but in the form of disappearing from the court, into the net and scraping my entire right shin and foot on the retaining wall in the process. It took 4 people to untangle me from the net which had thankfully saved me from doing a complete face-plant into the mulch below. Now you see her, now you don't. I finished the game but have been paying for it ever since in that unseen-bruise-so-bad-can't-breathe-on-it-much-less-touch-it way. It hurts!

And I haven't even tried putting a running shoe on since.


Vikings won another game I attended. Mike Tice should sell me his play-off tickets this year. Damn it, I'm pseudo-family. I have Vikings dice hanging from my mirror for crying out loud! My date for the game had never been to a football game before. Hm, apparently it is my mission to eliminate all Vikings game virgins. OK it's not really. That actually sounds terrible. Sorry parents.

Cassandra graduated on Wednesday. She's cool. Because she intended to put extensions in my hair for free, but better cash that check I gave her or I'll have to pay her double. She's also cool because we understand each other. And she calls me her hetero-lifemate which makes me laugh. I think I might love her.

Don't read into that.

Another weekend done. 1 fantasy football draft down and 1 to wrap up on Tuesday.

Another busy week ahead of me at work but I feel good about it as I actually had some time to work at home this weekend. Productive feels good.

House hunting is going well. Hope to look at a few places in uptown on Tuesday. Wish me luck. At least wish me uncracked foundations and shagless carpet!


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