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It's been so long, I don't even know what it is that I'm trying to catch up on. Other than sleep.

It's August and I was still writing about June. Russ commented that he missed July entirely. And July, it missed me.

I would drive 5 hundred miles and I would drive 500 more... I drove almost 600 miles over July 4th weekend. The following weekend, journeyed up to Pine River for the weekend. Made it just past Pequot Lakes before 3rd car in front of me suffered a head-on collision killing the driver instantly and seriously injuring the driver and passenger of the southbound vehicle. They were airlifted to Fargo. It was horrifying. There are 2 twists of fate. First, about 30 minutes prior I'd wanted to change to a CD located out of my reach in my backseat. I decided I was only 45 min away and could tough it out but 5 minutes later it got the best of me and I pulled onto the shoulder to swap CD's. I didn't pay real close attention but only a couple cars passed me. The truck in front of me was driving me nuts but I couldn't get an opportunity to pass him. He was speeding, then riding his brake to 50 mph. Up to 80 and back down, mixing it up with a swerve every now and then. I backed off, giving him plenty of room to move. Had I not changed CD's, maybe I would have beaten the accident. Or maybe I would have been in it. If I wouldn't have put a quarter mile between me and the truck, there's no doubt I would have smashed into him. He hit the ditch, I followed to avoid debris and the grounded vehicle. 3 others after us. He blew a tire and didn't have a full-size spare; the other 3 all lost at least 2. I somehow managed to escape with all 4 tires and an unscathed vehicle. Pulled every muscle in my lower-left back but by some grace of God made it alive and able to carry on without too much trouble. It did squash my wakeboarding hopes, but maybe that's a blessing in disguise as well. After all, the dog jumped out of the boat not realizing of course that his hind legs were resting on the board sending it soaring into my shin. Who else gets a blood-drawing wakeboarding injury while inside the boat? With the anchor down.

I tried rollerblading, borrowing Cory's balance, but it hurt my back even more. So I rested. The marathon will have to wait. I even demoted myself to "beer girl" at volleyball. Quite a big step for me as I don't remember the last time I missed a game of anything due to injury. And it's not that I'm not always injured :) Missed 2 weeks of marathon training and eased back into it the week of the 25th. Decided to be a rockstar and ran with Club Run on Monday. We ran 2.5 miles to Kenwood park where we did 3 miles worth of 400m repeats. That is 12 - 400 meter sprints separated by 45 seconds or resting. My IT band prevented me from running back to the Target Center. Coach Mark was kind enough to let me ride his bike. The combination of it being too tall for me and my innate awkwardness on a bike allowed the runners to beat me back to the gym. Sad but true! It was comical. When I had to stop for a red light, I had to gingerly navigate the bike to the curb so my foot could reach the ground. My complete inability to practice moderation put me out of training again this week. My IT band injury resurfaced and I'm doing the right thing by taking care of it so as not to worsen the situation. Still, I'm bound and determined to run on October 2nd. I've just modified my 3:45 goal to 4:30. A 4.5 hour first-time marathon time is OK by me.

We definitively won our first playoff match - we played solid volleyball. Let's hope it carries over to next week! Better be sunny, I think I talked Russ into boating over. Congratulations to Adam and Sheila who welcomed Avery on Saturday. She's a peanut - born 6 lbs 19".

Officially started the house hunt tonight! Saw 3 houses in NE. I like the area but we're going to check uptown/St. Louis Park next. Closer to the lakes, Minnetonka and the houses have more character. Wish me luck. I might have committment issues when it comes to location. And the zip code range I'm interested in keeps growing. On second thought, wish my realtor luck. I doubt she realized I was such a problem child. Looking for a house? Evon is a superstar.

The Twins are going to win tomorrow. Becasue I'll be at the dome. And although I'd like to say they never lose when I'm in attendence, it was brought to my attention that I did see them lose in May. And perhaps a few other times. It's just that they win most of the time. Is that good enough? This time, I promise not to ruin Christmas.

My Vikings streak is still intact however. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Maybe losses are just so traumatic, my subconscious blocks the memory in defense of sanity.

34 days until kickoff!

Saturday, I have my first Jägermeister gig. I'm nervous but excited. Cassandra and Jeff are going to be there for moral support. I mean, sombody's got to support my morals right?

Oatmeal Cookies and JägerBombs,


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Twins, Vikings, Jag Girl? I think I just died and went to heaven.

Having morals to support is sexy. Keep it up girl.

How's heaven???


Heaven can wait.

I can't believe you pour beer too.

Are you for real?

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