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The Freak

...posted 130 yards and a TD... I no longer regret drafting #18.

Red is taking over my life. My pencil is red, my planner is red, phone, wallet, unmentionables. Thankfully my checkbook is not. Hopefully this last detail won't change once I find a house.

If I don't find a house in the next 3 weeks, I will be renting a P.O.D. and showing up at random friends' houses, suitcase in hand. I'm sure there are several hundred people hoping this does not happen. OK fine, 8 people.

It's a good thing Evon is patient and nice.

In between Jäger promotions, I have a softball tournament and the first night of bowling. Post-promotions, 4th row 45-yard-line tickets await followed by OMK's housewarming party followed by the Sunday Night Football game. Read: Excessive beer intake and exhaustion.

Monday = first night of the Flaherty's league and the first MNF game. I got a small dose of Madden last night, enough to last the entire year in fact. But I'll be back for more come Monday!

Enjoy the weekend! Drink Jägermeister responsibly.

Somebody, sleep for me. Por favor!


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