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Monday, October 31, 2005

Home Sweet Home

2 weeks ago, I was 8 hours away from signing the mountain of mortgage paperwork that turned out to be more of a molehill if you ask me. Closing was a breeze. We were done in about an hour. Ron and Pam stayed another half hour to talk about the house. They gave me names and numbers of the companies and contractors they've used over the years and the neighbors. They were so kind and happy their home is in good hands. They happily answered all of my questions and we exchanged numbers and promises to keep in touch. I left in a pre-loaded car with a bag full of keys clutched in my hand.

It must have been meant to be because Heather had the whole week off of work too! She met me at the house and we quickly had my car unloaded, walked the grand tour and were off to meet Mike for lunch. Post-sandwich enjoyment, we wasted no time and started ripping up the living room carpet. We had it de-carpeted, staple and tack strip free in about an hour.

I had the main level hardwood floors refinished by U B Hardwoods. They were absolutely phenomenal! The floors turned out beautifully. Call Bob for all of your hardwood floor needs (763) 360-9992.

I was able to get the kitchen settled and a good amount of boxes moved myself that first week. My Mom was a Godsend, taking vacation on Thursday and also helping all day Friday. We packed, we moved, unpacked, shopped and cleaned. It was a grueling week! The furniture and remaining boxes were moved last Saturday. I was overwhelmed with the help that I had. We were able to get everything in 1 trip with Randy and Sherry's truck and trailer, Emily, Mike and Todd's truck, Dad's, Scott's, and my car. Plus, Tyge's motorcycle (haha).

Shelly & Brent brought me a Korean lilac bush - a replica of the artifact I had to leave at the old house in the BP. My house has just the corner for it! Lance, a friend from this summer's downtown volleyball league, gave me a gift certificate for Bed Bath & Beyond. Wow, completely unnecessary but very much appreciated! Homeownership is expensive!! My Dad and Nancy gave me a pretty yellow mum plant I have soaking up the sun through the kitchen window. It's dang cute from the roadside if you ask me!

So other than moving, cleaning, unpacking, shopping, and volleyball, bowling and driving myself crazy, I haven't been up to much. Did a Halloween Jäger promo this Saturday complete with orange wig and feather boa. Andrea and I had fun even! Afterwards, went to Heather & Mike's where all was plentiful: Jäger drinks, bonfire, chair tricks and front flip action. No party is complete without a visit from some of Crystal's finest!

I love my new office furniture and leather chair I splurged on. It's comfy and sleek.

Although maybe too much so since I should be in bed right now! Big day at work tomorrow.

Well, Happy Halloween! Be safe, and enjoy the sweets!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Wanted: Faux Sister

... to have a fabulous birthday!

Happy Birthday Jolynn!

Here's to more random local band enjoyment!

You rock the Dim Sum.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Actively Seeking Cash Cow, Golden Egg Laying Goose, or The Winning Powerball Ticket

9 days and a wake-up to homeownership!

But I'm scared to death of my mortgage payment. And naturally there are a million things I want to do without the million dollars it'd take to do it all. I'm no good at prioritizing.

Rugs, lamps, hardware, vacuum, tools, rake, shovel, lawn bags, TV, stereo, window treatments...


All the fun stuff is stuff that could theoretically wait. As if.

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