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Another Weekend Bites the Dust

Turns out they aren't Japanese beetles. They're just lady bugs. JBs have white tufts of hair under their shell that is visible towards the rear. Beetles with tufts of white hair. Gross.

I haven't had anything to drink since Halloween. Having a house is improving my liver health. Strangely though since I have at least 2 cases of beer on-hand plus a liter of Jack, Sapphire Gin, Vodka and the appropriate mixers. Come on over and party! Because it's good to be the sober-cab when you're already home.

Dad helped me get my mattress inside. We set up my bed and I started getting my clothes organized. I'd gotten so used to sleeping upstairs I nearly forgot my queen bed awaited! While I didn't mind sleeping on the twin, my subconscious self must have felt trapped as I found myself this morning all wound up and taking up the entire bed.

I went shopping today. Replaced the white ceramic kitchen hardware with brushed steel from The Brass Handle. They were patient even though it took me 3 trips to close the deal. First a test, then the final cut, then the 8 that didn't pass the Berger QA. Sure they were small (ok miniscule) knicks, but I would konw they were there and damn it, they were $8 each. That's almost a sandwich at Champps.

Well, I set a goal to have my clothes done before I go to bed tonight and if I sit here a second longer, meeting that goal will mean I won't go to bed tonight.

Vikings win = Purple apparel at the bowling alley tomorrow. Also I'm still in good shape at the 93x.com football picks contest. In the 97th percentile - not bad! Makes up for my floundering in fantasy football. My excuse is that I haven't had time to keep up on the waiver wire. I'm injury ridden. Owens' suspension doesn't exactly help my cause either. What I'm really sad about is that I've only thrown my football 73 times this year.


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