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I only had 10 trick-or-treaters! I was looking forward to meeting some neighbors. At least enough to make the last minute $11 stop at Walgreens worthwhile!

Jolynn, Edwin and I hit up the Quest for Fear Factory. See, Jäger is good for me. Without it, I wouldn't have her! The Quest does not serve Jägermeister. We bowed our heads in shame. And we met up with Russ and Luke. It was a great show! My recent reduction in drinking has caught up with me. 3 beers and I don't recall paying my tab. In fact, all day today I was pissed at myself because there is no good way to go back downtown just to pay-up and collect my card. Luckily I thought to check my wallet before making the journey and low and behold: paid tab and credit card. I'm not even sure why I'm admitting to this.

I got a lot done tonight. I worked late but got straight to it when I got home. Did my first loads of laundry in MY washer and dryer. Love not having to travel with my hamper. Got most of the pantry set and more work done in the kitchen. I can't believe I still had 2 boxes of kitchen stuff to sort out.

Time for bed.

I will close with this thought.

Whoever is responsible for the Japanese beetle import should be reprimanded. Harshly.


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Japanesse Beetle Explosion.

I hear ya. Unfortunately there is NOT ONE person you can blame. You can blame progressive captialism who want trade between foreign countries.

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