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Que Sera


I will be forever filled with memories of playing Que Sera Sera for you while the sun set over Briggs Lake. I was always impressed with how you could play and sing. I could do one or the other and arguably, could never actually sing. But you never let me know that.

We were always crafting, you taught me about Aloe and were always ready with an egg when I was hungry.

I'm sad that you're not with us, but now I know you are with me wherever I go.

Thank you for being a wonderful Grandma, for loving me and for letting me be a kid when I needed to be.

I love you. And I always will.

Merry Christmas in Heaven.


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Your December 25th entry was very heartwarming and I know that Grandma was and still is very proud of you. I know she sends her love to you from heaven and I,m pretty sure she has angels watching over you-especially when you're playing broomball!
Peace and Love.

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