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Friday, January 27, 2006


"All of a sudden winning is the new deoderant."

by Mikey-I-need-a-lovely-from-the-dark-side

Who inspires us all not to perspire.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I had my first dinner guests tonight - Janice, Steph, and Jayden came over for some garlic cheesy bread and my favorite hotdish.

I don't get to see Steph much since they relocated to San Antonio, but I am hoping to get down to see them soon. Especially since I didn't get to see Jazzlyn who was home with Dad.

It was great to see Jayden. What a fabulous kid! Adorable in every way. Thanks for making me laugh little man! a.k.a. Tootsie Roll factory.

And don't forget not to smile ;)

Thanks for coming over to check out the place!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Did You Know?

Books do not read themselves.

I like to read. I do not like to read books I have to.

So hating school right now.

No Fear


There is no trepidation for me when it comes to broomball.

My lack of fear might make me a perceptually fast learning player, but it also puts me in the line-of-fire frequently enough to equate injuries to the number of games played. 6.

Lucky game number 7 is tomorrow. If this correllation continues, I'm afraid I might have to hang up this helmet and play in something made of steel. Maybe the Mark VII.

My own teammate took my feet out from underneath me on Sunday. I told him if he wanted to take me out, he could have just asked me out on a date. Instead, he slid full-on into my legs sending them to the heavens. The pursuing opponent slid in perfect harmony and in such a position that my body was suspended for 6 solid feet while my face cage scarred the ice making the most awful scraping sound ever. My mind commanded my body to stay loose and I silently pleaded that it fall anywhere but behind me. Luckily, it listened.

Cirque du Soleil? Stand back. I'm training to be a self-made contortionist.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Stunt Double

The Situation:
You enter your parked snow-tireless car and attempt to back out. To your dismay, your tires spin violently and no amount of clutch feathering can help you. Although the spot is about as level as they come, there is an inch of ice covering the beloved texture of asphalt. You've tried everything you can think of: rocking the car back and forth, varying speeds and methods of letting off the clutch, telekinesis, one-legged-Flinestoning it. Then it comes to you.

In true Hollywood style, you convince yourself you can jump out of the car, push enough momentum into the 3,500 pound beast and jump back in to control the vehicle before it hits anything.

The Reality:
Your shoes aren't snow tires either.

You make it out of the car alright, turn south, grip the door frame and push with all your might. Thing is, the car actually starts sliding forward. Panicked, you turn to jump back in the driver's seat. Unfortunately, your feet have other plans and jump out from beneath you sending your ass to the ground, but not before hitting the car's unforgiving door jam first. With the car gaining momentum forward, you manage to scramble into the car and find the brake just before the car lunges into the ditch.

Score: 6
Would have been a 9 if there had been a witness. Although the bruise did last for a week.

Friday, January 13, 2006

It ain't over

I still have Christmas decorations up!

So Merry Christmas & Happy 2006!

Feeling Guilty

For disrespecting time.

It matters.
When you get there. Sometimes when you leave. How much you spend. And how. With who.

Quality supercedes quantity. At least it should.

Focus is focused. Obsessing is wasteful. It's just such a damn fine line.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Tempted Fate

"Northwest Airlines flight 2833 with service to Minneapolis is now boarding rows 25 and up"

I was row 4 and anxious to board - the sooner I found my seat, the sooner I could be asleep in it. As I gathered my things, my phone rang. I didn't recognize the number, but answered.

It was my insurance agent.

Pitching me life insurance. Life insurance! As I'm about to board a plane.

I explained my situation, we shared a laugh about the timing, and she promised to mail me information. Shortly thereafter it was my turn to board.

The ticket taker flashed me a knowing smile, wished me a good flight, and I began my approach. I wasn't able to completely squash the self-dialog around heeding the lack-of-supplemental-life-insurance warning and opting for a later flight until I remembered my company pays 3-times the usual if travelling on business. That's rational.

Furthermore, I finally scheduled time to meet with my agent about said life insurance. On Friday the 13th.

Let's hope nothing happens at broomball or volleyball before the policy is active. I sort of feel like I'm tempting fate at this point.

Love or insurance otherwise,

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Happy New Year

I hope you had a fabulous time bringing in 2006 and that the party continues until 2007!

Nobody says you can't have your Chocolate Cake and drink it too!

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