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Stunt Double

The Situation:
You enter your parked snow-tireless car and attempt to back out. To your dismay, your tires spin violently and no amount of clutch feathering can help you. Although the spot is about as level as they come, there is an inch of ice covering the beloved texture of asphalt. You've tried everything you can think of: rocking the car back and forth, varying speeds and methods of letting off the clutch, telekinesis, one-legged-Flinestoning it. Then it comes to you.

In true Hollywood style, you convince yourself you can jump out of the car, push enough momentum into the 3,500 pound beast and jump back in to control the vehicle before it hits anything.

The Reality:
Your shoes aren't snow tires either.

You make it out of the car alright, turn south, grip the door frame and push with all your might. Thing is, the car actually starts sliding forward. Panicked, you turn to jump back in the driver's seat. Unfortunately, your feet have other plans and jump out from beneath you sending your ass to the ground, but not before hitting the car's unforgiving door jam first. With the car gaining momentum forward, you manage to scramble into the car and find the brake just before the car lunges into the ditch.

Score: 6
Would have been a 9 if there had been a witness. Although the bruise did last for a week.


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