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Tempted Fate

"Northwest Airlines flight 2833 with service to Minneapolis is now boarding rows 25 and up"

I was row 4 and anxious to board - the sooner I found my seat, the sooner I could be asleep in it. As I gathered my things, my phone rang. I didn't recognize the number, but answered.

It was my insurance agent.

Pitching me life insurance. Life insurance! As I'm about to board a plane.

I explained my situation, we shared a laugh about the timing, and she promised to mail me information. Shortly thereafter it was my turn to board.

The ticket taker flashed me a knowing smile, wished me a good flight, and I began my approach. I wasn't able to completely squash the self-dialog around heeding the lack-of-supplemental-life-insurance warning and opting for a later flight until I remembered my company pays 3-times the usual if travelling on business. That's rational.

Furthermore, I finally scheduled time to meet with my agent about said life insurance. On Friday the 13th.

Let's hope nothing happens at broomball or volleyball before the policy is active. I sort of feel like I'm tempting fate at this point.

Love or insurance otherwise,


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