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Delay of Pain

5 yard penalty, repeat 3rd down

One of the opponents shot me a shoulder, knocking me into the ground and spinning me clockwise into the boards. Said shoulder made contact first, rebounded and twisted the rest of my body 180 degrees. Basically, I made a french twist. It wasn't fast enough to hurt, but the fact that I began the maneuver on the end of my own stick did.

We were short on girls so Gabby and I traded off between offense and defense. We were winded as it was without the stick to the ribcage. I sounded like a smoker!

2nd half, I took a slap-shot straight to the thigh. Not the seasoned meaty part of the thigh. No, the upper-to-inner part that bruises instantly. I'm wincing just thinking of about it. The memory of it makes the stinging return like a bad odor.

Post-game the guys were thanking Gabby and I for our heroic performance on the ice. Ryan shook his head, Berger, you really took a beating out there. Yeah, I replied, I can't believe my own stick hurt me this bad - I think I punctured my own lung. To which they all corrected, What? That guy totally tee-ed off on you!

How do you forget that someone mistook their broomball stick for a bat and you for a softball?

I won't forget now - I have a nice purple bruise to remind me.


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That's why you'll be rookie of the year!

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