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Feeling Guilty

For upgrading my Movable Type. Until 4am.

Apparently, version 2.661 had some security issues as well as a labor-intensive comment spam control plugin. I loved MT-blacklist, it was effective, but those spammers get smart quick. I was having to manage that blacklist daily.

Anyway, the upgrade itself was pretty easy. The database upgrade was another story. Me, being the overachiever I am, figured I might as well switch from the BerkleyDB to MySQL while I was messing with the configuration. Turns out, the cgi script to build and convert the d/b left out 2 tables. So after rebuilding the MySQL d/b 4 times, converting the data (which took 40 minutes each time), encountering errors, performing shot-in-the-dark-troubleshooting, I finally stumbled upon the call-out to the missing tables. I built them and miraculously, we're live on 3.2.

I took the 3 in-between hours to build my profile on myspace because everybody-else-is-doing-it and sharing pictures that I can't see without a profile. When did everyone get so virtual? Have I been living in a shoebox? I actually hate these things. "Here, take a look at the photos from last weekend, but you have to sign up, join every mailing list known to man, and share personal information about yourself." Sweet.


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