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Float Like a Butterfly

Sting like a bee...
It doesn't feel good
When you take the stairs on your knees

What's better? It happened at a work function.

I organize the fun stuff at work and tonight, we had our group quarterly event. Four of our California team-members were in town to partake in the festivities.

We played bocce ball in the basement of Half-Time Rec in St. Paul.

We had a great time. Sean was hesitant to be my bocce partner - I'm sure the memory of me almost nailing him with my backswing at our mini-golf-outing was fresh in his mind. Happy to report, nobody was injured on the bocce court.

During the championship round, I was sent upstairs to get one last pitcher of beer. The bartender overfilled it so I asked for a glass. I poured the excess beer into the glass and carried on with the pitcher in my left hand, the glass in my right. I made it a couple of stairs before I tumbled to my death.

With 3 stairs to go, I somehow managed to stop my forward momentum by slamming the pitcher into the brick wall with my left hand and hooking my right hand around the railing, pint in grasp. It was a miracle. I was in the crucifix position on my shins - my shins! - with both feet unnaturally curled behind me.

To earn the respect of my co-workers once and for all, I managed not to spill more than 3 ounces of beer.

Apparently, in lieu of broomball, I felt I had to inflict bodily harm on myself.

According to my hands, I was in a semi-serious bar fight. The bruise on my left elbow is such that it hurts to even look at it, I ruined my shoes, and scraped the corduroy out of my favorite corduroy pants.

But I saved the beer and provided entertainment.

And for that, the team is thankful.


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That is one of the most amazing Beer Saves I have ever read! God Bless you and your beer-saving instincts!

Hey Jason!

Glad to hear from you! Hope you are doing well.

The beer Gods were definitely looking over me that day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day, hope you enjoy some green beer with good friends!

Thanks for stopping by and dropping a line,

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