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Hoosier Final Four

Greetings from the Westin in Indy - I can't believe I didn't realize the Final Four was THIS WEEKEND. I'm sure I could have stretched this out a few more days!

I seated myself at a small airport bar table in gate F today. I ordered a beer and connected to the airport WiFi. Things were good.

I was warm so I removed my pretty blue coat. I'm wearing a shirt that has a small pocket on the left arm. Somehow I noticed that the pocket had managed to remove itself and reattach to the right arm. No shit, I had my shirt on backwards. Luckily, there was no obvious print or design that would make my faux paus clear to anyone else as long as I didn't shout it out loud which is nearly what I did. I might have sunk an inch in my chair but I was amused and enjoyed the 2nd sip of my beer despite myself.

The 3rd sip spelled disaster. Or did it? I spilled my beer and Betsy was quick with napkins and directions to the closest restroom.

I grabbed my coat and promptly reversed my shirt in the nearest stall.

I gave myself the opportunity to resolve my wardrobe issue and hide the beer mismanagement. So yes, I am an opportunist. Cheers!


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