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Top 10 Reasons Being On-Call Doesn't Suck

10... I've said it before, sleep is over-rated.
9.... Justified that extended battery for the laptop once and for all!
8.... There is a semi-tangible level of sympathy around the office that presents itself in the form of cake (also see reason #5 why being on call does suck.
7.... You don't have to miss work happy hours because they will choose venues with WiFi.
6.... It's good motivation to spend the 2 hours it takes to install, upgrade, and secure the wireless router that has been collecting dust for 6 months. (I no longer sleep with zzz's... definitely www's).
5.... While waiting for Clonmel to call you back, you totally might as well update your MySpace profile at 3am. Looking up long lost classmates is also highly recommended. People love receiving sober-bar-time messages.
4.... Because nobody would dare page you when Sevendust is on stage.
3.... People no longer make fun of you for having your laptop. At the bar. (and yes, Scott, I am going to make a webpage survey for our volleyball team name. User authenticated so you don't skew the data. I'm so onto you!).
2.... Because you can blame sleep deprivation for the haphazard self-serving top 10 list that makes even David Letterman look good.

and the number 1 reason being on-call doesn't suck:

I finally have a legitimate reason not to sleep.


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