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5 Reasons You Should Not Play Volleyball Drunk


You dive sober. Often and with enough force that your team has threatened to bring Charmin to cushion your fall. No restraint on a typical day? Even less after a couple of Sapphires! Read: It's bad when your chest and shoulder hits the sand first. 37 times in a row.


It's 99 degrees without a cloud in the sky. You're hot, sweaty, and diving indiscriminately into the 150 degree sand. You're not quite drunk enough to overlook the fact that you know it's going to hurt tomorrow.


Delayed reaction time equals increased probability of being smacked forehead-style with Abe's wicked serve.



Because the perfect balance of gin and oxygen in your bloodstream makes you think that you can spike the ball at the net. You're still 5'1". Also, makes you think that you can jump from the boat to another boat even though it's drifting away at the moment. Ah, yes, the virgin big island experience did not disappoint! We had 4 BI-virgins on our boat, what's your ratio? :)

And the number 1 reason
not to play drunken volleyball...

Need I say more?

I even had to miss softball tonight. But they were able to find a girl to take my place and won. After their 17-7 victory I'm afraid they may want her to permanently replace me!


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