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Trick or Treater?

Do lawn treatments work?

I could do it myself, but I'm afraid I'd overdo and burn my lawn. Also, I have no tools. I think spreaders are pretty cheap but if choosing a fertilizer is anything like picking grass seed or a lawn mower, I'd better get there when the store opens because it could be a long day.

Other than fertilizing, I have a minor dandelion problem along with some clover. I'm just a little crimson short of a Tommy James number. I was also grossed out by patches of mushrooms in the grass between the sidewalk and the street. I found them when I used my shiny red lawn mower for the first time yesterday. I couldn't bring myself to mow over them. Partly for fear that would somehow spread them to the uninfected parts of my grass, but mostly because I couldn't stand the thought that they might get on my shiny red lawn mower! There must be some kind of disorder to explain this.

So, have you used a lawn service before (for fertilizing and/or weed control)?
What are your experiences?

I'm mainly considering Green Horizons because they're earth friendly. I also found Scotts Lawn Service but if it's anything like their other branded items, I imagine they may be overpriced. I have a coupon for TruGreen Chemlawn but have heard very mixed things about them.

I've also considered digging it all up in favor of astroturf. Then I could have a line painting party!


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Clover comes when there is a lack of nitrogen in the soil. Giving Trugreen a try can be very rewarding as all of the technicians are highly trained in an ongoing basis.

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