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I Did Too!

Faceplant on the way to second base.

I'm not used to rounding first base. I'm the single girl! I just run straight through.

The left-center fielder bobbled my grounder and the base coach sent me to second. I changed my course from north to west but I was running wide. My story is that I hit some soft mounded dirt but actually, more-so my body got ahead of my feet and next thing I knew I was face-first in said dirt. By now, the ball was on its way to the infield. I started running back to first. The shortstop over threw the first-baseperson and I ended up getting a triple out of the deal. Plus two bases; minus a little pride. And that's taking one for the team.

Monday night, we played our kickball championship games. I was running up for a fly-ball and stepped in a hole. I face-planted. Are you sensing a theme? I'm beginning to think there wasn't a hole in the ground after all. I think my feet just imagined it.

I should definitely quit playing sports that include bases.

Our Wednesday team is "Kinky Sets". Some of us have some silly suggestive names such as "Size Matters" (because it does) and mine is Dirrty since I'm always diving in the dirt. Apparently, this diving habit has crossed over into every other sport I play. I better scrap this habit before bowling starts again. I don't think it'll go over well if I decide to tackle the opponent's ball as it's travelling down the lane.


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