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I'm lucky because...

  • While my Mom was in FL, I borrowed her Blazer to pick up a weight bench from a friend. When I was gassing it up to return it, I forgot my wallet on the rear bumper. Somehow it clung there until I parked safely in her garage.
  • I left my beloved sunglasses in the first shop we stopped in Red Wing. We shopped for hours before I realized I was missing them. This is significant because it's tough for me to find non-Ponch-style sunglasses that fit my head. We raced back to the first store to find them safely on the shelf where I had left them.
  • I got a new job that I'm going to love even more than my current job which I really actually love.
  • I met the coolest girl in all of uptown on my birthday. I am totally considering her to be my birthday present.
  • We kept in touch and ended up playing against each other our first night of Wednesday night volleyball. Let's call that "sealing the deal". We have become instant friends.
  • And we totally partied with Bret Michels tonight.

I'm going to miss a lot of people. But we'll keep in touch. Because they're keeping track of my injuries. This has been a tough few weeks. Project closing, transition happening, big job decision. I don't think I would have made it through it without Sarah and the volleyball team.

Thank you everyone who made it out to Gasthof's for the Maifest bash! I've played Hammerschlagen twice in my life and twice? I've won. Coincidence? Absolutely. It definitely did not have anything to do with the 2 liters of beer I consumed. Thanks for taking care of me Eszter and Sarah. Again, my life is owed to you. I hope that in someone's eyes, that is a good thing.

Love and Poison,



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