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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A Dosage

There aren't enough hours in a day to get all of my work done, everything at home done, all the volleyball in, spend quality time with friends family and God forbid I have enough time to date in between... and then there's the fact that I'm behind in the self-indulging life-logging.

How can I expect to remember the superfantastic time that I had in Nashville after I kill those braincells in the next few weekends? Just kidding - there is no way I could forget my first customer cut-over and certainly not the great time that Lee and Trish showed me! And I am so hanging on to those last few braincells :)

My plane landed in Nashville at 1pm. I love Northwest airlines because for some reason, I am Silver Elite and get bumped to first class now. Sadly, I don't think I'll have enough trips in this year to keep my status next year. Then it's back to coach where even my knees touch the seat in front of me. Gotta enjoy it while I can!

I shuttled to the hotel but not before realizing that if I would like a husband? I should move to Nashville. Seriously. So anyway, I cleaned up and Lee picked me up around 2:30! It was funny because this hotel was literally 3 blocks away from the hotel I stayed in last fall when we visited WebMD. He drove me around town and showed me the Titans stadium, Nashville arena, the usual suspects. We drove down Broadway otherwise known as Honky Tonk Row. Then we relaxed at Lee's place over a cold one and listened to the crickets scream. Yes, they scream in TN :) But seriously, it was great to catch-up and spend some sunny afternoon time with a great friend.

Trish got home around 4 i think. Poor Lee didn't know what hit him - Trish and I might have gotten along a little better than he bargained for! One thing is for absolute sure - Lee makes a MEAN steak and as if he knew me or something, baked us up some twice baked cheesy potatoes! In all my years I never thought to put cheese on my twice-bakeds. Man! After filling myself with a great southern meal and a full-bodied German beer, we put on our shit kickers and got ready to kick some shit! OK not really, but I coudln't help myself.

We went to Tootsies first. There on a 6' by 8' stage in all their glory, stood a four person honky-tonk band. They played their hearts out and it was impossible not to love it. Besides the band, the other notable was the over-the-road trucker who first declared Lee the luckiest man alive when he learned of he and Trish's marriage, and then ran us off when he decided an hour later that he really liked girls from Minnesota. Right.

On to Robert's Western World, and the Stage - where the guys look taller and cuter when they're on the stage :) We drooled over the lead singer at _____ OK fine, Lee didn't quite drool. (Lee where the hell did we line dance like fools?) There was giggling, line dancing, and all around sadness that it was Sunday which leads to Monday.

I was safely returned to the hotel at 9:30, cowboy hat in hand.

To Lee and to Trish - you guys are my southern heroes! Come to Minneapolis! Before it gets to be -2 degrees!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Every Hand's a Winner

We played our final volleyball playoff matches tonight. We lost our second to a great team! They had ridiculous serves and spectacular play at the net. We lost in 2 games, but not without a fight - they were both tight. Nobody minds losing to a better team. Plus they were fun. And were glad we beat the team we did. And I have to admit, that gives me some mixed feelings. They weren't the only ones who voiced their support. I didn't realize there was animosity in that direction and it made me wonder when it started. Was I a part of that last year?

To clarify, our first match was against my former team of whom of course I wanted to beat. OK, fine, I wanted to kick some ass. But I knew that was also with mixed feelings. It's the same deal where I hate taking my friends' chips at poker - because I know what it feels like to lose. And it sucks. I'm still somewhat covertly glad we came out ahead in that matchup. I'd have hated losing more than I hate feeling bad for winning. That sounded better in my head.

Either way, my third volleyball team? We're magical, dare I say enviable. Everyone plays hard, everyone shares, everyone contributes, and nobody gets mad. It's surprising that people notice that and flattering they want to be part of it.

So while I'm happy I got to play an awesome season with a super team and met so many new and A-list friends - I'm also a little sad because I guess, I miss playing with my last team and being part of that group. I guess finally playing against them made me feel something - just don't know exactly what.

Everything's relative I suppose. I wouldn't trade the friends I've made this year for anything. I just wish new didn't have to mean something else has to turn old.

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