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Every Hand's a Winner

We played our final volleyball playoff matches tonight. We lost our second to a great team! They had ridiculous serves and spectacular play at the net. We lost in 2 games, but not without a fight - they were both tight. Nobody minds losing to a better team. Plus they were fun. And were glad we beat the team we did. And I have to admit, that gives me some mixed feelings. They weren't the only ones who voiced their support. I didn't realize there was animosity in that direction and it made me wonder when it started. Was I a part of that last year?

To clarify, our first match was against my former team of whom of course I wanted to beat. OK, fine, I wanted to kick some ass. But I knew that was also with mixed feelings. It's the same deal where I hate taking my friends' chips at poker - because I know what it feels like to lose. And it sucks. I'm still somewhat covertly glad we came out ahead in that matchup. I'd have hated losing more than I hate feeling bad for winning. That sounded better in my head.

Either way, my third volleyball team? We're magical, dare I say enviable. Everyone plays hard, everyone shares, everyone contributes, and nobody gets mad. It's surprising that people notice that and flattering they want to be part of it.

So while I'm happy I got to play an awesome season with a super team and met so many new and A-list friends - I'm also a little sad because I guess, I miss playing with my last team and being part of that group. I guess finally playing against them made me feel something - just don't know exactly what.

Everything's relative I suppose. I wouldn't trade the friends I've made this year for anything. I just wish new didn't have to mean something else has to turn old.


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