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Friday, October 13, 2006

Oy oy oy!

Ich möchte einem "Das Boot" mit ihr trinken.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

In Short

Saturday Night Fever

Chad, Nadine, and Kristy had their birthday party a few weeks ago. It was fabulous. I got to meet Austin who is the most adorable sweet morsel to love techno. Lawn games on the sidewalk, weird weather both figuratively and actually, little keg in a big coat, solid party. You really just can’t go wrong. Especially not with food of that kind of epic proportion! I’m standing with a group of eligible young men. I say eligible, but not for me as they are gay. The man to my right scans the room and whispers to his neighbor, “Have I hooked up with anyone here?” A subsequent scan and “No” is passed around the group. I don’t know 99.8% of the people at the party and those that I did were more interested in each other than in me so I remarked convinced, “Well, you know I haven’t!” and no shit, 20 seconds later, my ex-boyfriend walks into the living room. Laughter ensued.

Day Trippin'

I did so trip on the volleyball court boundary walking back to serve. In front of a large audience. Through the tears of laughter, I couldn't tell if anyone really saw. So I whispered to Chad, "Did anyone see that?" To which the crowd responded, "Um, yes, everyone saw that!" Laughter ensued.

Overdue Life Credits

A shout out to bumper. You have rescued me several times of late. And never once questioned my character or highlighted my inability to judge that of others or their affect on mine. Thank you for being the coolest girl I know.

Chad, for always letting me know with or without so many words that it’s OK to go after what I want when I want it and to even celebrate getting it every now and then.

JW, for letting me cry and not freaking out about it. You’re a saint in so many ways you will never know. Well, some of them I think you’re well aware :).

D-channel, for never letting me think the Twins were winning (payback = < 2 weeks).

Missy, for forgiving me for being a complete idiot and thinking the transfers were reusable. Parchment. Duh.

Thanks to the entire volleyball team(s) for a fantastic season. You guys rock the casba. Next year, maybe try a little harder to protect me from myself? And from the other team whipping the ball under the net and into my face. Cool, thanks.

Friday, October 06, 2006


I started this on 9/5. I am unbearably undedicated.


  • Pete, Kate, the lake isn't the same without you. I'll miss you lots but am excited to visit you extensively until Minnesota finally lures you back :) I wrote this when it was still 80 degrees outside

  • Welcome Austin! You have the coolest parents ever that will dress you in plenty of purple, maroon, and gold. Just not at the same time, duh. I'm so glad you're finally here so we can have your Mom back on our volleyball team! It's just not the same without her.

  • Speaking of babies, Shelly, Brent, so so so happy for you! And seriously, have you seen a cuter Mom-to-be?

  • Congratulations Jeremy and Melissa! I hope you have a long happy life together! I still can't believe I ran into you guys between your anniversary dinner and Jeremy's proposal. Timing is everything! I feel like I should apologize for making myself a part of your permanent engagement memory!

  • Amy and Phil, what a beautiful wedding and awesome band! I'm so happy for you and know you'll share a life full of happiness and successes. Your entire family is so loving and supporting - thank you and everyone for making me feel like part of the family!

  • Shannon and Matt, congratulations! The rain held off and you had a fantastic wedding! So much fun. Hope you're having a great time in D.C.! We've got to do that getting together thing more often!

  • Adam and Sunny, I hear your wedding was warm, beautiful, and touching - I hope your lives are filled with joy and happiness.

  • September Milestones: Jameson is 3, Jayden's 5, Mom's 55 and Chad & Nadine are 23 :). Albin celebrates his 2nd birthday and a happy anniversary celebrated by the Johnsons and the Rymers. I on the other hand, observed my adoption day. The fateful day when my parents signed on the proverbial dotted line and promised to love me forever.

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