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Kayla tucked me safely into a cab upon my declaration I wanted to go home.

This news is relayed to Chad, who at the same time, sees Josh. He immediately knows that I did not stay in said cab so he runs upstairs with his cell phone connecting to mine.

Sure enough, I'm loose on the street. Chad is a bona fide Cowboy for his wrangling skills. He found Josh by Bella Notte, talked me back to the LT and had us in a cab all within 10 minutes. Truly folks, he is a-mazing.

Sadly, even with his mad skills, he was unable to prevent me from falling 1/2 block away from where he was. We were talking, he saw me running, and he saw me fall. Apparently, my left foot left the sidewalk unexpectedly landing in the street. My body followed my foot although not vertically. The fact that this was somewhat in the vicinity of the light rail made Chad's heart jump in his throat as he ran to save me.

At this point I'm somewhat uncertain about taking the cab. God only knows why. Maybe because I almost fell into one's trunk! Chad's friend Rob aided in the pouring of Berger into the cab. After a brief discussion about my not being sure I didn't want to go back into the bar, it finally registers that I'm not missing a thing and it's time to go home.

As I succumb to the pouring, I look at Rob who is handling me tentatively. To which I explain, "You know why I'm resisting you right? You're a strange man trying to put me in a car."

I'm never going to live that one down!

I took them to an apologetic breakfast the next morning. I might not have been the best driver - how many U-turns were made? I think we lost count. But Ike's makes the meanest breakfast quesadilla this side of Maine.

I have the best friends in the world. And a $400 charge on my visa. Sweet!


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