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Overdue Life Credits

A shout out to bumper. You have rescued me several times of late. And never once questioned my character or highlighted my inability to judge that of others or their affect on mine. Thank you for being the coolest girl I know.

Chad, for always letting me know with or without so many words that it’s OK to go after what I want when I want it and to even celebrate getting it every now and then.

JW, for letting me cry and not freaking out about it. You’re a saint in so many ways you will never know. Well, some of them I think you’re well aware :).

D-channel, for never letting me think the Twins were winning (payback = < 2 weeks).

Missy, for forgiving me for being a complete idiot and thinking the transfers were reusable. Parchment. Duh.

Thanks to the entire volleyball team(s) for a fantastic season. You guys rock the casba. Next year, maybe try a little harder to protect me from myself? And from the other team whipping the ball under the net and into my face. Cool, thanks.


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