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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

6 Seconds

My Mom doesn't necessarily like that I play broomball. It's my own fault really because I don't filter the brutality or injury stories through cotton candy like I should. When she found out I was playing in the State Tournament on St. Patrick's Day, she was excited because I was but surprisingly more in favor of me hitting the bars with friends. The fact that I was responsible for the group's removal from Brits Pub at 7:30pm last year is obviously not on her mind.

We did really well in the tournament this year! It was a lot of fun! It's unanimous that we have the most cooperative and fun team in the bracket. We played all day Saturday and won our way to the top of our bracket which meant an 8:45pm game Saturday night. I was a little disappointed because the other teams in our bracket got 3pm or earlier games which allowed them to enjoy green beer and make it to play on Sunday. But I also knew that playing would keep me out of trouble on the streets of St. Paul or Minneapolis. And I was thrilled our team was playing so well - I couldn't miss out on our final game of the day!

We won the game but it was a tough one! Our opponent was down by 1 with 20 seconds to go. They're charging down the ice and I'm defending the right wing. He takes a pass and with 6 seconds on the clock, winds up and fires it towards the net. Unfortunately for him and for me, I was 10 feet away in direct line of fire. The broomball struck me HARD. Right in the throat!

We played into Sunday and took 2nd place in the C bracket! Next year, we move to B. I was invited to play some pick-up games so next year - I'll be scoring some goals! And not getting hit in the throat thank you very much.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

St. Patrick's Day Limerick

In the manner of tradition, a St. Patty's Day Limerick!

On-the-Job Travels:
This year I’ve traveled the nation
Out West to Grand Central Station
Places on the lists
Of recommended trips
But I go to Detroit for vacation!

Wrestlemania... The trip begins in T-14 days.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Crash n Burn

I'm driving home from Blaine with a friend following not far behind when I see lights ahead. At first I think someone's getting a sobriety test but quickly realize it's bigger than that. There are at least 6 sets of rollers ahead. Traffic slows quickly. There's an older model sedan overturned with both driver's side and passenger's side doors open like a butterfly. Glass is shattered everywhere. There are multiple police, an ambulance and a firetruck facing the wrong way and I felt sadness. Fear. Empathy to whomever was involved and their families. Regardless of the circumstance, it's not something that could have turned out OK. Someone was gravely hurt and I'm affected. From the jet needing a jumpstart, to the final broomball Sunday on Saturday, to Blaine without fatality, to sorrow over a stranger.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Oh the Places You'll Go

I go to Vegas, San Diego, Nashville, New York City, etc for work. But I vacation in Detroit.

I'm voluntarily taking time off of work to fly to Detroit. If it's a layover, it's weird that its' 5 days long.

I guess I had to put it in writing because I was starting not to believe it myself!

Stamford is nice, but I'm glad I'm getting home tomorrow in time for the broomball finals! The hotel I accidentally chose is in the most perfect location ever. Just stumbling distance from the pubs... er restaurants. :) Had some incredible sushi tonight... raw shrimp? I overcame my initial reaction which was part disbelief and part fear and was delighted by the delicate texture and sweetness. I doubt I'd purposely order it again (mind over matter can only take me so far) but I'm glad I tried it! I went out for a couple beers and to watch some b-ball and hockey. I was invited to a bachelor party. My phone-a-friend life-line thankfully helped me plan out an escape route. I'm headed back out into the wilderness now. Wish me luck, clearly I need it.

Friday, March 02, 2007

F-ing Snow

Yeah, it's pretty. But I'm over it!

I missed last weekend's blizzard and had a brief scare I'd be stuck in New York when a winter storm was predicted and Jet Blue canceled a bunch of flights. Thankfully, Northwest didn't follow suit and the weather cleared up by Monday. Even though my neighbors helped out with my sidewalks, I was welcomed home with 5 hours of shoveling. The snow was so heavy!

Yesterday brought more of the same. 18"? Unbelievable. They closed the office at 2:45pm and I shoveled again even though it was still coming down pretty good. I knew it was only going to get heavier! By this morning, it was clear, but the weight of the plowed and fallen snow got the best of my little blue shovel. May it rest in peace.

All in all, I have shoveled a total of 12 hours this week. My body wasn't built for it! My elbow and knee tendons are protesting in a really inconvenient way.

Mom rescued me - she picked me up so I'm not all cooped up - we shouldn't need a winter storm to remind us to spend quality time with Mom, but I'm sure glad it did! Even considering the shoveling, tired tendons, and the crazy gigantic icicles that make me worry unnecessarily that their sheer weight will pull the entire gutter off my house.

Stay safe and warm!

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