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F-ing Snow

Yeah, it's pretty. But I'm over it!

I missed last weekend's blizzard and had a brief scare I'd be stuck in New York when a winter storm was predicted and Jet Blue canceled a bunch of flights. Thankfully, Northwest didn't follow suit and the weather cleared up by Monday. Even though my neighbors helped out with my sidewalks, I was welcomed home with 5 hours of shoveling. The snow was so heavy!

Yesterday brought more of the same. 18"? Unbelievable. They closed the office at 2:45pm and I shoveled again even though it was still coming down pretty good. I knew it was only going to get heavier! By this morning, it was clear, but the weight of the plowed and fallen snow got the best of my little blue shovel. May it rest in peace.

All in all, I have shoveled a total of 12 hours this week. My body wasn't built for it! My elbow and knee tendons are protesting in a really inconvenient way.

Mom rescued me - she picked me up so I'm not all cooped up - we shouldn't need a winter storm to remind us to spend quality time with Mom, but I'm sure glad it did! Even considering the shoveling, tired tendons, and the crazy gigantic icicles that make me worry unnecessarily that their sheer weight will pull the entire gutter off my house.

Stay safe and warm!


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