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Oh the Places You'll Go

I go to Vegas, San Diego, Nashville, New York City, etc for work. But I vacation in Detroit.

I'm voluntarily taking time off of work to fly to Detroit. If it's a layover, it's weird that its' 5 days long.

I guess I had to put it in writing because I was starting not to believe it myself!

Stamford is nice, but I'm glad I'm getting home tomorrow in time for the broomball finals! The hotel I accidentally chose is in the most perfect location ever. Just stumbling distance from the pubs... er restaurants. :) Had some incredible sushi tonight... raw shrimp? I overcame my initial reaction which was part disbelief and part fear and was delighted by the delicate texture and sweetness. I doubt I'd purposely order it again (mind over matter can only take me so far) but I'm glad I tried it! I went out for a couple beers and to watch some b-ball and hockey. I was invited to a bachelor party. My phone-a-friend life-line thankfully helped me plan out an escape route. I'm headed back out into the wilderness now. Wish me luck, clearly I need it.


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