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Maddenisms No More

We've all complained about him before, but Madden was like your annoying big brother. He understood the subleties of the game better than so many of today's broadcasters and let's face it, he had a point even when you wished he didn't. He'll be missed, especially since these types of quotes will be no more:

The Setup:
Leroy Hoard was in for the injured Robert Smith and tearing the defense apart!
John Madden had the line of scrimmage marked up with 3 open running lanes labeled A, B and C.
As he repeatedly traced lane "A", he made the following assessments:

"Leroy Hoard, he keeps taking it right up the A hole"

"As a defensive unit, you have to know he likes to take it up the A hole"

"So why would you keep letting him take it up the A hole?"

Followed by an abrupt cut to commercial. If only it would have been a Preperation H ad!


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