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Last Year's Limericks

Well, it's that time of year again!

Importation Day (or St Patrick's Day for the rest of you) is in one week so let the Limericks* begin!

Limerick subject suggestions welcome and encouraged!
Seriously, help the Asian equivalent of Irish out!

#1 Tuesday 3/10
There once was a lass named Cari
She wasn't sure she'd ever marry
She adopted a yellow lab
Who didn't like any lads
Perhaps Nika would prefer for Cari a "Terri"?

#2 Wednesday 3/11
There once was a chap named Dean
Oh how he wanted his beer green
So he waited all year
'Til green turned his beer
Now he's green too so it seems

#3 Wednesday 3/11
This is a story about Randy
The best roommate ever, he's dandy!
I don't mean to brag
He's really chips in a bag
And of course his girlfriend's eye candy

We're going for quantity, not necessarily quality :)


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