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Friday, March 08, 2013

Over the Line, Smokey!

Back-dated (Written 5/13)

Since we were told we wouldn't be able to have children naturally, I ignored all of the signs.

The sore excruciating boobs. Sporadic nausea emergency projectile vomiting. Momentary lapse of reason memory.

I finally had the thought to take the pregnancy test. What are the prerequisites? Should I study? It's actually not cheeky, I really should have.

I rummaged through the medicine closet and found a test. It was one month from expiration and lacked directions. Surely, I didn't need directions. How hard can it be? (ahem)

It says II = Pregnant. I = Not Pregnant.

I pee on the stick, cap it, and put it on the saran wrap I'd laid out on the counter. 3 minutes later, I see a control line and a single line which I interpret to mean Not Pregnant. I throw the test away. Disappointed but not really surprised.

I don't get more than 5 feet away when I realize they wouldn't make it that difficult to read. Thank God for the Internet and the fact they can't post anything untrue on it!

The First Response website clarified and verified... I was, in fact, pregnant; contrary to my first response :)

To be safe, I took another test and hated doing it. I had anxiety about it coming back negative. Luckily, this test was a little different. Had 2 windows - a control window and a Pregnant/Not Pregnant window and even before I set it down, I watched the strip wet and the Pregnant line formed right before my eyes.

I feel so honored and blessed to be a Mom to be. I am overwhelmed with joy and love!

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