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To Render the Gender?

For years I've thought, even said, I wouldn't find out the gender because there are so few real surprises in life anymore. When we found out this miracle had happened and we were expecting, I didn't change my tune. Josh has an enquiring mind and wanted to know, but since I wanted mystery, was OK with waiting.

And then a few weeks passed.

I've seen things. Yellow things. Green things. Cute and safe things. But the gender neutral things reminded me of moderation. The insane amount of wonder and amazement developing within me simply can't be prepared for in moderation! Hats off to those of you who were able to gracefully decline when they asked if you wanted to know.

Sugar and spice or slugs and snails... really it doesn't matter. I can't wait to love you, hold you, guide you and grow with you regardless of what you're made of. I just can't wait another 6 months to find out!


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