Thursday, April 16, 2009

Maddenisms No More

We've all complained about him before, but Madden was like your annoying big brother. He understood the subleties of the game better than so many of today's broadcasters and let's face it, he had a point even when you wished he didn't. He'll be missed, especially since these types of quotes will be no more:

The Setup:
Leroy Hoard was in for the injured Robert Smith and tearing the defense apart!
John Madden had the line of scrimmage marked up with 3 open running lanes labeled A, B and C.
As he repeatedly traced lane "A", he made the following assessments:

"Leroy Hoard, he keeps taking it right up the A hole"

"As a defensive unit, you have to know he likes to take it up the A hole"

"So why would you keep letting him take it up the A hole?"

Followed by an abrupt cut to commercial. If only it would have been a Preperation H ad!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Softballs Might Be Bigger, But Golfers Have Better Aim

Dear whomever was hitting (or shooting) GOLFBALLS off your roof,

Thank you for pelting me in the head. I know it's highly improbable that it would actually find its way into my car on the freeway through the partially lowered window at 11:30pm on a weeknight, but clearly, you didn't realize you were dealing with the luckiest unlucky person in existence.

I'd like to return your golfball. Call me. I just want to talk, honest.

--> Target

P.S. I'm really not that bitter. It does make for a good story. If not only because I survived it without breaking the window or flipping my car up the exit ramp. Seriously!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Out of Order

I missed a few milestones here, but I found the time to write a book about bathroom automation. Good stuff.

I turned 30 on May 10th. Thank you to those of you who made it to St. Paul and helped cushion the impact of leaving my 20’s! For those of you who missed the celebration, you missed the gigantic photo collage my Mom made up which, now that I’m thinking about the 4-year-old in the Wonder Woman costume, maybe isn't such a bad thing :)! Thanks Mom for putting it together, it really meant a lot! And thank you Sarah and Shana for making sure I had a ride home so could whoop it up right! Want a second chance to rock it like it’s going out of style? Pub Crawl. Call me.

A week before my birthday, I was hit by a car. Crossing a crosswalk. Luckily, Mr. SF was turning right so had slowed down at least but still, all I saw was hood emblem, hood, and asphalt. I tumbled over the hood in true Hollywood style. Ironically, the man who hit me, who didn’t SEE me, is an eye doctor. The driver behind him? A personal injury lawyer. I'm freaking Larry David. Initially, I thought it was just my left knee, but just like the doctor told me, about 2 hours after the accident, everything started hurting. I’m surviving, but missing volleyball which I’m hating especially since I had to miss playoffs and now the beginning of the new beach season. I haven’t slept a good night’s sleep since it happened and I’m just exhausted from being in pain so constantly. I can deal with sprains – they hurt when you step on them. This aches and burns ALL DAY LONG. I only hope I fully recover and can get back on the court very soon.

Look both ways!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

6 Seconds

My Mom doesn't necessarily like that I play broomball. It's my own fault really because I don't filter the brutality or injury stories through cotton candy like I should. When she found out I was playing in the State Tournament on St. Patrick's Day, she was excited because I was but surprisingly more in favor of me hitting the bars with friends. The fact that I was responsible for the group's removal from Brits Pub at 7:30pm last year is obviously not on her mind.

We did really well in the tournament this year! It was a lot of fun! It's unanimous that we have the most cooperative and fun team in the bracket. We played all day Saturday and won our way to the top of our bracket which meant an 8:45pm game Saturday night. I was a little disappointed because the other teams in our bracket got 3pm or earlier games which allowed them to enjoy green beer and make it to play on Sunday. But I also knew that playing would keep me out of trouble on the streets of St. Paul or Minneapolis. And I was thrilled our team was playing so well - I couldn't miss out on our final game of the day!

We won the game but it was a tough one! Our opponent was down by 1 with 20 seconds to go. They're charging down the ice and I'm defending the right wing. He takes a pass and with 6 seconds on the clock, winds up and fires it towards the net. Unfortunately for him and for me, I was 10 feet away in direct line of fire. The broomball struck me HARD. Right in the throat!

We played into Sunday and took 2nd place in the C bracket! Next year, we move to B. I was invited to play some pick-up games so next year - I'll be scoring some goals! And not getting hit in the throat thank you very much.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Score Big. Choose Berger.

I scored my first goal ever! I was leading down the right side and the guy passed it at just the right moment at just the right speed across the middle. I intercepted it and scooped it into the net.

This ad has been running in the MN Wild program... it's finally appropriate to share :)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

In Short

Saturday Night Fever

Chad, Nadine, and Kristy had their birthday party a few weeks ago. It was fabulous. I got to meet Austin who is the most adorable sweet morsel to love techno. Lawn games on the sidewalk, weird weather both figuratively and actually, little keg in a big coat, solid party. You really just can’t go wrong. Especially not with food of that kind of epic proportion! I’m standing with a group of eligible young men. I say eligible, but not for me as they are gay. The man to my right scans the room and whispers to his neighbor, “Have I hooked up with anyone here?” A subsequent scan and “No” is passed around the group. I don’t know 99.8% of the people at the party and those that I did were more interested in each other than in me so I remarked convinced, “Well, you know I haven’t!” and no shit, 20 seconds later, my ex-boyfriend walks into the living room. Laughter ensued.

Day Trippin'

I did so trip on the volleyball court boundary walking back to serve. In front of a large audience. Through the tears of laughter, I couldn't tell if anyone really saw. So I whispered to Chad, "Did anyone see that?" To which the crowd responded, "Um, yes, everyone saw that!" Laughter ensued.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Every Hand's a Winner

We played our final volleyball playoff matches tonight. We lost our second to a great team! They had ridiculous serves and spectacular play at the net. We lost in 2 games, but not without a fight - they were both tight. Nobody minds losing to a better team. Plus they were fun. And were glad we beat the team we did. And I have to admit, that gives me some mixed feelings. They weren't the only ones who voiced their support. I didn't realize there was animosity in that direction and it made me wonder when it started. Was I a part of that last year?

To clarify, our first match was against my former team of whom of course I wanted to beat. OK, fine, I wanted to kick some ass. But I knew that was also with mixed feelings. It's the same deal where I hate taking my friends' chips at poker - because I know what it feels like to lose. And it sucks. I'm still somewhat covertly glad we came out ahead in that matchup. I'd have hated losing more than I hate feeling bad for winning. That sounded better in my head.

Either way, my third volleyball team? We're magical, dare I say enviable. Everyone plays hard, everyone shares, everyone contributes, and nobody gets mad. It's surprising that people notice that and flattering they want to be part of it.

So while I'm happy I got to play an awesome season with a super team and met so many new and A-list friends - I'm also a little sad because I guess, I miss playing with my last team and being part of that group. I guess finally playing against them made me feel something - just don't know exactly what.

Everything's relative I suppose. I wouldn't trade the friends I've made this year for anything. I just wish new didn't have to mean something else has to turn old.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I Did Too!

Faceplant on the way to second base.

I'm not used to rounding first base. I'm the single girl! I just run straight through.

The left-center fielder bobbled my grounder and the base coach sent me to second. I changed my course from north to west but I was running wide. My story is that I hit some soft mounded dirt but actually, more-so my body got ahead of my feet and next thing I knew I was face-first in said dirt. By now, the ball was on its way to the infield. I started running back to first. The shortstop over threw the first-baseperson and I ended up getting a triple out of the deal. Plus two bases; minus a little pride. And that's taking one for the team.

Monday night, we played our kickball championship games. I was running up for a fly-ball and stepped in a hole. I face-planted. Are you sensing a theme? I'm beginning to think there wasn't a hole in the ground after all. I think my feet just imagined it.

I should definitely quit playing sports that include bases.

Our Wednesday team is "Kinky Sets". Some of us have some silly suggestive names such as "Size Matters" (because it does) and mine is Dirrty since I'm always diving in the dirt. Apparently, this diving habit has crossed over into every other sport I play. I better scrap this habit before bowling starts again. I don't think it'll go over well if I decide to tackle the opponent's ball as it's travelling down the lane.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

5 Reasons You Should Not Play Volleyball Drunk


You dive sober. Often and with enough force that your team has threatened to bring Charmin to cushion your fall. No restraint on a typical day? Even less after a couple of Sapphires! Read: It's bad when your chest and shoulder hits the sand first. 37 times in a row.


It's 99 degrees without a cloud in the sky. You're hot, sweaty, and diving indiscriminately into the 150 degree sand. You're not quite drunk enough to overlook the fact that you know it's going to hurt tomorrow.


Delayed reaction time equals increased probability of being smacked forehead-style with Abe's wicked serve.



Because the perfect balance of gin and oxygen in your bloodstream makes you think that you can spike the ball at the net. You're still 5'1". Also, makes you think that you can jump from the boat to another boat even though it's drifting away at the moment. Ah, yes, the virgin big island experience did not disappoint! We had 4 BI-virgins on our boat, what's your ratio? :)

And the number 1 reason
not to play drunken volleyball...

Need I say more?

I even had to miss softball tonight. But they were able to find a girl to take my place and won. After their 17-7 victory I'm afraid they may want her to permanently replace me!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Name Game

Want to help us pick our volleyball team name? Vote now!



Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Ain't Pitching a Bitch?

Jessica helped me warm up before the game. She was empowering. If nothing else, I have the nicest catcher in the league.

I walked the first guy and being rattled crossed my mind, but I wasn't about to let that thought materialize. I took a deep breath and just like that, the world was on mute.

The girl chose to take the walk and I pitched two balls to the next guy. I felt dangerously close to a 3rd inning repeat. I wished on every star I've ever seen that the next pitch would be a strike.

I shouldn't have wished so hard.

It was a meatball. Not the kind that you get at the Americanized Italian chain, no. The big tender kind that Mama spent hours on to get it just right. The kind that you brag about just because you know the chef through a friend of a friend. Yes, this was the kind that you couldn't help but want to be a part of.

And the bat had no intentions of turning down the open invitation. He swung and the next thing I knew, I heard an unnatural sound and found myself looking behind me for the ball. There it was about 8 feet away from me. I took two steps towards it, but was surprised by the sharp pain. I swallowed my voice and went to the ground. It was then I realized the intense throbbing of my knees was in fact instigated by the ball and not spontaneous combustion. The line driven meatball I served him cracked me directly in the kneecaps. Yes, that is plural. I managed to catch the ball with BOTH knees.

I think I'm going to have to wear my broomball gear to softball.

Reflexes are something else. While it's too bad that mine are apparently 1" too slow, it still amazes me that I never even saw the ball much less consciously did anything about it, yet reportedly, I managed to get my glove within an inch of it and bend my knees to it in an effort to block it. Freaking reflexes! You are no longer allowed to reflex any body part in front of a moving object of any kind. Including cotton from a cotton tree.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A Dirty Lesson

Another difference between pitching and playing outfield? The surface on which you play.

Anyone who has seen, played, or been in close enough proximity of me to know anything about my softball past has witnessed my diving, rolling, somersaulting catches in first or third person.

It's instinct.

Animals rely on their instincts to stay alive. If I were an animal relying on such instincts, I would most certainly be in heaven, hell, or purgatory.

Towards the end of last week's game, I was clearly disappointed in my pitching ability and went all-out for an easy ground ball up the 1st baseline.

I dove.

I couldn't help it.

The shorts couldn't save me - I raspberried my right forearm, full thigh and my left knee. Also, there was no play. The runner touched first base at about the instant I hit the ground.

I'd better start bringing a first aid kit to the games. It's not likely that I'm going to learn the lesson that grass is much more forgiving than the infield before sacrificing more of my knees.

Monday, May 01, 2006

The 50-foot Walk of Shame

I've probably pitched 20 balls in my lifetime.

During practice.

3 minutes before Tuesday's game, Gary says to me, "Can you pitch?"

Unsure whether this was a question of aptitude or willingness, I said I could, but it's been 15 years. Years.

I got about 10 practice pitches in before the ump declared, "Play ball!"

It's going amazingly well. The guys are hitting baby grounders - I'm probably pitching them a bit short. I'm walking a lot of the girls but they're getting forced out at 2nd. Two innings - no score. I was feeling good enough - still nervous but no longer shaking as if there was a pistol to my head warning against the potential walk. It was 14-0, us.

3rd inning spells disaster. I walked a guy. So he takes 2nd and the girl decides to take the walk instead of batting. The guys begin crowding the plate, swinging the bat, and other obnoxious tactics that I'm trying my very best not to let bother me. But it does. I walk 5 in a row which ends up scoring 5. Then they get a good hit. Scores 3. Walk, hit, scores 1. When all was said and done, they'd scored 11 runs in one inning. I was devastated.

Our team was encouraging still and irritated that a team would actually not swing at anything on a rec league, but I suppose, that is the name of the game.

We score a few more, but end up losing by a run in the bottom of the 4th. The only saving grace was that I didn't walk it in.

I swallowed the lump in my throat when I heard one of the guys celebrate, "Can you believe we came back from being down 14-0?!

The shame turned quickly to anger when I heard them snickering about the pitching. "We would have won by a lot more if we wouldn't have swung at all."


I need practice.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

On the Freaking Glass

Everybody loves a consultant. With minor exceptions, but we won't go there.

Tuesday night, I went to the last Wild game with our consultant. He demonstrated his ability to do-the-right-thing by bringing perhaps the biggest sports fan in the group. Also, the man has good taste - we were on-the-glass near the end of the rink so as to have an exceptional angle from which to view the checking - e.g. RIGHT ON.

It was amazing. The Fishing Lodge, the "free" beer, first-hand facial expressions. I thought I must be dreaming!

The ticket-holders to his left are looking to sell a few games next year. I'm in. But I need help. Anyone else game? It's a truly one-of-a-kind experience. Let me know if you want a pair - it might just change your life.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Delay of Pain

5 yard penalty, repeat 3rd down

One of the opponents shot me a shoulder, knocking me into the ground and spinning me clockwise into the boards. Said shoulder made contact first, rebounded and twisted the rest of my body 180 degrees. Basically, I made a french twist. It wasn't fast enough to hurt, but the fact that I began the maneuver on the end of my own stick did.

We were short on girls so Gabby and I traded off between offense and defense. We were winded as it was without the stick to the ribcage. I sounded like a smoker!

2nd half, I took a slap-shot straight to the thigh. Not the seasoned meaty part of the thigh. No, the upper-to-inner part that bruises instantly. I'm wincing just thinking of about it. The memory of it makes the stinging return like a bad odor.

Post-game the guys were thanking Gabby and I for our heroic performance on the ice. Ryan shook his head, Berger, you really took a beating out there. Yeah, I replied, I can't believe my own stick hurt me this bad - I think I punctured my own lung. To which they all corrected, What? That guy totally tee-ed off on you!

How do you forget that someone mistook their broomball stick for a bat and you for a softball?

I won't forget now - I have a nice purple bruise to remind me.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

No Fear


There is no trepidation for me when it comes to broomball.

My lack of fear might make me a perceptually fast learning player, but it also puts me in the line-of-fire frequently enough to equate injuries to the number of games played. 6.

Lucky game number 7 is tomorrow. If this correllation continues, I'm afraid I might have to hang up this helmet and play in something made of steel. Maybe the Mark VII.

My own teammate took my feet out from underneath me on Sunday. I told him if he wanted to take me out, he could have just asked me out on a date. Instead, he slid full-on into my legs sending them to the heavens. The pursuing opponent slid in perfect harmony and in such a position that my body was suspended for 6 solid feet while my face cage scarred the ice making the most awful scraping sound ever. My mind commanded my body to stay loose and I silently pleaded that it fall anywhere but behind me. Luckily, it listened.

Cirque du Soleil? Stand back. I'm training to be a self-made contortionist.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Prognosticator

Make that the 99th percentile of the football picks pool. 100% last week... if only I'd have gone to Vegas!

Also, I'm ranked 22 of 2,443.


Sunday, November 06, 2005

Another Weekend Bites the Dust

Turns out they aren't Japanese beetles. They're just lady bugs. JBs have white tufts of hair under their shell that is visible towards the rear. Beetles with tufts of white hair. Gross.

I haven't had anything to drink since Halloween. Having a house is improving my liver health. Strangely though since I have at least 2 cases of beer on-hand plus a liter of Jack, Sapphire Gin, Vodka and the appropriate mixers. Come on over and party! Because it's good to be the sober-cab when you're already home.

Dad helped me get my mattress inside. We set up my bed and I started getting my clothes organized. I'd gotten so used to sleeping upstairs I nearly forgot my queen bed awaited! While I didn't mind sleeping on the twin, my subconscious self must have felt trapped as I found myself this morning all wound up and taking up the entire bed.

I went shopping today. Replaced the white ceramic kitchen hardware with brushed steel from The Brass Handle. They were patient even though it took me 3 trips to close the deal. First a test, then the final cut, then the 8 that didn't pass the Berger QA. Sure they were small (ok miniscule) knicks, but I would konw they were there and damn it, they were $8 each. That's almost a sandwich at Champps.

Well, I set a goal to have my clothes done before I go to bed tonight and if I sit here a second longer, meeting that goal will mean I won't go to bed tonight.

Vikings win = Purple apparel at the bowling alley tomorrow. Also I'm still in good shape at the football picks contest. In the 97th percentile - not bad! Makes up for my floundering in fantasy football. My excuse is that I haven't had time to keep up on the waiver wire. I'm injury ridden. Owens' suspension doesn't exactly help my cause either. What I'm really sad about is that I've only thrown my football 73 times this year.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

History Repeats Itself?

I find myself on another opponent's volleyball team... this one's indoors. I will be investing in some high quality knee pads in the near future!

Have also signed up for a fantasy hockey league but I think I must be crazy. I have no idea who's who in the hockey realm. Somebody's got to bring up the rear of the league right? Might as well be me!

Fantasy football however, is going well. So far I'm 2-0 in 2 and 1-1 in the 3rd, scoring a league record 130 points last week. Who knew Santana Moss would score twice in the final minutes of Monday's game!

Going to the System of a Down concert tomorrow and looking for houses again on Saturday. Bowling Saturday night and onto Inver Grove for a Jag promo. I've started writing "BREATHE" on post-it notes and scattering them randomly to remind myself to do so.

I'm going to New York City on Monday. I can hardly wait! I'll have all afternoon to walk the streets, photograph everything and meet Fred for some Monday Night Football action. We happen to play each other this week so it's extra special. One of us will be celebrating victory. The other may be crying in their beer :)

Hope you're all having a great week - hope the storm didn't render you power-less. Enjoy the weekend and the final days of summer!

Friday, September 09, 2005

The Freak

...posted 130 yards and a TD... I no longer regret drafting #18.

Red is taking over my life. My pencil is red, my planner is red, phone, wallet, unmentionables. Thankfully my checkbook is not. Hopefully this last detail won't change once I find a house.

If I don't find a house in the next 3 weeks, I will be renting a P.O.D. and showing up at random friends' houses, suitcase in hand. I'm sure there are several hundred people hoping this does not happen. OK fine, 8 people.

It's a good thing Evon is patient and nice.

In between Jäger promotions, I have a softball tournament and the first night of bowling. Post-promotions, 4th row 45-yard-line tickets await followed by OMK's housewarming party followed by the Sunday Night Football game. Read: Excessive beer intake and exhaustion.

Monday = first night of the Flaherty's league and the first MNF game. I got a small dose of Madden last night, enough to last the entire year in fact. But I'll be back for more come Monday!

Enjoy the weekend! Drink Jägermeister responsibly.

Somebody, sleep for me. Por favor!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Oops, I did it again

I took another week off of marathon training.

And am supposed to go the Cirque de Soleil at 1pm the day of the marathon.

My friend's wedding is the night before the race.

I have about 1,000 more excuses burning a hole in my arsenal. This bites.

Last Wednesday, game 3. Of course we were on the "deep-end" of the court as in, there is a 4 foot drop-off. I was going for a ball near the edge and while I knew where I was, Josh was encouraging - you got it you got it! So I went for it. I did get it but in the form of disappearing from the court, into the net and scraping my entire right shin and foot on the retaining wall in the process. It took 4 people to untangle me from the net which had thankfully saved me from doing a complete face-plant into the mulch below. Now you see her, now you don't. I finished the game but have been paying for it ever since in that unseen-bruise-so-bad-can't-breathe-on-it-much-less-touch-it way. It hurts!

And I haven't even tried putting a running shoe on since.


Vikings won another game I attended. Mike Tice should sell me his play-off tickets this year. Damn it, I'm pseudo-family. I have Vikings dice hanging from my mirror for crying out loud! My date for the game had never been to a football game before. Hm, apparently it is my mission to eliminate all Vikings game virgins. OK it's not really. That actually sounds terrible. Sorry parents.

Cassandra graduated on Wednesday. She's cool. Because she intended to put extensions in my hair for free, but better cash that check I gave her or I'll have to pay her double. She's also cool because we understand each other. And she calls me her hetero-lifemate which makes me laugh. I think I might love her.

Don't read into that.

Another weekend done. 1 fantasy football draft down and 1 to wrap up on Tuesday.

Another busy week ahead of me at work but I feel good about it as I actually had some time to work at home this weekend. Productive feels good.

House hunting is going well. Hope to look at a few places in uptown on Tuesday. Wish me luck. At least wish me uncracked foundations and shagless carpet!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


  • I had to draft Randy Moss.

  • A bee tried to pollenate my belly button gem.

  • This is my first and last marathon. Running is no longer fun. Especially from Minneapolis' finest. haha

  • Time may be valuable but I wish I had some to waste.

  • 15 days until kickoff!

  • Wednesday, August 17, 2005



    The Twins won 12-0

    The Vikings won 27-16

    My winning streak is intact!

    The Jäg stuff has been fun. Well except for being mistaken for strippers. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Saturday, went to Brainerd for the drag races with Jolynn. First people we talked to? Live in my apartment building. When this was discovered, the first thing they asked was if I run a lot. Ridiculous. And maybe a little unnerving.

    Leaving for Nashville tonight. Get to see Lee and talk some football, am very excited! Better issue that sheep warning. Mothers, watch your children tonight! :)

    Tomorrow, client visit and then the trip home. Doing a promo in the BP. Can't wait!

    Hope you're having a good week!

    Go Vikes! 21 days until kick-off! 24 until the first home game. Let's rock.

    Friday, August 05, 2005


    It's been so long, I don't even know what it is that I'm trying to catch up on. Other than sleep.

    It's August and I was still writing about June. Russ commented that he missed July entirely. And July, it missed me.

    I would drive 5 hundred miles and I would drive 500 more... I drove almost 600 miles over July 4th weekend. The following weekend, journeyed up to Pine River for the weekend. Made it just past Pequot Lakes before 3rd car in front of me suffered a head-on collision killing the driver instantly and seriously injuring the driver and passenger of the southbound vehicle. They were airlifted to Fargo. It was horrifying. There are 2 twists of fate. First, about 30 minutes prior I'd wanted to change to a CD located out of my reach in my backseat. I decided I was only 45 min away and could tough it out but 5 minutes later it got the best of me and I pulled onto the shoulder to swap CD's. I didn't pay real close attention but only a couple cars passed me. The truck in front of me was driving me nuts but I couldn't get an opportunity to pass him. He was speeding, then riding his brake to 50 mph. Up to 80 and back down, mixing it up with a swerve every now and then. I backed off, giving him plenty of room to move. Had I not changed CD's, maybe I would have beaten the accident. Or maybe I would have been in it. If I wouldn't have put a quarter mile between me and the truck, there's no doubt I would have smashed into him. He hit the ditch, I followed to avoid debris and the grounded vehicle. 3 others after us. He blew a tire and didn't have a full-size spare; the other 3 all lost at least 2. I somehow managed to escape with all 4 tires and an unscathed vehicle. Pulled every muscle in my lower-left back but by some grace of God made it alive and able to carry on without too much trouble. It did squash my wakeboarding hopes, but maybe that's a blessing in disguise as well. After all, the dog jumped out of the boat not realizing of course that his hind legs were resting on the board sending it soaring into my shin. Who else gets a blood-drawing wakeboarding injury while inside the boat? With the anchor down.

    I tried rollerblading, borrowing Cory's balance, but it hurt my back even more. So I rested. The marathon will have to wait. I even demoted myself to "beer girl" at volleyball. Quite a big step for me as I don't remember the last time I missed a game of anything due to injury. And it's not that I'm not always injured :) Missed 2 weeks of marathon training and eased back into it the week of the 25th. Decided to be a rockstar and ran with Club Run on Monday. We ran 2.5 miles to Kenwood park where we did 3 miles worth of 400m repeats. That is 12 - 400 meter sprints separated by 45 seconds or resting. My IT band prevented me from running back to the Target Center. Coach Mark was kind enough to let me ride his bike. The combination of it being too tall for me and my innate awkwardness on a bike allowed the runners to beat me back to the gym. Sad but true! It was comical. When I had to stop for a red light, I had to gingerly navigate the bike to the curb so my foot could reach the ground. My complete inability to practice moderation put me out of training again this week. My IT band injury resurfaced and I'm doing the right thing by taking care of it so as not to worsen the situation. Still, I'm bound and determined to run on October 2nd. I've just modified my 3:45 goal to 4:30. A 4.5 hour first-time marathon time is OK by me.

    We definitively won our first playoff match - we played solid volleyball. Let's hope it carries over to next week! Better be sunny, I think I talked Russ into boating over. Congratulations to Adam and Sheila who welcomed Avery on Saturday. She's a peanut - born 6 lbs 19".

    Officially started the house hunt tonight! Saw 3 houses in NE. I like the area but we're going to check uptown/St. Louis Park next. Closer to the lakes, Minnetonka and the houses have more character. Wish me luck. I might have committment issues when it comes to location. And the zip code range I'm interested in keeps growing. On second thought, wish my realtor luck. I doubt she realized I was such a problem child. Looking for a house? Evon is a superstar.

    The Twins are going to win tomorrow. Becasue I'll be at the dome. And although I'd like to say they never lose when I'm in attendence, it was brought to my attention that I did see them lose in May. And perhaps a few other times. It's just that they win most of the time. Is that good enough? This time, I promise not to ruin Christmas.

    My Vikings streak is still intact however. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Maybe losses are just so traumatic, my subconscious blocks the memory in defense of sanity.

    34 days until kickoff!

    Saturday, I have my first Jägermeister gig. I'm nervous but excited. Cassandra and Jeff are going to be there for moral support. I mean, sombody's got to support my morals right?

    Oatmeal Cookies and JägerBombs,

    Monday, July 25, 2005

    Further Behind

    Un-New York City (June 24):

  • Grrrrrls
  • Calhoun
  • The Tonka Tradition
  • Boys

    Saturday's Child is Full of Friday's Beer and Pizza (June 25):

  • Pacemaker 5000
  • Rabbit Whisperer
  • Nickerson Rules

    Vikings vs. Volleyball (June 29):

  • Tony
  • Kleinsasser
  • Fans

    OK, this is painful, but I have to go to bed. I'm almost positive I'm chasing my tail. Someday I'll catch it and catch up!

    Have a great week, stay cool and dry!

  • Tuesday, July 05, 2005


    I've always considered coincidences to be lucky. Even though sometimes they're scary, they're nearly always interesting. At worst? Mildly annoying. Being surrounded with them, however, can have a bit of a claustrophobic effect.

    So I'm blessed with more than my fair share of near misses, odd connections and the circling logic that connects it all in the end. What are the chances that in a sea of 40+ thousand, I would run into 2 people I'd met 2 days prior? And I saw them on separate occasions - Kevin, before the race and Craig, post-pavement-pounding. How many people do you know that meet new people at the bar, join their volleyball league, practice once, set up a date for 2 days later and in between practice and the date, end up in a conversation with a completely unrelated group from which one asks if by chance, you'd know the person you practiced with and have a date with the next evening. Pick a name, any name and scare the beat right out of my heart!

    So the third time is the charm, right?

    Lisa is on the volleyball team mentioned above. She happens to play Monday nights downtown and needed a sub on the 13th of all numbers. I'm not one to pass up playing anything if I'm not otherwise committed so I took the opportunity to fit in a good run before the games. We played our match - first game in full sun and that thick sticky air that makes it hard to breathe. So much so that we were relieved when it started raining during the 2nd game. Big fat warm raindrops that cooled so nicely as they evaporated. And then the wind started up turning the pleasant evaporation into more of a sand-blasting effect. It was hard to play and they'd just called the games but we were almost done so we finished the 3rd game before heading to the Refuge for a couple of air conditioned beers. Somehow we managed not to get hypothermia and I had a great time getting to know the team. We talked about everything from work to fantasy football and they definitely caught my attention when they said they might have an opening in their auction-style league this fall. Hopefully they'll keep me in mind. The A/C did finally get the best of us and we began the soggy way home. Lisa was kind enough to give me a ride, I'm pretty sure I would have melted if I would have tried it on foot.

    Rewind two weeks. I keep in touch with a handful of co-workers from Norwest - OK Wells Fargo. Larry was always my favorite and we've been successfully keeping in touch about once a year since my departure in '98. I e-mailed Larry to see how life was treating him and caught up on things over the first week of June.

    Imagine my surprise when I receive another e-mail from him on the 17th simply stating:

    "So I hear you were quite the volleyball sub on Monday."

    It turns out that he knows the guys on the team because he plays fantasy football with them. Yes, he's on the league I was soliciting. They get together every Thursday and every Thursday Larry asks how volleyball went. The usual recap ensues with one of the team members explaining that Lisa brought in a sub. Details given were that I am: Asian, a huge Vikings fan and that I ran to the courts. Larry interjected - "I think I know that girl!" They of course were in disbelief until he came up with my name.

    I'll use Larry's descriptor for the situation. Haunting.

    And you just can't escape it. Which is why it's important to be nice.

    Wednesday, June 15, 2005


    What has happened in the last week, you ask?

    I don't know.

    I don't remember.

    Perhaps there is a reason I can't.

    Maybe what I don't know, won't hurt me.

    Now that's naive.

    But that's my middle name.

    If you have any information leading to the arrest of my runaway memories, please contact me immediately. Depending on whether the memory you return is good or bad, a reward may be in store. And don't get me wrong, the bad memories might be more valuable to have back in my head. I just have to hope that they haven't skipped town stowed away in someone else's.

    Oy vey!

    Last week's case file:

    Monday spent quality time with Jill and Kevin in Champps alley on her birthday. Enjoyed Bud Light and Kevin's surprise I was drinking it since I was adamantly opposed to it last summer. Even stated that if I could stomach the first one I could probably drink the 2nd. I failed to finish the first. That being said, I didn't like Miller Light the first time I drank it but by the 2nd time, I'd given up Mich Golden Light in favor of it. Then I hated Coors Light when I got to Texas but left with no other choices, succumbed to it by the 3rd or 4th try. And now, Bud Light has grown on me. So I'm impressionable. But more importantly, I support my friends. Russ, this Bud's for you. And this one's for me. Or these 2 are for me. OK, fine, all 3 are for me, get your own.

    Tuesday. Tuesday, what the hell happened to Tuesday? Oh yes, kickball. I am an honorary member of the Greasy Cooters. I even have my own t-shirt which I will wear proudly because I'm madly in love with it. I feel horrible that I didn't make it out to the field or the bar tonight but I needed the time off. From beer.

    The good thing about Wednesdays is that I know what happens. Volleyball. Fletcher's volleyball. I love that almost as much as my Greasy Cooters t-shirt. Had a couple of beers before and after the games, nothing out of the ordinary except that it was absolutely deliciously gorgeous outside. Beats the hell out of the usual Wednesday rainstorms.

    Thursday we played in place of Josh and Becky who were busy enjoying margaritas on a beach in Mexico. We got whooped. And unrightfully so. We just never got a rhythm going. Everyone was kind of down after the match but while Russ mingled, I hung out with Shayna, her sister Annie and friends Kris and... again I want to call her Amanda, but it's Missy? Shoot. You know when you meet someone and get their name wrong and don't find out about your error until hours later so eternally they're known as the wrong name by your subconscious and man, if we could only control our subconscious, life would be good. Kris plays guitar for Gingerjake and happens to be shopping around for a web designer. I don't think I can handle the job due to the time commitment issue, but he thinks they may have found someone so maybe I could get the updates or take pictures for them or something. Anyway, they're all a lot of fun and I'm grateful for meeting so many great people randomly or not. Russ, Annie and I played again at 9:15 and lost all 3 again. This time we didn't feel so responsible as we were probably the strongest of the team members. Still, it's not fun to lose 6 games in 1 night. On the way back to the bar we ran into Russ' neighbors, they served up some captains and I supplied a couple more rounds before the night was over. Made friends with the bartender which is good but bad because that means you get more of your fair share of captain in your drink. I jumped the bar to pay my tab, have pictures of people I don't know well and barely recall the ride home. Not so excellent. Liquor dissolves my maturity. And therefore it must not be consumed. In mixed company. Damn it.

    Friday, Trevor was in town from St. Cloud. We had sushi at Kikugawa which is perhaps the most perfect food in the entire world. Seriously, insanely delicious! It was a beautiful night so we walked along Main Street a bit and I showed him the Stone Arch Bridge. We met Jill at Durkins for a couple and then headed downtown - where else but the Refuge and the Drink!? It was fun, there was mad dancing and beer intake and of course, Pizza Luce and drunk conversation followed.

    Saturday I got to sleep in! Walked to the Lyon's Pub for lunch where was punished for the burger enjoyment with horrible blisters from shoes I've worn 100 times before. They still hurt. We braved the walk home with the aide of bar band-aids and refrained from the nap-taking that sounded so so good. Played some volleyball in Father Hennepin Park and decided to hit the grocery store for dinner. I made veggies and dip, dinner and crescent rolls (of course) and we had a couple of beers before heading up to Biff's to see Boogie Wonderland. I was very excited because we were meeting Stacy, Brian, Ginny and Todd and I got to catch up with Lonnie (lead guitar) who I haven't seen for nearly 3 years. It's so cool to have friends you can miss for 3 years and pick right back up where you left off. I might even buy one of his old guitars and pick it up again. Rock on. We stopped at Majors on the way back to the Meyer household and Trevor and Brian found out they are related by Brian's uncle marrying Trevor's aunt. Unbelievable. The world keeps getting smaller! After the bar, we played another Texas Hold Em tournament. I won both rounds! Came home $80 richer and had to borrow $5 for the initial buy-in. Beginner's luck? Probably, gotta play some more to find out! I enjoy playing although I have a really hard time playing with friends in that I feel guilty as hell if I take their chips. It's stupid really because it's not like I'm upset or concerned when they take mine - let me introduce you to my overactive conscience.

    Sunday spent the entire afternoon at the beach on Lake Calhoun. Got very sunburned. I have a distinct mark where my swimsuit tie laid on my back. Ouch! Luckily, the burn was gone by Monday night and I'm a tan baby ready for summer!

    Played volleyball with Lisa's team downtown last night (another reason very thankful sunburn turned golden within 24 hours). First game was gorgeous, 2nd game warm downpour, 3rd game chilly downpour + wind = very cold. We won 1 out of 3 and headed to the Refuge for the volleyball specials. We had great conversation and I hope to sub for them again. It's an open night for me and I love playing downtown plus they're cool and hang out at our bar! What more can you ask for? Oh yeah, they might have an opening in their auction draft fantasy football league. Sweetness!

    OK so I remember quite a lot. That's a relief. I suppose I could blame old age but it's more likely the alcohol.

    Wish us luck at volleyball tomorrow night, it's supposed to be great weather!

    Enjoy the rest of the week and join us at Sommerfest at Gasthof's on Saturday night! 5pm-10pm and afterwards to Mario's or other nearby NE venue. Das Boot is calling your name!

    Don't forget to give your Dad a big bear hug on Sunday.

    Sunday, May 22, 2005


    My goal was not to become famous. But it's kind of fun.

    Jill's aunt Luann threw her 50th birthday party at Gasthof's on Thursday. The tent was in full swing for Maifest and Luann rented the whole thing out, security, bartenders, snuff, shots, Mario, the whole ball of wax. Jill and her cousins handed out tokens while I shot 330 pictures. Bill Koncar and his band put on a great show as always. Not only did we get to help Luann celebrate with her family and friends, but we got to know the staff. Jill was quick to tell them about Saturday's birthday bash and they all promised to help us celebrate, even Bill Koncar.

    In between Gasthof's outings, I met Susie and Emily out for a couple drinks at the Bird. Craig and Kevin enrolled us in Silver Strike Bowling. I'm awful! Kevin and Craig were going to be at the Race for the Cure on Sunday too, so we joked about finding each other in the sea of tens of thousands.

    Saturday arrived and the morning light woke me hours too soon. Even still Jill and I got ready to rock out with Baja Sol. We headed out to Maifest at 5:30. Security escorted us promptly to the bar where the bartender had 5 Jägermeister shots waiting. He then led me to the beer-man and instructed him to "take care of [me] all night". He proceeded to fill my huge "Norm" beer mug to the top and refused my money. Mario then gave me a bag of tokens and ordered me and my friends to have a fun night. Shortly after finding a table, the other bartender arrived with apple shots for everyone. I told Sandra I'd probably end up face down on the ground by the end of the night! She promised to hold my hair. I love her.

    I chatted with the Hammer-Schlagen couple as they were setting up the game. I've always wanted to know what the scoop is and the usual crowd was missing so I took the opportunity to get educated. I failed my first lesson miserably. After at least 12 tries without even grazing the nail, I flipped the hammer around and pounded the nail in with the flat side.

    Jill's sister Pam arrived with CJ and Katie. Landon soonafter. Andy brought a friend and I lost track of time between the Jäger and the polka! I think I went outside to use the bathroom or take a phone call and in fact, may have, but inevitably, I was drawn to the Hammer-Schlagen. It's a force not to be reckoned with. The gal running the show saw me and stopped the game already in progress. She said, "Wait, wait! It's her birthday, you gotta let her in!" The guys looked less than enthused but obliged. When the hammer came to me I lined it up carefully next to the fresh nail placed just for me, pursed my lips, closed my eyes and took my best shot. And like magic, the pointed end of that awkward hammer drove that nail flush with the trunk! Everyone was in disbelief. I turned excitedly, ready to showcase my trophy to my friends but was greeted with a familiar face. At first we weren't sure why, but it didn't take long to realize we played volleyball at Fletchers on opposing teams. Meet Josh and his bachelor party. He's marrying Becky in 2 days did marry Becky on 5/14. We talked, I met some of his friends and it turns out they need a female volleyball player. I jumped at the chance to play at Fletchers again, it's so great when it's sunny. Russ promised to call and he did. I just hope I can live up to their expectations (I was drunk. OK, very drunk. I wanted to play so badly. They asked if I was any good. I'm sure I told them I was). Hopefully they won't hold me to it. Or maybe I should start practicing.

    Finally, I reconnect with Jill. By now, everyone but Landon has gone home. We went inside for maybe 5 minutes before deciding to hit the road. After all, I had to get up at 5:45 to catch the train to the Mall of America. I was asleep before midnight.

    Sunday morning's Race for the Cure was rough! Somehow, I maneuvered my way out of bed, into my running gear and ran to the station to barely catch the 6:10 train. I sleepwalked through the mall, got some breakfast, picked up my shirt and stopped by the main entrance trying to shake the cobwebs. Who is standing right in front of me? Kevin. Unbelievable! We chatted for awhile and headed out to the start line. The 5K itself went surprisingly well considering - I finished in 26:06. Running hard in humidity after drinking heavily and not drinking enough water is bad. Not only did I think I was going to pass out while waiting for the gun start, but I pulled my IT band - the muscle that runs down the outside of your thigh. It turns into a tendon which attaches to your knee. The pain in my knee was so awful I thought I had seriously injured the joint. I'm thankful it's only a pulled muscle as it will heal with proper rest. As I was limping back to the train station, I hear "Cari, why are you gimping around?!" It was Craig. How can this be? I'd overheard someone say that some 40,000 people were there and I randomly run into both people I'd just met 2 days prior?? I limped myself home just in time to take a shower before my Mom got to my place. We went to Vic's and had a great brunch. Then we watched the entire 1st season of Sex and the City. It was a great Mother's Day!

    I've been writing the above for 2 weeks now. To prevent this post from taking over the entire website, I will attempt to keep the rest brief.

    Mom, Jill and I went to the Sunshine Factory for my birthday dinner Tuesday. Mom spoiled me as always. I have a full length mirror now - no more standing on a stool to assess the outfit situation! Also a Yoga mat, new running clothes, lithium batteries and a polarized filter for my camera.

    I drove down to Fletchers after work Wednesday for a team practice which consisted of Russ, his friend Gina and I. I don't know if I was just nervous or feeling the pressure to perform, but I couldn't set to save my life. Gina left us for dinner plans after 15-20 minutes. The good news? I didn't have the chance to make too much of a fool out of myself. Bad news? I'd driven an hour to get there. Russ sympathized and we went inside to have a couple of beers. Which turned into 4 hours. The only thing I know for sure is that they're going to have me drinking nothing but Budweiser products by the end of the season.

    My Dad, Nancy and I had my birthday dinner at Chino Latino Thursday. I had sushi. I was in heaven! Nancy gave me a great necklace and my Dad a gift certificate to National Camera Exchange, my new favorite store.

    I met Mandy though Jill. Met Mandy's brother a couple of summers ago at Mandy's parents' annual volleyball tournament weekend. Ran into Brad at the 22 of all places last October. Brad calls Thursday at about 8 from Legends in Northeast. On the rare occasion that he was in the area, I went to meet him for a beer. It was a work function. The conversation was interesting, especially considering everyone started drinking at 3pm. Started talking to Bill about his relationship, life, etc. when he interjected, "You know, you really look familiar. I'm from Wayzata, do you go out there often?" To which I explained that I used to go to Fletchers a couple of years ago but haven't been there much since. He queried, "Do you know Russ [insert last name]?" I was dumbstruck. Perfect randomness. Out with the brother of a friend's friend and I would meet someone who knows the person I'd just met a week ago/saw the day before and had plans with the day after and they would spontaneously bring up his name as someone I may know. Turns out he's a friend of the family. He tried to give me stories, but I had to stop him. I wanted to find out for myself and definitely am not that girl!

    Russ and I saw the Twins take on the Rangers Friday night. It was a great game, lots of scoring and the Twins were up 6-2 until they let Texas tie in the 7th. We left in extra innings when MN gave up 2 runs. Finished the night off at Nochee. I didn't even know this place existed and it's very close to home. And it's nice. Russ knows the bartender. I think he knows everyone. Perhaps he's even more famous than I! When we walked up to the bar, I told Russ I knew the guy sitting there but I couldn't place from where. After a couple of beers I realized I'd met him while I was living in Dallas. He was hosting a friend of mine so when we all went out, we started from his place. He reminded me that we went tubing down the Apple River the next day. It's always interesting how paths cross.

    I spent Saturday with my Mom, did laundry and had Sawatdee's for lunch. They actually make their Pad Thai hot! Went bowling with Trevor who happens to be a very good bowler. I did get him 1 game though - I actually pulled out a 210 vs. his 204. I was picking up ridiculous splits. Anything to avoid the 3 splits missed = you doing the splits rule!

    What a great weekend. I want to wash, rinse and repeat that one over and over again.

    Monday = happy hour = shots = drunk phone calls = memory loss = oops. Just thank God for a sense-of-humor.

    Part of the work team went to the Original Sports Bar at the MOA for dinner and basketball on Tuesday night. We've got such a great team - I just hope we get to go to California next time. I'll bet they wouldn't mind - I don't think MN is their favorite place to travel to!

    Wednesday was our first game. We decided to get off of work early and hang out for awhile. This allowed me to avoid rush hour traffic and time to unwind before the big game which was rained out but not before we were out on the court soaking wet! We stuck around the bar to dry off a bit. It was fun to meet the team. They're a great bunch of people. I feel pretty lucky to have met them.

    I actually got to see Jill Hyser on Thursday! She thought I was never going to be home ever again, even thought about sending out a search party. We watched Sex and the City and caught up. We definitely don't get enough girl time.

    OK, that's all for now. So much for being concise! Have a great week! I just hope it's warm and sunny - at least on Tuesday and Wednesday! And I'm going to try to even stay home a few nights this week. As if.

    Saturday, May 14, 2005

    Rated NC-17

    Went to the Twins game last night.

    Sat next to 2 small boys and their Dad.

    Said "Shit" and cowered afterwards too many times.

    Also said, "I think I believed in Santa Claus until then"

    To which Russ responded, "First you're a trucker, now you're ruining Christmas!"

    Thankfully I think the whole thing was lost on the boys and am certain they still believe in that guy in the big red suit.

    I topped the whole thing off by giving them the Wally the Beerman cards Russ got for us. I gave them beerman cards.

    I'm definitely destroying America's next generation.

    Saturday, April 30, 2005

    Get In Gear

    Just got home from the Get In Gear 10K. I'm wiped out! It was COLD this morning! I ran to the train station and barely resisted the temptation to turn around and go home! I love the light rail, I got to Minnehaha Park at 8. Helped Alan hand out the team numbers and Championchips before lining up at the starting gate. My original goal was 48 minutes but that was before running too hard on Wednesday and pulling my quads pretty bad. Thankfully, they healed up pretty well by this morning, but definitely not 100%. My modified goal was to beat an hour. The cold hurt at first but by the end of the race, it was perfect. There was quite the turnout, I've never run in such a pack before. I finished in 53:04. Not too bad, only 5 minutes slower than my first goal and 7 minutes faster than my second. I can live with that! I had to walk home from the station. My muscles were kicking and screaming the whole way home. Plus my arms were full of the free stuff from the race. That's my excuse anyway!

    I love that work sponsors stuff like this. It still surprises me that they pay for employees and their guests. My only complaint is that there were NO water stands at the finish line and the line for food was a mile long. For such a large event, you'd think they'd have water available everywhere!

    Gotta rest up now and prepare my body for beer intake tonight :) I'm looking forward to the bowling banquet! Appropriately enough, I will be stopping by Sherry and Randy's afterwards as they are having a post-Lacrosse-game party.

    Peace and shoelaces,


    Wednesday, April 27, 2005

    Be The Fly

    We had an off-site meeting today. We brainstormed our Team's vision after breakfast and enjoyed a homecooked café lunch in Wisconsin. That had to be the most effective workshop I've ever been involved in. I really feel lucky to be a part of such a great team and under such strong leadership. I started 2 1/2 months ago and not a single day has gone by that I haven't been impressed.

    We went fly fishing with 2 guides in the most beautiful stream I've ever seen. This time of year, the foliage is the most amazing shade of green and the sound of the water as it trickles over the rock laden shallows is just plain calming. Unless you have to pee in which case, good luck with those waders. I caught a 15" trout and had quite a few other bites, just no other catches. It's tough to bring a fish in without losing them to the slack in the line.

    Fly fishing is fun, it's natural and peaceful. I definitely need to go again. I got that "centered" feeling. I love that feeling. Plus I had the coolest waders that went up to my neck. Therefore, I felt the need to get in up to my neck. They have this picture of me shoulder-deep casting above my head. I guess you could say that I got into it.

    Afterwards the guys and I went to Lindey's and had a dry-aged steak. If you want no nonsense excellent food, Lindey's is your place. Unassumingly tucked away just east of Snelling on Co Rd E in Arden Hills. They even have a park named after them.

    Catch and release. That's my motto until it's not.

    Tuesday, April 12, 2005

    Little Falls

    I managed not to have any little falls in Little Falls!

    Mike and I met at Randy and Sherry's at 10am on that beautiful Saturday morning. The sun was shining, the jello shots glistening and we were on our way. We stopped at a couple of local bars on the way and made it to Mike and Marsha's by 3 armed with a 9 foot Subway and 3 lbs of Special K bars. They have such a great house; it's big but comfortable and features a massive deck on a huge barely frozen over lake. We settled in, grabbed a beer and enjoyed a great meal and even greater stories. Pictures abounded as proof of what we could expect in the next 12 hours.

    We headed to the broken spoke? Or was it the hub? The bus was there and ready to take us to the tournament, jello shots and all.

    We had a couple more beers before bowling which might explain why I missed my 300 game. Randy however, shamed us with his 298! For those of you non-bowling-geeks, no-tap is when you score a strike if you get 9 or 10 pins with your first ball. In theory, you should bowl better, but in actuality, it just guarantees lots of 8's :)

    We bar hopped back to the broken spoke where we stopped in for a few more and some fabulous fried chicken - nice 'n golden and cold just like the beer. Safely back home, we brought out the 9-foot subway, the rest of the food and finally turned in around 3am.

    It was a great time; I can't wait until next year! Only next year, I get the top bunk.

    Other bowling news:
    I won 4th place in the Minneapolis 500 Club tournament last month and our Monday Night team won the league championship! Bowling is more fun when it's not reaching into your pockets and pulling out wads of cash by the fistful!

    Saturday, January 29, 2005


    Went to the 2nd official Minnesota Swarm Lacrosse game at the Xcel Center in St. Paul. The deadly swarm lost but it was a great time. I suppose partly just to be a the Xcel, but mostly to be with Randy & Sherry & Derek & the UMD Lacrosse guys. Tom Reid's serves good drinks, great company and a station wagon parked in front of your car. All for a reasonable rate. We won't talk about the impromptu tow. Or the raspberry vodka and mixed berry 7-Ups that taste like dreams on the good ship lollipop. Also, whatever they say about twenty-something boys is all wrong. Except most of it. I cringe to think where I'd be without my great friends. And a cab :)

    Wednesday, December 29, 2004


    I forgot to wish all of you a Merry Christmas! I'm so sorry... belated wishes to you now - and cheers to a very happy new year!

    We're getting very close to cutting to the new Avaya solution at work. I'm excited. I'm nervous. Scratch that. Scared to death, and totally, utterly overprepared.

    I'm excited about the progress on the website I'm designing. I hope that it brings Cory a lot of business. And maybe, just maybe, he'll recommend me to do other sites! We should be cutting the red ribbon in a couple of weeks, so expect a more formal announcement soon!

    I won my fantasy football league even though all 3 of my running backs fell short of the 100 yard marker. My opponent's kicker scoring 0 points and the Roy Williams/Jimmy Smith disaster helped. Excellent, now I can afford to eat in January.

    I hope you're all well, warm and comfortable. Enjoy the New Year's celebration, but be safe.

    Wednesday, November 24, 2004

    Bits & Bytes

    THE TAILGATING PARTY was wildly delicious. Lots of guys from the fantasy football league came and everyone enjoyed the fire, food, & beer. We tried out the Rapid Park. It has potential, but the camaraderie and festive atmosphere of old was missing. And once everyone headed to the dome, homeless people began scouring the area. Security did their best to keep them away, but my guess is that they left with more than they came with. That just didn't happen on Washington. Part of me wants to help, but part of me sees the rest of the group feeling uncomfortable because a smelly man has staggered over and stood by our fire asking strange questions and talking too close. Regardless, it was a great time and you should definitely come next time!

    • 2 turkeys and 3 lbs of cheesy potatoes disappeared.
    • Hyser's rice krispie bars and toffee bars kept people coming back.
    • Her Dad's sausage/vegetable/jalapeno medley had everyone breathing through their mouths.
    • Everything was delectable!!!!
    • Thanks to the neighbors who shared their TV, food & humor with us.

    RYAN'S BIRTHDAY was the 17th! I'm sorry I didn't post a "Happy Birthday" for you babe - but we were too busy celebrating! ...which started on Monday...

    • Monday, we bowled and had 3 or 4 a-hoy-hoy's afterwards. Scooby snacks, Liquid Cocaine, you know, the usual. I think we did avoid the Jägermeister, but then again, I could be wrong. Sherry, Randy and Mike are definitely the coolest of the cool.
    • Wednesday, we met up at Buffalo Wild Wings for a work happy hour. Ryan & I arrived early, I gave him his present and we enjoyed a few beers with friends. We headed to Zelo's at about 7:30. Zelo's is incredible. The food was fantastic and the service was unprecedented.
    • Friday, we had reservations at the Capital Grille. Their steak put Manny's to shame. Seriously. And Manny's is my old time favorite. Amazing.
    • Saturday, we bowled with Heather & Mike, took 5 points and settled into the bar with Les. Heather, Mike, Bev, Rick, Diane, Duane, Tim, Josh, Nicole, Jason, Jill, Andy, Jim, Tony, Stockman, Curt, Shelly, Brent, Jennell, John.... I'm sure I'm forgetting a few... we karaoke'ed laughed and karaoke'ed some more. Thanks everyone for coming out to Crystal!!
    • I need a vacation and a second mortgage to get over Ryan's birthday! :)

    Last but not least, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I hope you all have a great time with friends and family. I hope you find time to relax and feel comforted.

    Much love, turkey and lots and lots of buns,

    Tuesday, November 16, 2004

    Football Follies

    I'm hopelessly behind and I've been working on a post for weeks it seems.

    I'm just afraid I may never finish it because the days keep going by faster than I can type.

    In the meantime, it's noteworthy that I won my fantasy football game this week. It's noteworthy because I won my first 5 and none since. And I won because my QB threw an interception that my Defense returned for a 101 yard touchdown. Go Vinny!

    I lost my 3rd in a row in my other league. I'm still in 2nd place but I definitely need to turn it around. I won 1 by 1 point, lost the next 2 games by 1 point and then Donovan McNabb seals my loser fate by throwing for about a million yards and 19 touchdowns. That's OK, my boys are saving themselves for the playoffs.

    Hope you're all well!

    Wednesday, October 13, 2004

    The Unreal Deal?

    Not only did the Titans hold Green to 33 rushing yards, but they forced a fumble! Therefore, Ahman-can't-hold-onto-the-ball-Green scored a whopping 2 points!

    Mason had 60 some yards and a TD scoring 12. I won!

    Bonus? The Packers played like crap - Green had 3 yards on 4 carries and a fumble lost in the 1st half, Favre threw 3 (should have been 4) interceptions and the 2nd half started out with a bang - the Packers first 4 possessions ended in: Int, Int, muffed punt, fumble lost. Go Pack!

    Lambeau field has lost its mystique? The Titans scored the most points ever allowed by the Pack at home.

      Monday Night Maddenisms
    • After the Packers go 3 and out on their first possession of the game:
      You know what you're saying to yourself if you're the Packers? The first 3 plays didn't work, so let's go to the next first 3 plays"
    • Chris Brown gets a 1st down and then some. Madden critiques the Packer defense:
      "The problem there was that part of the defense was playing for the run and part of the defense was playing for the pass." Apparently, you should put all 11 of your defenders on the line if you think they're going to run the ball.
    • Walker makes a sideline catch in the 4th quarter. He has to make an effort to keep his feet inbounds while establishing possession and is seen limping immediately afterwards.
      "I can tell you how Walker was hurt on that play. He was trying to keep his right food in and he put all of his weight on it and kind of put pressure on his joint." Really?

    Monday, October 11, 2004

    MN Sports

    Well, the Twins lost at the Big Inflatable. Even so, Jill and I had perfect seats and had a great time at the game. Hate to say the play of the game was a foul ball hit to our section - a guy caught it one handed on the other side of the railing. If he would have missed it, it would have landed in the tunnel via which the Vikings run onto the field.

    When Derek Jeter was up to bat in the 2nd inning the status board said:

    At Bat Avg. Inning Balls Strikes Outs
    ...2 ....222 ......2 .......2 .......2 .......2

    The Gopher's failed to bring home the Little Brown Jug. The last time they won it from Michigan? 1986. This is the same year the Challenger failed to make it through Earth's atmosphere. Coincidence? Probably.

    Bowling was fun. We lost all 7 points but the beer tasted good. Much obnoxious karaoke singing followed. I should really feign laryngitis.

    The Vikes beat the Texans 34-28 in overtime when Marcus Robinson pulled in a 50-yard TD reception. The score is no indicator of how this game went. We were up 21-0.

    Nothing like MN sports to give you heart palpitations.

    Tonight, we bowl and hope Mason pulls in 2 TD's over 200 yards while Ahman Green gets stuffed at the line and fumbles twice.

    Friday, October 08, 2004

    Go Twins!

    Hyser and I are eating pizza, sipping cocktails and walking the Stone Arch to the Twins game where the Twins are going to make the Yankees sorry they were even born. Jeter Beater.

    Girls' night! If you see us attempting any belly dancing, please do everything in your power to stop us.

    Tuesday, September 28, 2004

    Mini Golf vs. Keg Stands

    Granite City is a microbrewery that serves up some fare that is absolutely delicious. Mom had the garlic sirloin that was so tender and flavorful even I loved it and I had the fire grilled vegetable/portobello tortellini in a delicate cream sauce and finished with parmesan bread crumbs. Even though it's in Maple Grove, I'd go again in a heartbeat. Also, their sports bar has u-shaped booths and lots of flatscreens.

    For reasons unknown, I ended up singing Criminal after kickball even though I didn't strike out. This is my official apology to the Sports Page patrons.

    The tent party was the most fun. I used my "Norm" Cheers glass and never was charged the 2 tokens it was supposed to cost for a liter of beer. Which also means that I had 2 liters of beer. Thankfully this was over a long period of time so did not end up sick or worse, sleeping at 10pm. Tony & Stockman stayed over. I'm sorry for having that text message war Stock. I hope I didn't actually make that girl cry. Well, much anyway.

    I won both of my fantasy football games again. I'd say I'm a force to be reckoned with but in each of my leagues, I play the respective top scorers of week 3 this week. They both have Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne. Advantage Berger by less than a fraction of a hair because Indy plays the Jags. Please oh please let them have Peyton's number. (Sorry Stacy & Brian, I love you and the Colts, but I'm getting greedy with the fantasy ball). Definitely tired of this "You're only a girl" crap.

    The Vikes took Chicago but not as convincingly as we would have liked. The purple and yellow shoes will never leave the top of the TV. I'm sorry I wore them last Monday. It's totally my fault we lost to Philly.

    Volleyball was great. We won the first round of the tourney. It's after that when it gets foggy. Something about knowing the bartender and jägermeister and sour apple something and lots of talk about nothing and something and serious and not serious and filling ones purse with matchbooks and serving drinks. Yikes. Monday morning was not so much fun. We should never have to work on Mondays.

    We had mini golf after work for work and it was fun. I shot a 69. I did not win anything but I did make a few chip shots out of the woods (literally) and had to fish my ball out from under a pine tree. I think I should win something for being entertaining.

    Tonight, Hyser and I will live vicariously through Carrie and the gang again. It's possible this show is corrupting us. We also learn an awful lot about each other.

    Have a great week!

    Tuesday, September 21, 2004

    The Lowdown Nitty Gritty

  • It's cool to wear a jersey, but you should only put one arm in it. Because sashes bring your true badass out.

  • Bowling is fun. Especially when the pitchers are only $6.

  • We lost 2 of 3 in our first volleyball match. Then 2/3 of our team left. Ryan and I finished our beer and watched the Sunday night football game for awhile before gathering our things at about 8:30. On our way out, the league manager says, "We play you guys tonight, right?" Dumbfounded looks exchanged by Ryan and I. Apparently Team Josh Brettingen minus Josh Brettingen had a double-header. We swept them 3-0. Who needs 6? 2's a much more manageable number. :)

  • Hyser and I went to KFAN after bowling last Monday. I can't keep quiet while watching football. Especially when it's MNF. And Green Bay's playing. And I'm up by 5 points with Longwell on the field and my opponent has Ahman Green. I will never cheer for the Packers, but if they're going to score, I figure it might as well be Longwell. The other patrons were entertained but confused with my contradictory cheers and jeers.

  • I wore anti-reflective tape under my eyes for kickball. I'm now addicted to it and might start wearing it every day to work. Bring it on.

  • The Twins lost on Friday but we had a great time. After the game, we met up with Jason Berg at The Corner Bar and headed over to Sgt. Prestons where I ran into Chris Murray. It was nice to catch up with him! Kevin Farmer and his friends arrived via bachelor party bus and somehow after a pitcher, we ended up on the bus and then, Shieks. Luckily, it's only a 15 minute walk home. Sadly, we have this all timed out perfectly of when to order the pizza so it gets there a few minutes after we do.

  • Saturday I made hot wings and we headed up to Oak Grove for Mike's party. Everything was great. Beer brats, awesome food to share, a keg we almost fried and a HUGE bonfire. I'm not kidding, if I didn't know better, I would have thought they were throwing entire trees in the pit. Items of interest: We did kegstands. Because it's important to play college drinking games at 27. Mike found a spider that couldn't possibly be native to MN. Think black widow with bright yellow markings on the back and fangs. Fangs. <shudder>. We stayed up until 4:30am and slept on the futon. Woke up to breakfast and bloody mary's. Rock on. Thanks for having us Mike & Julie - your house is gorgeous and we had a great time. Also, Julie, your friends are awesome :)

  • Sunday: Happy Birthday to Mom!. We're SO sorry we ran late but are just as glad we got to share dinner with you, Grandpa, Shari and Rob. Food was delicious! I'm glad you like your cell phone - looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday to program it, etc.!

  • We had to leave dinner for Fletcher's only to find the other team didn't show. Bummed out but at least we were able to pick up a few players and play 4 on 4 for awhile. We got sucked into the Sunday night game and talked to Scott for hours. He's hilarious.

  • Bowling = Jägermeister = Vikings. Hyser, Ryan, Danielle and I went to KFAN for the game. Sadly, the Vikes fell to the Eagles but the memories made it somewhat worth it. Just after kick-off, enter man with mullet wearing sweater vest. He steps up to the bar looks around, turns towards us, points his finger at us defiantly and demanded, "Who took my chair?!?" We didn't know. This questioning went around to everyone within a 5 foot radius. For some reason he zeroed in on us. He said things like, I know you took my chair; if I find out which one of you [unprintable] took my chair, I'm going to kill you; you're all dead. At first this was funny, but the comedy wore off quickly. I went to find a manager and had started to explain when the waitress comes running over whispering something urgently. They take off with me in tow. He's now yelling at another group, but still accusing us of taking his chair. Manager and mullet-vest have conversation that goes something like:
    Mgr: Is there a problem?
    MV: Yeah, those [unprintables] took my chair.
    Mgr: This doesn't have to be a problem...
    MV interrupts: You're making it my [unprintable] problem.
    Mgr: No, I'm just trying to...
    MV: I'm a black belt samaurai and I can kick all of your asses. You're dead.
    Mgr: OK, that's enough.
    <Exits to phone police. Returns with bouncer.>
    As MV exits, he points at us and tells us that he's going to be waiting for us in the parking lot. The scary thing is that he's exactly the kind of nutjob that would be. It's a little ironic he threatened an Asian with kung fu. Apparently, he doesn't know my brother, Jackie Chan. Much sweater vest mullet mimicking ensued. As a side note, the food at KFAN rocks. Also, their TV is bigger than yours. Room for improvement? Radio boxes at each table. Come on, it's KFAN, we have to listen to Madden???

    Tonight, Hyser and I will make noodles and watch Sex in the City. We're addicted.

    Tomorrow, I'm going to spend some quality time with Mom, introducing her to her new cell phone.

    Kickball Thursday (more anti-reflective tape) and Friday's an Old Chicago happy hour followed possibly by Tent Party.

    Also, I was the top scorer in 1 fantasy football league (sorry for the upset DW) and beat Kevin Farmer even after all his trash talking. Priest Holmes who??? :) Next time, we'll have to wager something.

    Peace out.

  • Thursday, September 09, 2004

    4 hours...

    ...until kick-off !

    I have Corey Dillon and Deion Branch vs. Edgerrin James tonight. This will be the first time I'll have ever been in New England's court.

    Also, we play kickball at 7.

    Some people have foot fetishes. Do I have a kick fetish?

    Friday, September 03, 2004

    The Burbs

    I can't believe it's been a week! So much is new. Including my driver's side window and tire, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

    Last Friday I was to meet Ryan at Tony's in Apple Valley. I'd agreed to help out with their draft and heckle as often as possible. I left at 5 hoping to arrive around 6. Traffic was surprisingly light and I got to Eagan at 5:20 so I met Ryan at his parents' house. We decided to take one car to Tony's leaving my car parked happily in the street.

    I was armed with Jägermeister and my laptop, both integral to a successful draft. The draft went by quickly and unfortunately for my heckling, nobody drafted David Boston. Post-draft, Brad started a fire and we s'mored and studied Tony's Big Bang Fargo Theory. He believes the city is about to explode and will have its very own NFL team within the next 5-10 years. Personally, I think the only thing close to that prediction is that maybe an NFL player will do 5-10 years there. But what do I know? It got pretty late so we decided to spend the night on the couch.

    Ryan got a phone call at 9am. There was an exasperated "What?!?" followed by a short conversation I tried desperately to tune out. I'd been pretty successful, but I was unable to unhear, "We have to go, your car was vandalized last night". I realized quickly that there was nothing I could do and that crying or kicking something would not accomplish anything. It's funny to me that I can keep calm and stay collected when something big happens, but if I forget something at home, I lose my head. Anyway, we headed to Ryan's parents' to find they'd already finished most of the cleanup themselves. I can't thank them enough for all of their help. It would have taken us all day to do the job ourselves.

    I'm not surprised that there are kids that are this pathetically bored. I just hope it ends here, that they don't graduate to bigger and better things. But I'm sure their path to destruction is already paved well into the future. I find it frustrating that I spend 80% of my time in Minneapolis; downtown, uptown, northeast; And nothing's ever happened. I spend 12 hours in Eagan and my driver's window and front tire is slashed. In EAGAN! This was the 5th incident reported at 9am last Saturday and I'm sure there were more. The weekend prior, 11 cars were damaged and about a month ago, 20+ more and 4 cars were stolen out of garages. All within a 5 mile radius. I know the police can't be everywhere and I have to trust they're doing their jobs. Still, I can't help being pissed that they didn't do a better job of notifying the neighborhood that a rash of vandalism was running rampant! Anyway, at least noone was hurt and it was easy to fix. Besides, I actually don't mind changing tires and my car is spotless now. I must mention that Minneapolis has about 9,500 reported acts of vandalism a year where Eagan has 500. This is not the kind of luck I was hoping for!

    I helped out with another draft on Saturday and impressed them with my "Favre" spelling skills. We didn't end up making the concert but Hyser and Pam had fun. Although they were still defrosting when they got home around midnight :)

    On Monday, I met with an orthopedic specialist and my personal trainer. My shoulder wasn't getting any better and it's been about 6 weeks of not being able to lift my arm straight out at my side. The bad news is that it is, as suspected, my rotator cuff. The good news is that it's not an injury exactly, it's a mis-alignment that can be remedied by specific strengthening exercises and stretching. I still can't believe my personal trainer took time out of her busy day to come with me to this appointment - I don't imagine that it's common for that kind of support. Basically, my ribcage is closer to my hip on my right side, like I'm leaning over. This is pulling my shoulder blade back - instead of it being flat it's out a bit. To compensate, my shoulder is forward and is putting pressure on my rotator cuff. He showed me all of this in the mirror. My right shoulder is at least an inch lower than my left and my right collarbone sticks out much further than my left since my shoulder's forward. He thinks strengthening my back muscles to support my shoulder blade and lengthening my abdominal muscles.will do the trick in about a month. At first I thought that was pretty optimistic, but after 4 days of paying more attention to my posture and shoulder position and carrying my bag on my right side more often, I already have twice the range of motion and hardly any pain. Also, I slept through the night last night - first time I haven't woken up in excruciating pain in weeks!

    Ryan moved into his new place! It's great - faces a nice courtyard and grilling area and it's HUGE! He's going to love having his freedom and a place to call his own. We've been busy moving/settling this week and will do more of the same tonight. After domestication, we might meet up with Farmer, Berg and/or Hyser. Minnetonka's calling!

    Tomorrow Farmer, Hyser, Ryan & I do the fair and maybe more Minnetonka-ing. Sunday I'm making the famous teriyaki wings and we're heading to Stacy and Brian's for some Texas Hold 'Em and football and dancing and drinking. Not necessarily in that order!

    I hope you all have a great holiday weekend! Be safe! Enjoy the sunshine. If you're in FL, go north!

    6 days until kickoff! Tailgating will commence on the 12th. Be there or be square.

    Friday, August 27, 2004

    Kick This

    I totally did not get nailed in the head with the kickball.

    But I did kick it foul twice which apparently counts as a strikeout and the consequence of such a crime is karaoke. Much to the dismay of the Sports Page's patrons.

    Thursday, August 26, 2004


  • Just thinking of La Belle Vie still makes my mouth water.

  • Ryan and I watched the Twins destroy the Indians on Friday the 20th and met up with Hyser and Jill at where else, but the Refuge. Naturally we ordered Pizza Luce on our way home. I swear they pipe the aroma into the streets and we're weak. Resistance is futile. The delivery driver passed us on Main St. He recognized us and gave us a ride home. He recognized us. Enough said.

  • Saturday, we went to Dune's new Pro Shop at the Medina Entertainment Center. If you have any bowling equipment needs, Dune's your man. Not only are his prices extremely competitive, he will go the extra mile to make sure he gets you rolling the ideal ball and will drill it right the first time. He watched me bowl 2 balls last year and gave me 2 tips. I worked on it for 3 games and I started hitting a lot more strikes. Anyway, Heather got a heavier, more aggressive ball and Ryan bought his first ever bowling ball. Hyser's response? "Berger, you're just going to suck him in aren't you?!" Yes, my main mission in life is to spread the bowling addiction. Someone's got to keep Bowler's Anonymous in business! We hung out at Heather & Mike's for awhile - watched the Olympics as Claudia entertained us.

  • Kevin Farmer grilled us up some roasted corn, brats and polish sausages before The Draft. He's quite the Master Griller. Also, Ryan couldn't get enough of the Von Hanson's beef jerkey and beef sticks. This was a low-calorie meal.

  • The Draft. It's your chance to prove that the NFL players play for you, and only you, on any given Sunday. Your role as the Monday Morning Quarterback has never been more coveted. If you fail, you will fall victim to the heckles and laughter of your rivals. But if you succeed, you will raise your 13th beer and drink to the soldiers you've chosen to represent you in this 16 week war of pride. It's what I live for. Well, not really, but it was true on Saturday. In proper Geek-Style, I arrived with my laptop in tow. This was an auction-style draft and I was nervous. Stay below your $200 salary cap, but don't leave money on the table. Go after who you want, but don't overpay. Look for great values, but don't forget even steals take up a roster spot. Nominate someone you think others will overpay for to drain their cap early on, but don't get caught doing this in later rounds - you'll get stuck with him. My strategy was to observe at first. Bid up to my figured values, but not overpay. Get to know the other managers, find their weaknesses and go in for the kill. I was a little too conservative - I left $19 on the table which means I could have had Moss or Holmes even, but I have a solid team.
    (A. Brooks, J. Plummer, D. McAllister, C. Dillon, R. Johnson, T. Jones, K. Jones, D. Mason, K. Robinson, R. Smith, B. Lloyd, J. Shockey, D. Graham, J. Elam, J. Brown). They should be fairly consistent and I think I'm a few good pick-ups from a playoff bound team. Too bad I didn't think about the Brooks/McAllister combination more carefully, but you can't win them all! I'm an instant auction fan - I would recommend it to anyone. That is, if you're man enough.

  • Post-draft, we headed downtown. Hyser met us at the Refuge and we danced until the lights came on. As if we could resist Pizza Luce.

  • Ryan and I headed up to Fletcher's early on Sunday and ran a few set/spike drills. It was just Josh, Katie, Ryan and I and we dominated the match. Won all 3 games and stopped at Champps for dinner on the way home. We watched the Olympics until we couldn't keep our eyes open any longer.

  • As part of our anniversary present, I took Ryan to the Vikings Intra-Squad Scrimmage on Tuesday. It was at the National Sports Center in Blaine. There was a great turnout and the teriyaki turkey on a stick was actually worth $5! We had a few beers, took a few pictures and tried to get a player, any player's, signature. I was surprised nobody was eager to interact with the fans - after all, this would be the final hoorah for many who will be cut this week. Against all odds, Lesnar won't be one of them. Maybe it's not too much of a surprise. After all, his jersey is already for pre-order. After the game, we had pizza at Tasty Pizza in Blaine. It was just like I remembered it. Some call it cardboard - I call it heaven in a box! Afterwards we revisited where it all began... we had a beer at BeBops. Oh the memories :) Are we driving around in circles?

  • Hyser and I had Arroz con Pollo at Acapulco before heading up to Bentley's last night. Mexican Stir-fry rocks. Ryan met up with us and we hung out with Wendy, Emily, Dan and the gang. It was fun. Hyser and I laughed because we went out to meet up with everyone since she hasn't seen them in ages and well, I don't get up there on as many Wednesdays in the summer, but ended up talking to each other most of the night anyway.

  • Tonight is our first kickball game. I'm just hoping not to get smacked in the head with the big red ball.

  • Ryan has a couple of fantasy football drafts himself this weekend and Saturday Hyser, Pam, Ryan & I are going to Float-rite Park for the Projekt Revolution Tour. Because it's been awhile since the last time we mud-wrestled.

    Love and Placekickers,

  • Monday, August 16, 2004


    We were putting up runs like nobody's business on Friday. Pro Service didn't stand a chance. Final score was 23-1.

    Also, I escaped without injury. I didn't even have to slide, dive or execute any double-twist, double-tuck, and front-layout combinations.

    I grilled on Saturday - whipped up a mesquite barbecue pork tenderloin, potatoes, onions and mushrooms and roasted corn. I'm still getting to know my grill - seems that for indirect heat, you do have to put coals on both sides and cook in the middle - piling the heat up on one side with the meat on the other cooks far too slowly. So this was another meal in courses - fresh mozzerella garlic bread, followed by corn and finally the main course. Meanwhile, the Vikings were beating the Cardinals in our pre-season debut. It's rumored that Denny Green shed a tear as he left the dome.

    At about 10pm, Ryan, Kevin, Noah, Steve and Chris walked to Nye's, then to Champps where we met Nate and Chara/Charlie/Char... I feel awful because "Char" and I spend much of the night talking incessantly and I really really like her - even gave her my e-mail address so we can keep in touch and yet it seems I may have mis-heard her name since I thought it was "Char" and Ryan heard "Chara" or "Charlie" with a soft "ch". Anyway, we had a lot of fun and hopefully the Minneapolis newbies enjoyed the scene. We all piled into Nate's Liberty and had another beer at Hyser's & my place. Naturally ABC made it into the mix and proved everyone knows the words to "Iesha".

    Sunday, Ryan and I enjoyed the best turkey sandwiches ever and watched the US get tromped on by Puerto Rico. It's no longer the Dream Team folks. The volleyball action was much better and geared us up for Fletchers. We headed up an hour early and ran some drills. Seemed to help us a lot - Ryan and I had a rhythm all 3 games. We won all 3 and stuck around for some just-for-fun play. I'm working on my setting. The goal for next year is to have my back-set down. Maybe even the upside-down-backwards-between-the-legs set.

    Today is Ryan and my 1 year anniversary. It's hard to believe it's already been 365 days! I've felt lucky every single day since we met and can't imagine being anywhere else or anywhere safer. We're celebrating at La Belle Vie in Stillwater. Instead of the rain they predicted last week, it should be very pleasant - sunny and 70's. Perfect for a nice post-dinner walk. I can hardly wait!

    Friday, August 13, 2004

    Broken Traditions

    Tonight will bring the final 2 softball games of the season.

    In the face of tradition, I'm totally NOT going to injure myself in the last inning.

    Even though our 2nd game is against Pro Service. And they're not nice.

    I should probably wear body armor and a football helmet. Especially since it's Friday the 13th.

    Thursday, July 22, 2004

    Run For Your Life

    I honestly, never thought running a race would be that much fun! Especially in such a heatwave.

    We walked downtown and registered around 6. I'd brought some Revival Soy products for one of the healthclub managers to sample, so once we got our numbers, t-shirts & water, we headed to the Target Center. He was very appreciative and offered to hold onto our t-shirts (even though they boast the rival Lifetime Fitness logo) so we didn't have to run with them. Soy happens to be a very powerful bargaining tool :)

    Go time.
    Instead of starting at the Basillica and running north on Hennepin to 5th street, east to Marquette and back around Loring Park, we started at Block E (6th/Hennepin) and ran through Loring Park, past the Walker Art Center, through the Kenwood neighborhood and back to Loring Park. The first 2 miles were fairly flat. The last 2 miles were uphill both directions. I'm not kidding, the way they looped us through Kenwood, we kept missing the downside to the hills we were climbing! There was a nice downhill break to end the 3rd mile but that was hardly any consolation! I made the mistake of thinking we were closer to the finish than we were and made an early push. By the time we were a half-mile away I really thought I was going to have to walk. But I perservered and we finished at 34:09! I'm surprised I even made it that close to my goal time. Ryan & I are good running partners. We both go at about the same pace and manage to help each other through the tough spots.

    They had the usual refreshments: apples, bananas, bars, bread, water, powerade. Plus samples of Michelob Ultra and 2 free beers. Because it's good to run 4 miles in 97 degree heat and then consume alcohol!

    After collecting the usual water bottles/can coolers, etc., we headed home along side the Aquatennial Torchlight parade, stretched, showered and prepared to head back downtown.

    Had a great dinner at Friday's and took a taxi home.

    What a night! I can't believe I feel refreshed since I had to get to work over an hour early today. Plus, my muscles don't hurt. 4 miles in intense heat is good for you after all? Or maybe it's the beer. Must be the beer.

    Wednesday, July 21, 2004

    Weather Update:

    Currently, it's 90 degrees with 65% humidity which means it feels like it's almost 100 degrees.

    There isn't a cloud in the sky.

    It's going to be a HOT 4 miles.

    I'm going to be lucky to finish at all, much less in 32 minutes!

    The good news is that it's supposed to be upper 70s and sunny all weekend. Excellent!

    Torchlight 4 Mile

    To keep the "tradition" alive, I'm going to run the LifeFitness Torchlight 4 Mile with Ryan tonight.

    Last year's Torchlight race was a 5K (3.1 miles) and you may remember it being my very first race. I finished last year around 25:30 I believe and I hope to finish tonight somewhere around 32:00. That's pretty aggressive but I've got Ryan as motivation.

    The Aquatennial Torchlight Parade follows the race (quite literally), so come on out and cheer us on!

    For more information about the Aquatennial, click here.

    Tuesday, June 15, 2004

    You know it's bad...

    When you have to pee at 9am and realize at 2:30pm that you haven't gone yet.

    Pretty much the story of my life for the past couple of weeks.

    I don't think anyone really missed me, except for maybe Jason which is such a pleasant surprise because I mean, if I were in jail, at least SOMEONE would notice and possibly bail my sorry ass out.

    I'm just kidding. I'm sure my landlord would notice when the rent went unpaid.

    But seriously. The Wolves game was awesome. The best seats I've ever had and the beer was seriously delicious. So delicious in fact that I had to have 1 too many. Luckily I was able to contain my drunken stupor until we met my cousin and her husband at Urban Wildlife for 3 shots of Jägermeister and sword fights with the Timberwolves Thunder Sticks. I cherish those Thunder Sticks. You'd think they were filled with gold. Or magical beans.

    My recollection was that Heather and Mike had to go home but apparently I had a drunken moment of sanity and decided that I, in fact, was too drunk to be in public and that Ryan and I should go home. Once outside the door I asked Ryan if we should go home, or go to meet Jill at the Refuge. He said home but I went to the Refuge with him in tow. We stayed for exactly 97 seconds - the precise amount of time it took me to almost fall over and drop a glass of water. We took a cab home because I didn't want to walk but half way home I felt too sick and asked to get out. I began running home. In sexy strappy 4" heeled sandals. I either didn't realize that I was on a curb and forgot that curbs end at intersections, or have bad night vision, or was too drunk to care either way. Anyhow, I fell face first in the middle of the street. Ryan can attest to the fact that I didn't stumble or make any effort to catch myself. It was as if I didn't even realize I was falling until I bit the asphalt. I did save the thunder stick however, sacrificing the back of my right hand. I mean, I can't lose my magic beans people - they're magic.

    I'm still amazed that the only injury sustained was a tiny scrape on the back of my hand. Sadly it's one of those that will never ever heal and I will have a scab on the back of my hand until I'm 30.

    So what other chaos have I been up to? Friday the 4th was our 2nd softball double-header. You may remember that I scraped up my right knee during our first game - the first at bat to be exact. Not to be outdone, I proceeded to slide at least 10 times. Most of them head-first in a vain attempt to protect my newly healed knee. My 2nd to last at bat I slid into 2nd, 3rd and home. The ump was concerned about my health, actually more accurately, probably my mental health. The other team was pissed off and I found out why after the game. I thought we were losing 14-16 when in fact, we were winning 14-6. So here's this girl taking extra bases, trying to be Torri Hunter when we're leading by 8 in the 4th inning. I guess I'd think it was a little unnecessary too. For the record, I was never out. And there was a play each time so I did actually have to slide to earn the run. So there. My suggestion? Buy stock in band-aids. I'm thinking it's on the rise.

    My work buddy, Emily, is gone :(. But she left for a really great opportunity and she deserves the very best. I'm never going to take breaks without her! We partied at the Blue Fox Friday after work. Jill and Mandy came. It was a lot of fun. Although I told stories I shouldn't and danced way too much.

    My great aunt Peg turned 88 and had a birthday party on Saturday. It was great to see everyone - it's been way too long! She's doing great and is very happy and fun. I want half of what she has when I'm 88 :)

    I hope you're all well and happy and enjoying this beautiful weather! July is a much slower month for me - NO MORE WEDDINGS!!! Yay!

    Hopefully I'll pull myself out of this crazy funk I'm in today. I just didn't start the day on the right foot. I need medication in the form of beer. I mean, I haven't had a beer in like 2 days. No wonder I'm not feeling well.


    Wednesday, May 26, 2004

    Wolves Warrior

    I'm going to the Timberwolves game on Saturday!

    In a suite!

    I've never...

  • been in a suite for a sporting event.
  • been to a post-season game of any kind.
  • been arrested.

    Hmm... hopefully only 2 of these things will change on Saturday!

  • Thursday, April 15, 2004

    My WNBA Career

    My friend Stephanie got me playing basketball in the 8th grade. She was good. But Steph was good at everything athetlc. I had 5 left feet. Not only was I the shortest person playing basketball outside of gradeschool, but I couldn't shoot a hoop if it were 2 inches in front of me.

    Ryan and I have been playing every now and then at the Target Center. We play PIG even though I tell him it'd only be fair for me if we played something like MISSISSIPPI. And even then only if he got every double letter automatically. Last night I was performing as usual - actually managing to score negative points. I was about to give up and jokingly said, "I might as well shoot right-handed" as I put one up from the 3-point line. Swooosh! I was momentarily shocked, surprised and I'll admit excited but that soon faded into doubt and certainty that it was a fluke. I ran for the ball and fielded it on the side, again near the 3-point line. I'm terrible on the side, I need a backboard to aim at! But again, I put it up and Swooosh! I made 3 free-throws in a row which to a normal person might not be any big deal. But let me tell you, in my 26 years, I have NEVER made 3 free-throws in a row! Folks, this was no fluke. I'm actually a decent shot wrong-handed!

    But I'm sad, because I'm pretty sure if I would have figured this out in 8th grade, I could have been Lindsay Whalen.

    I hope my children don't inherit my obvious indecision in regards to this matter. Write left, throw left, hockey right, golf right, bowling left, tennis neither (no backhand!), basketball right, but layups must be left and I switch hit. At least I throw the football with the right... er left hand.

    Monday, April 05, 2004

    Twins Opener

    Hyser and I are heading to the Dome tonight to see the Twins Opener. Cleveland doesn't have a chance!

    We started the day off right by driving up to the Dome and taking in a free ballpark dog, Krispy Kreme doughnut, bag of chips, sunflower seeds and a free T-shirt. Eating like that every day might ensure the XL T-shirt will eventually fit :)

    It's sunny, upper 60's - we can't wait. We'll be having dinner/drinks on a patio somewhere downtown. If you see us and wave at us, we'll wave back!

    On a more somber note, the Golden Gopher's women fell to UConn last night. It was disappointing, but they did knock out Duke! Go Vols.

    Tuesday, December 09, 2003

    A List of Things

  • I aced my mid-term!
  • But I'm still having trouble finishing all of the homework.
  • Therefore have agreed to start studying with some fellow classmates. Even the ones who infuriate me with their condescending questions.
  • Ryan helped me get the T-bird to the new apartment garage. Damn thing started right up. It's running like a dream! I really hate to sell it but I'm going to have to. Seriously, if you're interested in a nice old car that's going to be worth some cash sooner than later, let me know. I'm practically giving it away. It's listed at also!
  • Sunday Ryan and I went to the Vikings game. It was a great game! Seattle never got anything going. I've never seen the Vikings lose. Think I should write Mr. McCombs - he should be paying ME to come to the games! I love that we can walk to the dome in 10 minutes. Throwing the football the entire way!
  • In less than 2 weeks, I have 2 full weeks off... of bowling, school, and basket class. What am I going to do with myself?!?? Probably sleep the entire time.
  • Unlike popular belief, there is no requirement for every bar, restaurant, and store to play Outkast's Hey Ya over and over and over.

  • Thursday, October 16, 2003

    Charlotte, NC

    Hyser and I are on our way to Charlotte, NC tomorrow! It's a 20 hour drive - wish us luck! We're going to take our time - check out the scenery and sing along to every song we know. Saturday night, my fantasy football league is getting together to put a few beers down and talk some smack about the upcoming games. Sunday we'll be watching the Panthers play the Titans at Ericsson Stadium. Can't wait! We're coming back after the game - should be back in town sometime Monday afternoon. Just in time for Monday night football!

    I know, we're maniacs!

    Tonight, Jill and I will check out the neighborhood bars, grab something to eat and possibly meet up with Ryan's friends at Stargate. We'll see how the night shapes up!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    Monday, September 29, 2003

    Ziggy Socky Ziggy Socky Hoy Hoy Hoy!

    Jill Hyser played softball with us on Friday night. We met at Ruby Tuesday's for a pre-game dinner but they had a long wait so we ended up at IHOP. I didn't order breakfast. Completely out of character I know, but Hyser's chicken tenders were sounding so good. And at a place like IHOP, chicken tenders are pretty fancy.

    Ryan got to the field at about 9. He even brought me a sweatshirt since I forgot that it's no longer July. Then I couldn't bring myself to wear it until after the game because it was too clean and nice. The fact that it came down to my knees might have had a little bit to do with it, too. Anyway, Hyser, Ryan & I went to Chevy's after the game for a few margaritas. Never made it to the movie but Hyser told us good jokes and we laughed.

    I went for a run Saturday morning, worked on my psych final and caught up with Kris who I hadn't talked to in months! Ryan got to the house at about 7 and Jason arrived close to 8. Good thing he got there when he did or Ryan & I might have ended up sleeping through the festivities. Why is it that all day I tried taking a nap unsuccessfully, then, an hour before kick-off, I finally get tired? We got to Gastof's only minutes before Hyser and Amy. We enjoyed the German beer (which seriously tastes like chocolate to me, the dangerous kind) and I won $100! After the tent party, we went to Gabby's. Heather met us out and more alcohol was consumed. I fell off a chair. Really must stop drinking so much - I kept up with Ryan. In fact I think I had a captain coke so that means I passed him. Not good. Really good impression on Jason - first time I meet him, I tell him I can out-fish him, next time I'm a drunken mess falling off of chairs. He's having a party on Saturday that Hyser, Ryan & I are going to. I offered to bring food. Now I'm going to have to bring the good stuff to make up for the mess I made on Saturday. Bad Berger. Ryan is way too good to me. He handled me very well considering that I went to the bathroom in the men's room and fell off of a chair. Also he survived breakfast at Perkins with Heather and I. And that's no small feat :) But seriously, I need to stop forgetting that I don't have the alcohol tolerance necessary to keep up with the guys. Also, keeping up with the guys is eventually going to reduce their tolerance for me.

    Sunday, we ordered pizza and watched the Vikings spank the 49ers, now known as the 48ers. Owens was embarassing. I also kicked some fantasy football ass - 104 points. Manning threw 6 TD's and Moss at 3! I was the top scorer and that's worth $20 in my league! So even after the bar/pizza/movie, etc., I'm up $10 for the weekend. Not too bad considering. I mean, it's expensive falling off chairs! We lost our softball game but it was fun in spite of the turf field.

    Ryan & I finally went to see Underworld after the game. It was good! They really could have done a lot more with that story line, but it was what I expected. Pretty dark, but some pretty good action sequences. What more do you want from a vampire/warewolf movie?!

    Tonight we bowl and I have to finish my school work. I have mid-terms this week - wish me luck. I have 2 softball games left - Friday and Sunday. So that means that I have some free weekends coming up right? Yeah, in November.

    Have a great week!

    Monday, September 08, 2003

    Stop, Drop and Roll

    Friday's game went well - we won. I was busy in left-center although wasn't required to make any diving catches this week :) I need to get to the batting cages this week - for some reason I'm not coming all the way around on the ball and am shanking it. Ryan and I had a few beers with Jesse and Rich before heading up to Applebee's for a perfect margarita. It was his first. I told him he hasn't lived until he has one and thankfully he likes them as much as I do so wasn't disappointed. We had another drink at Buffalo Wild Wings before picking up some movies from his place and heading to mine. Heather had a few beers with us and we watched The Ring. The visuals were definitely freaky but I was more scared during Jeepers Creepers - isn't that odd? It might have been because of all the raving I'd heard about The Ring while I wasn't expecting anything out of JC2. I'd probably set myself up for disappointment thinking it'd leave me with a week full of sleepless nights. Anyway, don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. It was entertaining and the company was just unbeatable.

    The T-bird showing was positive - he really likes the car. I should hear from him this weekend one way or another. The battery was dead, but after I jumped it, it popped right off. It's running like a dream! I hate to get rid of it! If it doesn't sell though, I'm going to start driving it around this weekend. Hopefully the exposure will drum up some interest.

    Saturday Nite Live bowling started on, you guessed it, Saturday night. Mike had to work as did his brother so Heather's brother Dustin and Ryan filled in. The league is so much fun - it was great to catch up with everyone after a busy summer! Dustin's usually quiet, but he was talkative and funny. Ryan fit right in - even bowled well! Couldn't have asked for a better night! After bowling, we finished our beers in the bar. Heather & Dustin had to get going, but Ryan & I had a couple more with Duane and Terry. Oh the stories of Vegas. They had us laughing so hard we were almost crying! This might have been the first real test - he survived the bowling league and he's coming back for more!

    I went to Jill's to watch the Vikings kick some Packer ass. We always have so much fun - we were both screaming at the top of our lungs! I love that the Vikings scored the first touchdown and the first field goal in the new Lambeau Field. Was quite the game! The Hoosier Daddy softball team even put one in the W column! The Vikes, the Twins, Hoosier Daddy? I mean really - Hoosier Daddy!!

    The work bowling league starts tonight. Heather can't make it so I'm bringing in the ringer... Ryan's bowling for us tonight. Hopefully he won't mind bowling for the Bee Otches. Maybe he won't notice... Wish us luck!

    And then it's Monday Night Football - are you ready? I should mention that I am the 2nd highest scorer in my fantasy football league this week. And yet I LOST. Priest Holmes single handedly kicked my ass.

    Friday, September 05, 2003


    I'm such a geek.

    It took almost a week, but Jeepers Creepers finally managed to get me.

    After school last night, I went for a run around the neighborhood. It was dark but the street lights are such that you only hit a dark spot about once a block. Naturally this occurred as I hopped over a yellow torn up t-shirt which reminded me of a kid in the movie. A girl had a vision of this boy on the side of the road. He was pointing, frantically trying to forewarn her of the danger ahead. He wore a yellow t-shirt with a tear strategically placed over his belly button which had a distinct tattoo surrounding it. Later, they find a weapon decorated with said belly button. Then of course the image of the Jeepers Creepers thing pops into my head just as I start to pass the cemetery. At first I thought this was funny - I mean, I found myself running faster thinking "I can outrun this punk". Then I couldn't get the image out of my head and was convinced he was right behind me and was going to get me if I didn't freaking hurry it up already! Every cricket, mayfly and whatever other noisy creatures were out that night immediately broke out into song. And then I swear something breathed on my neck. I guess this is could be a good thing because I managed to finish 2 minutes faster than usual. I think I should see Cabin Fever and then go camping.

    Ryan's coming to the softball game again tonight. Another chance for me to completely embarrass myself by tripping, falling and getting hit with the ball. Not sure what we're doing afterwards but I'm sure our friend Coors Light will be invited. I never did get to working on the T-bird. I pray it starts in the morning or I'll really have to kick my own ass. Anyway - hope you have a fabulous weekend - I promise I will! Watch your speed - troopers are out like mad!

    Wednesday, September 03, 2003

    Time Machine

    Instead of the usual whining about how insanely busy I've been, I'm going to delve right into it since I have over a week to cover. For the record though, I think if I don't find time to breathe sometime soon, I may spontaneously combust.

    Friday, August 22nd

    Since Ryan lives so close to where I play softball, he came to see us play. Hmm, I struck out the week before so brought a case of beer - maybe he came for the beer and not for the game! Despite major concern that I would embarrass myself by falling down, breaking something and/or striking out again, I played well - even had a couple of diving catches! We hung around for a couple of beers and then headed to Old Chicago for a couple more before crashing his buddy's bonfire in Minnetonka. Rum from the Dominican Republic is unbelievably tasty. And potent. Not necessarily in that order.

    Saturday, August 23rd

    Bright & early, picked up Jill and headed to Southdale for Mandy's bridesmaid dress shopping adventure. I say adventure because we had our first beer at 10:30am. Afterwards, Jill & I went to Ridgedale and bought purple and gold Puma tennis shoes for the Vikings games. They have little pockets, plus they were on sale! Also, I'm sure they'll help with the parking lot football playing. We had a low-key night at Fletchers. I know that seems impossible for us, but we did it. It's so nice to have a girls' night wherein you don't have to deal with misdirected guys or too much intoxication.

    Sunday, August 24th

    I went and saw Chad & Wendy's new house in Oakdale - it's a great place! After softball, I headed to BeBops for volleyball. After our games, we played for another hour or so until everyone was half in the bag. It's hard when everyone's trashed and you're not. Ryan & I opted out for a couple friendly games of darts and some coors light.

    Note to self: very late Sunday nights lead to falling asleep at Monday's physical therapy session, sports page in hand.

    Tuesday, August 26th

    Saw the first movie in the theater since James Bond! Ryan & I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean. It was great! Johnny Depp was excellent! It's nice to have someone to see movies with. Especially when he's hot.

    Thursday, August 28th

    Hyser & I took the afternoon off to go to the fair. I love the fair. We walked around just about non-stop enjoying things like chocolate malts, a cream puff, roasted corn and of course cheese curds. Also it wouldn't be the state fair if I didn't have a pronto pup. We left at about 6 and had dinner at Joe Senser's. Is it weird to go out to dinner after the state fair? Psssh, whatever - senser fries are unbeatable!

    Friday, August 29th

    Another afternoon off with Hyser. We went to Stone Arch first to sign our lease and then to 13 Moons for lunch. I think it'd be a better dinner place, but there was a cute guy in a visor that Jill was making eyes at! We went back to her place and sipped a few cold ones and read up on "sure fire ways to have him asking for more" in her girlie magazines. Pam stopped over and we headed out. We intended on going to Fletcher's and keeping the summer of 2003 tradition alive but there were only 5 cars in the parking lot. We decided to go to Baysides instead and managed to have a good time even with all of the pushing on the dance floor. An old guy paid for our drinks. In exchange I agreed to do a shot of tequila with him. It was about 6 ounces of tequila, I'm not kidding. There was something about cherries, and bartenders trying to shake their bon bons. It's just not clear in what order.

    Saturday, August 30th

    I woke up bright and early and headed to Rachel's. We piled into the Jimmy and headed to fabulous Tomah, WI to meet Julian and his wife Annelie. They were in Chicago on vacation from Sweden and were kind enough to meet us half way to see us! We had lunch, caught up on old times and went bowling. They're such an adorable couple - I'm so glad to see them happy. He is and always has been a great friend. He was a consultant at Green Tree in 96. We were inseparable for 2 summers filled with concerts, underage drinking and good times.

    I went for a run and then met Jill and Amy at a bonfire in Minnetonka. There was a lot of drinking and a neighbor girl from hell. Think small-town WT. Think starved for attention pathelogical liar. Made for some interesting conversation but in the end we had to go to avoid any knock down drag out situations.

    Sunday, August 31st

    Jill & I were bums until noon and then headed to Osseo for Thai food but they were closed. We checked out Golden Dragon but they were closed too! 90 minutes later we landed at Chi Chi's where my fork jumped out of my hand and onto my white shirt. Naturally it was full of red sauce. Quite the adventure. We burned CD's at Jill's parents and gave her brother a hard time. Or was it him giving us a hard time? It's hard to say. Ryan called from the Denver airport and we made plans to get together when he got back in town. I got home around 6:15 or so, got ready and headed to Blaine for Stacy and Brian's BBQ. I hadn't seen Susie in ages and it's always fun to party with her! Ryan got there at about quarter to 9. There was poker playing, girls singing and dancing, crazy convenience store shopping and mad picture taking. We won't mention the Jäg Bulls or the walk-over/front flip attempts on wet grass. We will mention that Ryan managed to win $25 and should get a bravery medal for driving the 40 minutes to a strange house full of strangers while silently suffering through jet-lag. What a guy. Did I mention that he's hot?

    Monday, September 1st

    Laid around and was completely unproductive although I did do a load of laundry and eat. Both important things. I met Ryan at 6:30 for a couple of beers before seeing Jeepers Creepers 2. It was what could be expected - entertaining but pretty bad acting and a ridiculous plot. Makes no difference really though because I'm such a sucker - I get scared at all the times when you're supposed to. At one of the down points I realized that I still had the death grip on his hand and was probably about to draw blood. How sad that I'm 26 and am actually buying into this beast who comes out every 23rd spring to eat for 23 days. At least it's worth a few laughs, right? Anyway, I thought this might satisfy the craving for something scary but I think it just intensified it. I think we're going to have to see Cabin Fever next week!

    Tuesday, September 2nd

    Here ends Berger's freedom. I started school yesterday! It wasn't too bad - I think I made good choices in classes. C++ shouldn't be too bad and my psych class is small and everyone seems really nice. Also, she said she likes to get out early so that's a huge plus. Instead of 10, it should be 9:15-9:30. Rock on.

    Today I'm taking Lyle out for happy hour as he was recently "work-force reduced" (tell me why don't they just say laid off anymore?). Then I'm going to work on the T-bird. Have to get it running for Saturday! I have someone looking at it at noon. I really hope he buys it. Tomorrow is another school day and Friday I have an early softball game and possibly a softball party afterwards. Sometime I'll sleep. But just in case I don't, how about taking a nap in my honor?

    Thursday, August 21, 2003

    Fantasy Football

    I had 8th pick of 12. By the time I was up, all of the top-notch running backs were gone. I had Marvin Harrison queued up but the guy before me grabbed him. Terrell Owens was next on my list but I went with Moss to stay true to the purple. More running backs went and TO was still available 2nd round so I drafted him. I picked up Peyton Manning in the 4th round. That's ridiculous! I didn't really need a QB since one of my keepers is Chad Pennington in round 12, but Manning is an absolute steal in round 4. Overall I feel good about my team. My running back squad isn't going to carry any weight although Amos Zeroue could produce some big numbers. At least I have some good trade options if they really tank.

    14 days until kick-off!!

    Wednesday, August 20, 2003

    Sports Slacker

    For leaving the Saints game early because the Jägermeister put me in a 'downtown' mood.

    Also for not being prepared for my fantasy football draft. I should be on top of this stuff - after all, you do have to pay to play!

    Local News Worthy

    After the Friday night softball game was won, Mom and I headed to Hudson. We stopped for dinner at the IHOP - their Country Griddle Pancakes have got to be illegal. I'm not allowed to run races anymore. I'm a total bottomless pit the day before. It's ridiculous! I got up at 6am, had a bowl of cereal and we headed to the races. It was hot. The worst kind - not only was there no breeze but it was incredibly humid. I didn't drink enough water - in fact I didn't have any water the night before or in the morning - I won't make that mistake again! After the first mile I didn't think I was going to make it! I actually considered walking after 2 miles. Even with the heat and the hills, I ended up improving by about a minute - 24:37! I made top 20 overall and was the 11th female. I was 5th in my age group. The best part of the whole thing was breakfast? the race director recommended San Pedros. It was unbelievable! Cool building, excellent food, awesome service. The whole 9 yards. I'd even make the trip just to eat there again!

    Jill, Mandy, Scot, Ryan and I met up at Gabe's at 3:30. We headed up to the Saints game at 6 - in plenty of time for us to get our Randy Moss hood ornaments. Instead of everyone carrying their prize, I asked for a bag at the souvenir stand. They handed over a bright red bag that said BIOHAZARD all over it. That's strangely appropriate. We had fun heckling the players and beer always tastes great in the ball park! Channel 5 news interviewed me about the hood ornaments. For about 5 minutes I'm not kidding. I'm not even sure what all I said other than making some digs on Moss. When I came into work on Monday, one of the guys remodeling our building stopped me and asked me if the Saints won on Saturday? yeah I think it's bad when complete strangers recognize you. Worse yet, one of our VP's came by and quipped, "Should I be asking you for your autograph?" He left saying that it looked like I was having a good time. Tell me, does that mean I sounded drunk??? I should have been more prepared to take some heat for this as Ryan & I left the game early and headed downtown. We were hanging out at Brother's with his friends and saw me, in living color, on the big screen. Now I wish it would have had sound so at least I'd know what ridiculous things they used! We eventually made our way to Rosen's and heated up the dance floor the rest of the night. After such a workout we replenished ourselves with Pizza Luce. Ryan's a lot of fun. We have a lot in common such as volleyball (how we met), running and fantasy football. He makes me laugh and well, he's hot.

    Sunday was Hoosier Daddy's first game. We played on turf!! We lost by 5 but we played well considering we didn't get a chance to practice! I went up to BeBops after the game - we lost our games but we had a good time playing for fun afterwards. It's amazing how much the play improves when there's no pressure and everyone's relaxed and having fun.

    Yesterday was my student orientation at St. Scholastica. I got a laptop and my schedule - I'll be taking C++ and Psychology in 2 weeks! I'm excited to get back to it, but not so thrilled about the time sacrifice. I'm worried about finding time to study in between 2 softball leagues, 2 bowling, volleyball, basket class and 2 nights of school. Hmm, more activities than there are days in a week. This ought to be interesting.

    Tonight is my fantasy football draft. I still haven't gotten together my player rankings but I have a good idea of what's going on so I think I'll be OK. I can't do much worse than last year so there isn't too much pressure! Wish me luck...

    Hope you're all having a good week! I'm busy as usual as you might have guessed by yet another super long post - this one only took me 2 days to write though so I'm improving :) Somebody sleep for me!!!

    Thursday, August 14, 2003

    Week In Review

    Friday, August 8th

    Warm Reception

    Danielle and Ben's wedding celebration was wonderful. Their ballroom at Rush Creek had a gorgeous view of the golf course over which the sun set in brilliant shades of pinks and purples. We enjoyed champagne and hors d'oeuvres while they played a photo slide-show set to music and a video of the exchange of their vows in Las Vegas on February 8th of this year. The omnipresent strength of the adoration between those two warms your heart and brings tears to your eyes. I wish them a lifetime of happiness as their love grows stronger every day.

    Brian (Tuesday night volleyball league) and I went to the Sunshine Factory before the reception with light appetizers on the mind. We ordered a beer, chicken strips and nachos talked about the younger years. 40 minutes pass. The 4 tables that were seated 20 minutes after us already had their meals. Finally our waitress comes back around and I asked if she knew where our appetizers were. She checked with the kitchen and then informed us that they made the wrong type of nachos so they were now rushing the order. We had to get going or else risk being late to the reception so we cancelled the order. When she came back a minute later with the bill, I said, "We have a tab?" To this she coarsely said, thank you and walked away. No apology, no manager, no tip. We shouldn't have even paid the bill. I mailed them a strongly worded letter on Monday.

    Saturday, August 9th

    More Wedding Bliss

    Wendy and her bridesmaids met at David's Bridal at Har Mar at noon. We all fell in love with the dress she picked out! It flattered all of us and even the yellow worked with my gold undertones! Wendy tried on her wedding gown for us - it's breathtaking on her. Seriously - it's just HER! It's gorgeous! It helps that SHE'S gorgeous, but well, the combination is fabulous. Emily & I split a calzone at Old Chicago afterwards. They brought it out on 2 plates and instead of being one large calzone cut in half, it's like we each got our own small one! Quite tasty.

    Afterwards, I headed out to Danielle's for her after-wedding-barbecue. Her Mom really out did herself! There was fruit, salsa, salads, burgers, cheddarwursts, every beer imaginable - delightfully sinful! We played volleyball and adored the little ones ranging from 3 weeks to 6 years. Couldn't have asked for a more perfect afternoon!

    Baysides Blunders?

    Jill and I went to Sunsets for dinner. Was fantastic. We went back to her place for a few cocktails and then out to Baysides. The same people go there seemingly every day and sit in the same places. By this I mean that the Betsy guys were there as well as the really cute guy we've seen there 3 times now. We've only been there 3 times. It's too bad he's obnoxious because he is really easy on the eyes. In true Baysides form, there were a few notable happenings:

  • It's important to note that I've run into Ryan several times at these bars even though I'd really rather not and that he's wearing a visor 99% of the time. Jill was teasing me about my visor-loving-traits since about 33% of the guys were sporting them. Of course after she pointed this out to me, every single guy in the bar looked exactly like Ryan. Talk about paranoia. Sheesh.
  • Miller light was having a contest wherein you pulled a label from a very tired-of-this-gig girl in a bikini. I pulled one and won? a visor. Not a t-shirt. Not a hat. Not a beer. A visor. Jill didn't win anything but nobody's a loser as she got a good hearty laugh out of the sight of me and my miller light visor.
  • We're approached by a 5'6-something red-head. He opens conversation by asking, "So, how much do you girls need to make tonight?" I said, "What?!" He explains that they're on this boat and are looking for some girls-gone-wild type stuff and how they can pay our car payment and our house payment. We're laughing at him while letting him go on with his spiel, but finally I interrupted him saying we didn't need any money, thanks anyway. He says, so you already have a pool? I said, yeah, at which house!? I'm laughing pretty hard now and he's getting angry. I look at the guys behind us and say, do you hear this guy?!? They say, yeah, he's with us! More hysterics follow and now the red-head is really getting mad. Jill pulls me away as I'm seriously paralyzed with laughter. The sad thing is that this probably has worked in the past and likely will again. Unreal.
  • Enter Guy. Not just any guy, a guy named Guy. He's cute in that dude-from-Scream kind of way. The typical frat-boy. We end up hanging out with his group. They're a lot of fun at first. They notice that Jill resembles Sarah Jessica Parker right away. Everything is great until that guy, Guy, tells Jill that she hides behind that Sarah Jessica thing and that she likes it. She doesn't. I got mad they were dissing my girl and we left. We returned to her house, ate our Sunsets left-overs and I went home.

    Sunday, August 10th

    Breakfast with Becky

    After about an hour of sleep, I met Becky at IHOP for breakfast. She's due next month. She's the most adorable pregnant gal on the planet! I really miss her. I wish she didn't live 5 hours away! They moved into their new place now and are really excited about it. It's a 2 level with a loft and plenty of room for baby and them. Thank God for old friends. I just love her.

    Bowling Badly

    The On-track Pro Shop Invitational (bowling tournament) started at 10am in Eden Prairie. You bowl 2 games at 5 venues and take the total of the best 4 of 5 + handicap for a chance at $2,000. I arrived full of IHOP pancakes and just a tad hung-over. I should add that I had my ball re-drilled on Friday as my thumb shrunk. 2nd game - 8th frame: I bowl, the ball fails to come off my hand. I fall. I somehow managed to save my left knee from being pummeled by 14 lb. ball. Some people are finished bowling and I've drawn quite the crowd. My ball was stuck so badly I had to put it in the ball return and literally rip my fingers out of it. When they say "be one with the ball," I don't think that's what they meant. I wasn't able to recover from that. Both games were under my average, but I still had a chance if I did well at New Hope at 2. I can blame to guy who was hitting on me relentlessly the entire time. I answered his advances with, "It's Sunday morning!" Anyway? I didn't do any better at New Hope.

    I was so full from IHOP and so tired from my all-nighter that I couldn't even finish my first plate at the Great Mandarin! As we were leaving, the waiter said to me, "You don't eat much do you?" I explained I didn't feel well and usually can finish 2 plates and expressed my true and utter sadness that I wasn't even able to go back up for that fried sugar roll that I love so dearly. Oh the travesty!

    Volley Follies

    I went to Be-bops at 6 to play volleyball with the Buffalo Wild Wings team. Imagine my surprise when I opened my trunk to retrieve my volleyball and found a mysterious bottle of scotch. Apparently, I ended up with that guy, Guy's bottle of scotch. Nice that I've gone the route of thievery and that I didn't recall so much until I saw the bottle. <kicking self in head> We lost all 3 unfortunately, but it was fun anyway. I'm finding it's pretty impossible not to have fun playing volleyball. Jill and Jill S. came up to see us play since we usually stay after and play for a few hours. Wouldn't you know it's the first night since June that nobody wanted to stay to play! Jill, Jill, Ryan and I had fun anyway sharing stories. Well, I didn't actually manage to get any telling stories out of him, but he's coming to the Saints game on Saturday so I'll have my chance then! The scotch tale made it out on the table and we decided it has become my first trophy and from now on will have to buy a hutch to store them in so that later I can reflect on all of the boys who managed to piss me off. So if you make me mad, you might want to lock up the whiskey.

    Monday, August 11th

    Running Route

    Accomplishment: Longest run I've ever completed straight through. I took the Cedar Lake Trail from its starting point (Northwest Athletic Club on Highway 100 and 394) all the way to the Target Center and back. According to my map it was about 4 miles to the city so I was thinking 8 miles would take me about an hour and 10 minutes. It had to be more like 10 miles because it took me almost 90 minutes and I'm positive I was running at the very least a 9 minute-mile pace. Anyway, I love the trail but it's definitely a day-run. The sun started to set and I started to get nervous.

    Tuesday, August 12th

    Bad Tire

    I've been having to put air in my rear-passenger tire for about a month. Not to be outdone, my front tires went bald. But the prospect of 4 new tires is out of my financial bounds at the moment. You can probably guess what's coming? Jill and I had a 4:45 appointment at One Ten Grant to view an apartment. I was planning on getting to her work at 4:15. I'm cruising along 35W when I start to smell something. Remembering my tire, I turned my radio off and assessed the smoothness of the ride. All seemed well even swerving slightly to test the water. There was a semi next to me so I decided it must be him. I resumed singing along to my radio. About 1/2 mile later there's this white van right on my tail and he flashes his brights on me. I stand corrected, the smell must be my tire. I immediately pull off on the next exit and off to the side. I pull my e-brake, look up and there goes the meat of my tire bouncing and rolling its merry way up the off ramp. I called Jill and let her know I'd be late and asked her to call the apartment and let them know. I went into NASCAR mode and unpacked the 50 zillion pieces of sports equipment from my trunk and prepared the spare. I got the tire changed in a record 16 minutes! I got to Jill's work at 4:30 and arrived at One Ten Grant not a second late. The apartment was very nice - small rooms and closets but a breathtaking view of Loring Park. Also a 100 square foot balcony from which you can grill. The pool area is fantastic as well because they install a dome over it during the winter for year-long enjoyment. Afterwards we had Thai food at The King and I which is right downstairs. We plotted all the times we'd end up getting take-out and how dangerous that would be! She stayed for volleyball and then to Rosen's for some we-won-all-three cocktails. We stopped at the Hopkins Dairy Queen on the way to the park-n-ride. Mud Pie Blizzards are quite possibly the perfect food!

    I got 4 new tires yesterday. I'm also $672 poorer. That hurts! It likely means I won't be able to go to Vegas for Debby's wedding in September. #&$*@! The only good news is that I thought I had engine issues - hesitation, etc. Turns out it was just the bald tires. Why don't they make rogaine for wheels??

    Th-th-that's All Folks!

    So that's really the excitement for the past week although you might agree that it's really plenty. I hope things slow down soon but I doubt it since softball's just starting and school starts in less than 3 weeks. Tomorrow's my first softball game in Apple Valley and Saturday morning is the Gopher vs. Badger 5K - wish me luck! Mom is staying in Hudson with me and we're having lunch after the race. I can't wait! For the lunch, not the race :) Saturday night Mandy, Scot, Jill, Ryan and I plus possibly JJ are going to the Saints game - will be mad fun. Sunday is Hoosier Daddy's first game! We haven't practiced so it might be interesting but fun none-the-less.

    Hope you have a great weekend! Thanks for those of you who've been checking the site lately and sorry for my lack of updating. I'll try to do better for several reasons: A) I don't want you to get bored of seeing the same post and decide never to come back; B) It's really hard to remember what happened yesterday much less 6 days ago; and C) According to Microsoft Word I've just typed the 2,199th word. That's ridiculous.

  • Friday, August 08, 2003

    What Happened to Wednesday and Thursday??

    Holy crap I've been busy. And I'm always busy so it's more like manic.

    I let Sam know over the weekend that it was her choice for lunch on Tuesday. Heather tried to call me to warn me about Sam's decision, but I hadn't heard my phone ring en route to the house... When I got there, she explained that Jeremy & Mitchell suggested Red Lobster. Sam thought that sounded good, but wasn't sure if that was in our price range. So she came up with Old Country Buffet. I don't have anything against buffets - in fact I'm excited to be in a bowling tournament on Sunday in Eden Prairie not because of the chance at the $2,000, but because that means lunch at the Great Mandarin buffet afterwards. The problem with OCB, is that well, it's not chinese food. It's also not seafood. And so in the end, I (we) decided it was worth the extra cash for crab legs. We were not disappointed!

    I think I may have to have a shellfish lunch every Tuesday as the volleyball courts treated me quite well. Afterwards, we had wings and beer at Rosen's as promised. There were 4 of us drinking and we managed to drain 5 pitchers. Also, it was my fault as for some reason beer was going down like water. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the ball playing or Scott's joke telling talents. Nor our Magic Stick duet. Seriously that guy is a riot. Ben administered his famous, possibly recently retired, sobriety test. It consists of a swift smack to the forehead to gauge the person's reaction time and coordination. I passed the test, but due to the minor whiplash I'd acquired while diving for a ball, it hurt my neck bad enough to cause tears to well up. I got ice and felt better about 20 minutes later. Looking back on it, it's a good thing he did said test as surely it had sobered me up and after consuming a pitcher of beer myself, I probably needed the jolt. Managed to get to work shortly after 9 which is good considering the pitcher of beer and late late night watching Monty Python.

    I went to the Team in Training meeting on Thursday. It's kind of a cool program and would be a great help in training for a marathon, but you have to raise $4700 in order to go to Hawaii for the race. The thing is, if you don't raise that much, you lose out on the whole deal and they get to keep the money. It's for a great cause, but I have too much on my plate as it is without having to fundraise like a mad woman and train for the 26.2 miles in December. Also, I'm not sure if I'm really wanting to be that "good" during the holidays. The most intense training would be happening over Thanksgiving. Plus, I think I'd rather train on my own which would really make the accomplishment mine. I can always do Hawaii next year.

    After the meeting I went to Jill's and had her Mom's spaghetti and margaritas. It was so good! I even got leftovers!!! We made a pre-trip bitch fight... note to self: next time do the mixing after adding the ice - holy crap they were strong. We went to Baysides and enjoyed the perfect weather by the water.

    Notable exchanges:

  • Guy who insisted I was Betsy - who was the reason his friend and his wife wouldn't come out that night. Seemed he was implying something happened between this "Betsy" and his "friend". I'm using quotes because I'm pretty sure neither existed. The guy's friend was looking at him disapprovingly. He introduces himself and I shook his hand saying, "I'm Betsy." The joke was wasted on him as he actually became defensive and put out. It's amazing this guy's single! I'll bet there are Betsy's everywhere in search of a guy with awful pick up lines and no sense of humor.
  • We escape the Betsy guys and find a table. Guy asks if he can sit with us for 1 beer of which he has a full one. There are 6 chairs, 2 of us, we say sure. He explains he is a former carpenter, current set designer of some sort. He's quite consumed with himself, even more than he is with Jill. He still hasn't taken even a sip of his beer. I start to devise a plan to knock over said beer to rescue friend in need.
  • He no later leaves when another guy introduces himself and starts up a conversation. That is if you can call it that. It seemed we spoke another language. He left after a few minutes.
  • Jill and I were consumed in conversation when this 30-something gal sits down and explains that she has a cute friend who would really like to talk to us, would it be OK for him to sit down. It was guy #3. So he sits down and asks us what we're doing there. We explain we came for a cocktail. He counters saying that everybody comes for some reason and inquires again. I explained in no uncertain terms that not everyone is looking for something or has ulterior motives. He tries to say that's not what he meant but he manages to ask the question again. And again. He was such a bonehead he even made Jill want to go and that's pretty rare.

    We escaped, laughed all the way home and expressed our excitement to get our place downtown. We're looking at the first one on Tuesday!

    Tonight is Danielle and Ben's reception at Rush Creek. It's going to be a great time! Tomorrow I see Becky and Amy Rorvick (yay!) and then an afternoon of bridesmaids' dress shopping with Wendy and her girls. Jill & I will be hanging out by the lake again into the wee hours of the morning I'm sure. Sunday begins the bowling tournament - wish me luck! It starts at 10am in Eden Prairie so I talked my Mom into meeting me at the Great Mandarin for the best Chinese Buffet since LeeAnn Chin's Bonaventure. Then it's 2pm at New Hope! Wish me luck! I'm playing volleyball at Be-bops again on Sunday night. This time I will try not to stay out quite so late.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  • Wednesday, July 30, 2003

    Volley This

    Made it through volleyball practice and last night's game without injury. Also proved to be entertainment for the team. Apparently I had several sand dives wherein I achieved mid-air horizontalism. We went to Rosen's afterwards for appetizers and beer. It came out to be $5 per person. That rocks. What's even better is that this group of people is nothing less than top-notch. Thank you Danielle for inviting me on the team! Also for sharing the less-than-dressed-bike-riding-adventure with them prior to their meeting me.

    Ah yes, life is grand!

    Monday, July 28, 2003

    Cabin Fever

    Spent the weekend at Jill's cabin in Nickerson (about 40 minutes south of Duluth). Her brother and his friend Seth were there. We satisfied every food craving possible to man and proved once again that I will always be the 'asshole' when playing P & A. Ah yes, fabulous drinking games. Playing just made me feel old! And drunk. But mostly old.

    On the way home, Jill & I stopped at Damon's for dinner. The food was just amazing and we got all geared up for the upcoming football season. We're going to be tailgating at every opportunity and at Damon's every other opportunity. Well, at least every other week. This could get expensive.

    Physical therapy is going pretty well. The range of motion is getting better and I'm not as restricted to the brace which is nice. Even though it's so incredibly attractive. I'm surprised someone hasn't tried to steal it yet. But don't think I'm letting my guard down - I have a sharp eye and cat-like reflexes.

    I'm meeting the volleyball team tonight. Should be fun. Will try not to injure myself. Also anyone else. Will bring beer just in case. It's the cure-all.

    Thursday, July 24, 2003

    Smug Sprinter

    For pushing extra hard at the end of the race just to beat the guy who'd been playing cat & mouse with me the whole way. Also for taking 3 nutrition bars at the refreshment stands. I only took 1 at first but went back for 2nds... er 3rds... when I saw other people with stacks.

    Speed Racer

    Well I did it! The 5K went well. My goal was 25:00 and my official time was 25:30. I'm happy with my push at the end, but I finished knowing I could have pushed harder, sooner. I should definitely be able to improve on that. Also, in the beginning, they asked everyone to line up where they think they'll finish. Mind you that there were over 900 people running this year and I was unsure of what to do. I ended up in the back quadrant of people so it took me 15 seconds just to get to the start line! Then, another quarter mile to pass people and get with the group running at my pace. It was loads of fun. Lots of great people watching! It cracked me up because sometimes I hate the muscles in my legs, but seeing so many other runners made me realize I just have runners' legs and even that they're not all bad. Now if I could only add about 3" to my height I'd be set :) I looked back on 2001's event and my time came in 50th out of 294 - that's the top 17%! I'm pretty amazed.

    Next 5K I'm going to do is for the Twin Cities Marathon on Saturday, October 4th. Any joiners? I could really use a running partner! C'mon, you know you want to do it...

    Wednesday, July 23, 2003

    Pool, Softball, Run: The New Triathlon

    Monday evening when I got home, Heather was busily making tacos. Her family was coming over to celebrate Sam's birthday! Kind of a bummer because I had to get a run in. Wish I would have known so I could have done it at lunchtime and visited with the family, but I stuck around as long as I could and then got to it. I ran 3.5 miles and snuck in a quick shower before meeting Mike's brother Marc to play some pool. It was good to catch up with him. He's looking forward to Glamorama so he can party with the models again.

    Last night was the last softball game until August 17th! We got smoked. I hate being in right field - I'm just no good at it. I think it's a mental block - I get bored because nothing comes out to me and then I'm not ready when it does. I batted 1000 though. At least I contributed something!

    Tonight is the Torchlight 5K. I bought a cheap sports watch last night and am all ready to go. Wish me luck!

    Tuesday, July 15, 2003

    Running Mad

    I registered to run in the Aquatennial's Lifetime Fitness 5K. It's a week from tomorrow so I have at least that long to train. I've never been in an organized race before so I'm a little nervous, but am really looking forward to it. 3 miles shouldn't be a problem, but I'm not confident about my pacing ability. I'm heading out to the old digs tomorrow after work to test out the Lake of the Isles. I'll take Thursday off, do a 6 mile tour on Friday and another 5K test on Saturday. I'll probably run/walk on Sunday and take Monday and Tuesday off to rest the muscles. At least rest on Tuesday. Wish me luck! It's about time I put all of this running I'm doing to good use.

    Monday, July 14, 2003

    Party Animal

    Well life has just turned into one big party. Can you have too much fun? I suppose so as it's true that nothing is free. I'm paying in the form of a hurt wrist and morning headaches 2 days in a row. Thankfully they never last long. So here's the usual catch-up routine in case you're interested in reading about the general mayhem I've caused in the past 5 days.

    Thursday marked the last regular season softball game. I was a little excited for the finale. Well maybe more like ecstatic. It was a 9pm game so we all met at Acapulco for some pre-game refreshments. It was us girls and one of the vendors, Theresa. Not only was she a riot, but she also picked up the tab. Was really quite sweet of her. I felt terrible as I ordered dinner (nobody else did) and she refused to accept my money. Turns out she went to college with Christy Love of Boogie Wonderland for which my friend Lonnie plays lead guitar. They rock.

    Jill and I had dinner at Maynard's on Friday and then headed to Fletcher's and onto Bayside's. Bayside's is the place to be people. Really - off the hook. Ran into Ryan & Dave. Surprised Dave's still here from the UK, but could gladly listen to him talk all night long. We went back to Jill's, finished off the Maynard's leftovers and crashed at about 2:30. I headed home, went for my run (shaved 8 minutes off of my time!) and then to Mom's for Chrissy's graduation party. She's just adorable. Also the food was ridiculously fantastic. Mom & I went to Brookdale where she forced me to buy a $28 tank top and 2 pair of pants at the Gap. We also stopped at Old Navy. I was astonished to find that their pants were $10 more than the Gap pants I bought! It's insanity. Afterwards I took Mom on her maiden voyage to Chipotle (I know you're shocked). I got home just in time to freshen up and get to Susie's. We picked up her friend and went up to the Bird. Was mad fun. I've heard mixed things about the Bird but the crowd was great and the drinks were cheap. Even did a little foam dancing. Am so glad have camera phone. Definitely worthwhile. Did I mention that the DJ was hot?

    Spent the night on Susie's floor, headed home and laid out in the sun for awhile, then headed over to Kathy & Tim's for their annual Whiz Bang Days picnic. Also spent an hour at the carnival with Heather, Mike and the girls. Got hit on by carnies. One even let Mike win a huge pink monkey. Not sure why he insisted on pink, but I guess sometimes it's best just not to ask :) But seriously, he did try to talk the girls into Clifford the Red Dog, but he lost. Onward to Irondale for my Great-aunt Grace's 89th birthday party. Saw extended family that I haven't seen in ages. Was so good to catch up. Really must spend more time with John and Joe. They're simply great company. And then there was Be-Bops. We won our first volleyball match, but lost our second to Buffalo Wild Wings. Heidi, Bill, Jake and I headed into the Venue for some celebratory cocktails and scooby snacks. I ended up closing the night out by hanging out with "the enemy" (i.e. Buffalo Wild Wings). They're a fun group. Alana & I exchanged numbers. I now have 2 single girlfriends!

    And so, I survived another weekend. Without hurting myself even! Forgot to mention, saw the Hearing Officer regarding the traffic ticket on Friday. As long as I don't have another violation within 1 year, I'm in the clear. Shouldn't be an issue, but please wish me luck anyway.

    Hope you have a great week! Stay out of trouble - if you don't, there won't be enough left over for me to get into!

    Wednesday, July 09, 2003

    Vicious Volley-er

    Because I know I'm going to play on Sunday, injured or not, wrist wrapped or not. And I'll probably end up setting some of the time. Just like I know I can't stay out of the dirt no matter how much it burns the shins and forearms. Pshh.


    Went to doctor on Monday. Have tendonitis. It's not severe though so am just on 800mg of Ibuprofen and icing it at least 3 times a day for the next 10 days. Also have Terminator-type brace. It's really sexy you should see it. If the swelling/pain doesn't go away it'll likely mean physical therapy which doesn't sound like much fun if you ask me.

    I played 1 of 2 softball games last night. I know, I know. But the doc said she can't tell me not to play but she'd rather I didn't. I have another game tomorrow night but I should have no problems taking it easy. What I am worried about is Sunday's volleyball tournament. I just may not be able to set. No big deal. Wonder if I can bump the ball with my wrist wrapped - that may be the challenge.

    Tonight I'll be making baskets and hanging with the girls and Dan sipping on 80-cent taps. Gotta love it.

    Wednesday, June 25, 2003

    Different Shades of Gray

    Friday Jill & I went to Brit's for "happy" hour but were overcome by rules of where you can and can't sit. Besides being an old-business-men-on-business-trips-trying-to-hook-up-for-the-night kind of hang out, the whole you-can't-sit-there-if-you're-not-going-to-order-a-$20-entree-even-though-the-bar-is-completely-full-and-there-are-25-open-tables attitude was just too much. I do think the crowd changes over at about 9-10pm but we just didn't have the time to waste fending off advances from short guys. Plus, we just wanted to sit outside!

    So we went to the Newsroom. Here we had no problem finding a perfect table on the sidewalk and out of the direct sun. We laughed about our touchy-touchy waiter and enjoyed the cocktails. The bathrooms there are quite interesting. You can see the men as they're washing up. Be careful because they can see you too - don't fluff those boobs too much girls and whatever you do, don't leave without washing your hands - they'll know!

    From there we headed to the Local, had cheese/salsa fries outside and more laughs about somethings and nothings.

    Saturday, we met at Audio King to get her car stereo installed. We went to Ridgedale and to Applebee's for dinner, picked up her car and headed to her house. I think we started drinking casually at 4. We listened to some good old 80's R&B on the patio and got some sun. We went to Fletcher's at about 9 and then to the Narrows to meet up with Ryan et all at about 11:30 or so. We won't talk about the Chambord, the Midori, the Jägermeister or the lethal combination of them all. We also won't mention that Jägermeister is the devil. And maybe we'll just leave out that it makes us Stupid Drunk Girls (SDG). You know you have a great friend when you can let each other be SDG without the aftermath drama. What would I do without ya, Jill? Well, besides drink too much Jäg??

    Yesterday I played softball in Maple Grove. During a tornado watch and torrential downpour. We have white shirts. They had me play 1st base. 1st play, the guy slips and knocks me into the dirt. Not the best way to start. We didn't even finish out the inning although with all of the interruptions, that lasted 25 minutes. I was soaking wet! I met my Mom for dinner at Famous Dave's and we talked for hours which is something we haven't done for far too long.

    I have a night off tonight - can't even explain how excited I am about the prospect. Will work out, then relax and meet the girls + Dan for drinks. Yay!

    Tuesday, June 17, 2003

    Sports Nut

    The end is near... I can actually taste the free time! There is 1 more week of bowling and 2 more weeks of softball and volleyball. I actually have some blank space on my calendar!

    Today is just going to drag by I know it. I'm really looking forward to relaxing tomorrow. It's supposed to be fantastic weather-wise. I just don't think we can go wrong. Especially not armed with 3 skis, a football, volleyball, softball bats, softballs, and golf clubs. Maybe I should bring my ace bandages and crutches.

    Wednesday, June 04, 2003

    Little Dancers

    Sam, Alex & Allison had a fantastic dance recital on Saturday. We arrived at Orchestra Hall at 3:45pm for their run-through. We went to Chipotle for dinner before the show. It's the best. The show was a little over 2 hours long and the girls were so adorable. They had a fun time but were exhausted. Alex fell asleep in the car before we even left our parking spot. Little angels.

    We won half our volleyball games on Sunday. Which is good considering we played 6. Also, Jake went for a ball that I'd called and nailed my forearm with his. I have a nice welt and colorful bruise. So, 2 weeks ago, hit on left ankle with softball; Friday, sprain right ankle, Sunday, bruise left forearm. I'm going to have to apply to be the bionic woman if I'm not careful. Eh, careful is for sissies.

    Jill & I went to Saint Sabrina's last night. I got the jewelry changed in my ear and a couple more done. I'm going to have to break down and do something in my left ear, or else I could just use the imbalance as an excuse for the next time I fall down the stairs. I felt hardly any pain except when he changed the rook - and now I know why. It was pierced with 18 guage and he put a 16 through it. That's the only one that hurts today even. And they call themselves professionals. Sheesh.

    Wednesday, May 28, 2003

    No Good Slacker

    This schedule is really starting to get the best of me... I swear I've only been home for a total of 5 waking hours since Thursday. It's been loads of fun but it's taking it's toll. I'm going to apologize ahead of time because I lack the necessary skills to be concise so this will likely be a long one.

    Thursday night we lost our softball game in the usual fashion. What set the evening apart was the umpire who had also umped our first game. So we get to the game, start warming up and he asks us, "Are you guys from a rehab center or something?" A rehab center?? We exchange glances and say no. He explains that he thought we were all had drug problems and were in rehab or some church cult because we didn't have any beer and we were losing so bad yet were having such a great time - like we were just happy to get out and play. Church cult? It's so ridiculous it's funny! Nearly every call he made was in our favor. See it can be a good thing when your ump thinks you're a drug-addicted-chuch-cult-member.

    Friday Heather, Mike and I went to The Sunshine Factory for dinner, drinks and trivia and then started in on the kitchen floor. We tiled it black and white - looks quite sharp. Afterwards we went to the Eagle's Nest where Mike ran into his usual brood. 2 of his friends talked to us for quite awhile. The 1 guy was hitting on me pretty hard but I was keeping it real. It wasn't difficult to do as he kept referring to me as "You Asian People". Quite the charmer. Especially coming from a 34-year-old-recently-divorced-self-proclaimed-born-again-virgin. You really shouldn't tell a girl you're trying to impress any stories involving a toilet. Also, referring to them as "You anything" is probably a bad idea.

    Afterwards we went to a bonfire 2 blocks away from the house. We had more beer, and Heather & I attempted to leave at 3am only to fall over the retaining wall rather gracefully. We were paralyzed with laughter and ended up staying another half hour or so while Mike finished his beer.

    Woke up bright and early sicker than a dog. I made it to Sandy's about 20 minutes late and helped them bring a load over to her new house in Blaine. It's about 1 mile away from where I play ball! It's looking really nice and we're all really happy for her. I got home at about 12:30 and tried taking a nap unsuccessfully. Jill called and her roommates housewarming party was already underway. I decided to get up, go for a jog and get ready to go. I'm nearly convinced that jogging is a cure-all as I felt like a million bucks after my 3 mile tour. I got to Jill's at about 4:30 and we headed to the Minnetonka Mist for dinner. Nothing like a $7.95 burger that doesn't come with fries! We ate, we drank, we watched a guy hit the pier with his 30' yacht, we were merry. We headed over to Lord Fletcher's to check that out for a drink or two before heading back home. Quite the people watching extravaganza! I love it! Then, we went back to hang out with Jay-Jay and his friends again but they were running such a tight ship it was hard to relax. At about 9, he wanted people to go down to the fire so he actually put the table that was on the deck inside so people wouldn't have a choice! We sat by the fire for about 5 minutes and decided better of it. Went back to Fletcher's and hung out by the heater. We met some boys that were hanging out 3 doors down from Jill's. Kind of ironic! So we were up too late and had to get up early on Sunday to head up to Net Lake!

    The weather was so beautiful this weekend - it was perfect! We hung out outside and Jill's Dad & I taught her how to throw a football. We played with the dogs and ate the best Cajun pork chops ever. We played Yahtzee until bedtime and both of us crashed like there was no tomorrow. I woke up early, went for a run and got back just as breakfast was ready. Now that's what I call living! We went out on the boat, did a little fishing in the lake that has 6 fish :) On the way home we stopped in Duquette, where my family has history. There you will find Jackie Berger park which is named after my great-great Grandfather (there may be more "greats" in there) and even Berger Rd. We got ice cream at the General Store where I think my Dad might have worked one or several summers when he was kid. We got ice cream and swung on the swing-set at the park. Traffic wasn't even bad on the way home - what a fantastic weekend.

    Jill & I were laughing because we'd been together Thursday (softball), Saturday-Monday and we were going to the Twins game on Tuesday. I told her people are going to start talking :) But seriously - the Twins game was fun - got to see Kielty nail a 3 run homer to win the game! My record stands true - I've never seen them lose! Now we're not going to see each other tonight (what am I going to do!?) but don't worry, we'll see each other Thursday!

    Monday, May 19, 2003

    Crutches to Volleballs

    On Friday, Wendy, myself and my crutches went to The Rock in Maplewood to see Skywind. The band members went to school with Wendy and as it turns out, their lead singer's Dad actually owns The Rock so it was a real family venture that night. They were really fantastic - great performers, fabulous musicians. I was impressed. Also they did a remarkable cover of Pink Floyd's The Wall. I'd never heard that song live so I was enthralled. Good luck at 93X-fest!

    I met Steph, Martos & Jayden for lunch on Saturday at Buca. The food was great and Jayden was quite enchanted with me during the meal. He has the sweetest demeanor and smiles the hugest smile - it's great. Yep, he's 18 lbs of goodness!

    Afterwards, I met Heather & Mike at Canterbury Park for the Preakness. I didn't win. Also I lost playing blackjack. Plus you have to pay 50-cents a hand. So it wasn't exactly cheap entertainment, but, what is?
    Nevermind, don't answer that.

    The Saturday evening docket included volleyball, burger eating and MGL drinking. A good time was had by all and no one got hurt which is always a good thing. The ankle's doing OK - looking worse but feeling better.
    Now that's a life analogy if I've ever heard one.

    Sunday we played more volleyball at Bebops. 3-25 pt game match (rally scoring). We won 1 - it took us a little while to get used to the system and each other. We banked our buy-one-get-one-pitcher-of-beer token for next time.

    I think I had time to breathe twice this weekend.

    Friday, May 16, 2003

    Oops I Did It Again

    We lost our rears again last night 35-9. But not before I was beaned by a fly ball in the ankle. I just have to try to be a rock star dang it. The team we played were hitters and I'd missed a couple of chances to make some good outs but I was a step too short. So 4th inning I'm on a mission. There's no way any ball is getting past me uh-uh. And it didn't - I stopped it with my anklebone. I wouldn't recommend this. It actually probably was left-center's ball but she was playing really deep so I ran over for it - got there but it went under my glove and hit my left ankle mid stride. Apparently I flipped 3 times before coming to a screeching halt somewhere in center field. The sound it made coupled with the pain really freaked me out - I thought it was broken. I was carried off the field in pro fashion and promptly served a beer and ice for the wound - in that order. I saw the doc today and no broken bones - was just told to stay off it for the next few days. Luckily I have crutches, ice packs and enough ace bandages to secure even the wildest of beasts. Someone's really going to need to explain moderation to me again - in terms I can understand.

    Wednesday, May 14, 2003


    Won auction for new Sanyo SCP-5300. OK so maybe I didn't NEED a camera phone but it was only $85 more than the phone Dan could sell me. That sounds like so much more in type than it did in my head. Pshh... Matters.

    Got quote for new valet key... are you sitting down? $26.99. WHAT?
    Valet this.

    Made copy of house key so now am officially part of household.

    Golfing was fun yesterday with Dad. 69 on the back 9 - struggled on the first 4 holes. But faired better on the front 9 with a 61 (par 38). Not bad for the first time out! Afterwards we went to Claddagh, a new Irish pub in Maple Grove. It was fantastic!

    Bowled a 246 on Monday - ridiculous. Not sure what's going on with me, but I'll take it!

    Wednesday, May 07, 2003

    Softball Song Writer

    For ripping off 1980's Bon Jovi lyrics to write pitiful softball song #3.

    Friday, May 02, 2003

    Softball Junkie

    Yesterday marked the beginning of the softball season for Jill's work team. We lost 35-1. We rock. We need some help at pitcher - hopefully there will be some practice in between this week and next. I got tons of exercise in left field between covering my side and chasing balls past left center. I made a jumping catch and naturally didn't land on my feet. You know it's bad when the other team cheers for you when you make an out! Either way, we had fun and that's what counts. That and the beer.

    Wednesday, April 23, 2003

    Wild About the Wild

    With the Minnesota Wild's 3-2 OT game 7 victory over the Colorado Avalanche, Heather & I are 1 step closer to $700! It's not even about the money - it's about going back to Vegas! Before September.

    Also the Wolves kicked some Laker ass.

    And there were no riots.

    Red McCombs is trying to sell the Vikings. I hope they realize that I will not allow them to leave the lovely state of Minnesota.

    Last of the Bowling Saga

    The Doyle's banquet was on Saturday at the Lookout in Maple Grove. The picture board was a hit. Ridiculous as it is, those were the first pictures I printed off of my digital camera. Sam's Club offers a machine that reads any memory cartridge and allows you to print up to an 8x10. At 19 cents a photo (4x6) and 30 minute developing, you can't go wrong!

    Heather & Mike played in a golf tourney (while I babysat Claudia) and arrived already primed. We ate, and then had the awards ceremony. Our team won high game with handicap, Kelly had men's high game of 256 and I had women's high game with 215! I also got a few WIBC awards, 200 game, 500 series and 75 pins over average. I have to admit it was nice to be rewarded for a good year! I have to appreciate it now - it will be hard to duplicate. Also I was presented with a gigantic yard glass for taking the above mentioned photos. Heather & Mike left after awards but I kicked back with some of our favorite people. Rick & Wayne filled my yard with long island iced tea. Needless to say it was fortunate that I had a ride home as was in no shape to operate own feet much less a vehicle.

    Until this fall Saturday Nite Live!

    Monday, April 14, 2003

    Peace Out

    Friday night's bowling banquet proved to be interesting. No thanks to the Bitch Fight "Shots" that Jill and I were presented with. I won the award for Most Improved Bowler - my average went up 18 pins this year. That was completely unexpected. After the banquet we went to Heather & Mike's for some follow-up cocktails. There was some weirdness, some ridiculous conversation, but in the end we worked it out and maybe are the better for it.

    We went to Princeton Saturday morning for Dennis' funeral. It was a nice service. Dennis was a special person. We're going to miss him - I mean who's going to catch dinner when we come home empty handed??? Our thoughts and prayers are with Dennis' loved ones. Especially Brittany and Jessica.

    Saturday night was the Flaherty's fun night. First game was bumper bowling with a twist - you have to bank your ball off a bumper... Second was normal no-tap and Third was low ball where you have to hit at least 1 pin with each ball but you want the lowest score. If you don't hit a pin (i.e. gutter ball or miss on your second ball) then you got a 10 for that ball!

    Sunday we grilled ribs and practiced volleyball and searched unfruitfully for my beloved football. We met Kris & Jake at Forest Hills at 5:30 for the banquet. We talked the league into adopting our gutter pin trophy idea. Our team took 5th place! Also, Kelly won the no-tap tourney for the guys with a 286 and I won for the girls with a 287! Pretty exciting stuff. No really, it is.

    We went back to the apartment, collected more of Kelly's stuff and said goodbye. We're going to do our own thing this week and have another full weekend next weekend. Doyle's banquet on Saturday and then Easter Sunday.

    Also I have no voice. It truly was peaceful this weekend.

    Monday, April 07, 2003

    Bowling Fun Night

    Saturday was our last hoorah at Doyles. To keep with bowling tradition, it was a Miller Lite laced no-tap tournament. For those of you non-bowlers, that means if you get 9 pins down on your first ball, it counts as a strike. Generally these are the nights that you can't get more than 8 down with your first ball. Everyone puts in a buck a game and you play for high game.

    I won the first game with a 220, and the second game with a 252. The Miller Lite got the best of me in the third game where Heather & I competed for the gutter ball pin. I ended up with a 116. The $20 bucks I won paid for Perkins afterwards. Mike was also a big winner - I think that $7 will surely win him the big bucks in Vegas next month. We won't mention anything about any mooning or flashing or ridiculous picture taking.

    Monday, March 10, 2003

    Troopers and Scratch Bowlers

    One of my most popular destinations is Heather & Mike's. 694 to highway 100 is the obvious route and the speed limit is 60 and 55 respectively. I'm comfortable going around 70 on 694 and I have a hard time slowing down on 100. Lately however, I've been feeling like it's my turn to be awarded a speeding ticket so I've been trying to be careful.

    Thursday evening, I was on my way to meet Heather at about 8. I wasn't alone on 694 but I was the only one who took the exit to hwy 100. About 100 yards into 100, I noticed I was going 70 and slowed down to about 62. In my rear view, I saw a car gaining on me fast. Sometimes my instinct tells me, you can speed up too! but this time, I thought, let him get the ticket. Turns out, it was a trooper.

    That fateful evening we were headed to New Hope Bowl. We emptied a pitcher of miller lite and then made our way to the lanes where the leagues had just finished. To our surprise the lanes had about an inch of oil on them which made my ball nearly worthless. It also left a nice greasy residue on the ball. This is the suspected reason why Heather threw the ball behind her instead of the direction of the pins. The lingering leaguers laughed. I barely broke 100 that first game and didn't do all that much better the second. Heather redeemed herself by throwing a turkey and finishing out with a 160! We found out later that the Thursday night league is a scratch bowling league. The median average is a humble 210. I averaged that. Over 3 games.

    Heather, 2 words. Lawn Ornaments.

    Friday, January 31, 2003

    Snow Surfing

    We're off to Lutsen today. Jill, Chris, Kelly & I are riding up together. I'm going to try snowboarding tomorrow despite everyone's warnings that I'll likely twist my right foot off. I feel like Ralphy in the Christmas Story - you'll poke your eye out. So what this means, is that I will twist my foot off and will have to make up some ridiculous story about the demon possessed chair lifts. At least I own a pair of crutches. So what they'll be several hundred miles away. Details.

    Kelly's armed with his flask. I'm just plain dangerous.

    Monday, January 27, 2003

    Bowling Recovery

    It's possible that bowling may send us all to AA. Unless it sends us to the poorhouse first. Crown fits nicely in a flask which fits snugly in a coat pocket. Who said they were out of style? After losing 5 pts on the lanes, we took up space in the bar with Butchy et al and then made our way to Heather & Mike's for some Catch Phrase and Chris & Jill's Captain Silver. I thought it was a good idea to drink directly from the flask. It was. Until I got home and the world started spinning like a top. After we made the 20 mile journey home, I found out that we were invited to stay overnight at the Rymers.

    I couldn't even drink a beer during the Superbowl. That either means that I'm getting old or that I'm allergic to flasks. Unfortunately we're going to have to hear a lot more from Sapp and Keyshawn-give-me-the-ball Johnson. The Raiders didn't show up to play. The whole team was solemn on the sidelines until the last 2 minutes of the game. So the Bucs who won 0 games in their inaugural year in '76, finally take the championship 27 years later. Gruden deserves accolades of credit. For his tremendous coaching and for giving credit to Dungy. Go Vikes?

    Monday, January 13, 2003

    Kris, Jake, Heidi, Jake, Kelly

    Kris, Jake, Heidi, Jake, Kelly & I went to Wild Mtn Friday night for some midnight-skiiing-Lutsen-preparing. It was loads of fun & no bones were broken which is always a plus. I did fall down and drew the attention of 4 ski patrols who had to help me up because my glasses were fogged up and I couldn't see. Luckily I hurt nothing but my ego. Did I mention I fell down on level ground? I forgot how much fun skiing was albeit expensive. We got home a little past 3am.

    Saturday morning we made our way to the butcher and picked up our meat. We stopped at Joan & Arman's and visited for an hour or so. They're so much fun to be around it's a shame we're so far away. Then we headed to my Dad's to stock his freezer. He sent us home with some chicken which we split with Heather & Mike.

    From Dad's we went to Mom's to do laundry and play games. We had lunch and talked & laughed while trying to play Catch Phrase 3 way. It works, but it's hard to decide how to score. We decided we'd each get points for the correct answers given while being the clue-giver. We also played Remote Possibilities which is so much less complicated than the instructions make it out to be.

    And then there was bowling. There was a great 1st game and lousy 2nd and 3rd games making us all sad but at least we bowled with the In-Laws so the company was good :) Marlene bowled us over again. There was much beer tested and unfortunate karoake singing. Butchy ended up wearing some of his own second-hand beer home. I have pictures to prove it. I've been extremely slow at picture posting lately, but someday this year they'll be here :)

    Sunday, Heather, Mike, Alex & Claudia came over to my Mom's for brunch. We visited all day and then made our way to the Rymer's for burgers and chicken poppers. Mmm mmm good. We went home, watched XXX and crashed.

    Tonight is bowling and the start of another crazy week.

    Tuesday, November 19, 2002

    The Spoilers

    The Gutter Dusters have come back with a vengeance. Kelly had a nice 548 series which included a modest 202. Emily contributed another 500 series and Jill stayed right around her average. I think I averaged 150 which is amazing since I started game 2 with a gutter ball. I followed it up by throwing another gutter ball in frame 2. Thankfully I picked that up and stopped throwing gutter balls after that.

    We hung out with Ken, Connie, Rosy & Linda afterwards. Rosy & I are going to make pies on December 2nd. Rosy's specialty is Sweet Potato Pie while mine's Blackberry. Be sure to show up at Flaherty's on the 2nd - that is if you want a slice of the pie.

    Tuesday, November 12, 2002

    The Bowling Saga Continues

    I picked up my new bowling balls on Thursday. Heather, Michelle & I went to Doyle's on Friday. The hook even on my spare ball, The Big Hit, is ferocious. The first ball I threw with The Freak was a pretty strike. I don't remember the first game score, which I threw with just my spare ball - it was spent mainly trying to get used to rolling 14 pounds of ball. The 2nd game (187) I threw with just the Freak and the third alternating (156). My bowling bag weighs over 30 pounds. This is ridiculous.

    Saturday we bowled at Flaherty's with Kris & Jake. I had a 470 series - average 157. I like the new digs!

    In the market for a new bowling ball? Won't settle for anything less than the best ball for the best price drilled by the best pro shop?? Go to On Track Pro Shop at New Hope Bowl. Dune won't do you wrong. Tell him Cari sent ya. :)

    Thursday, November 07, 2002

    The Entertainer

    Kelly's parents' visit was a lot of fun. Wayne & Lynn, Nikki, Steve and the kids arrived at about 10am on Saturday. I made an egg bake, cheesy potatoes and sausage for brunch. The adults visited while the kids entertained the ferrets. We made our way to the pool in the afternoon only to find it was closed for cleaning. Luckily there is a gameroom and we enjoyed ourselves playing table tennis and pool. I had my first 2 beers. Nikki's family left around 5 and we made our way to Doyle's for our bowling league where more beer drinking ensued. Kelly's parents watched as we took all 7 points! I had a 500 series which included my first ever clean game (no open frames!) Ironically enough, I purchased new bowling balls the day before and was bowling with my old ball. Apparently my old ball is jealous and decided to show up to play. That or else I should start consuming special beverages at noon every bowling day. My Mom came up to the bowling alley to see us and we planned on going Moonlight bowling although never made it. We had fun eating appetizers and the best burgers in town instead. It was fantastic.

    Sunday morning I woke at 7:30 and started making homemade tortillas, spanish rice and salsa. Kelly made eggs. Afterwards we cleaned up and drove around Maple Grove and Brooklyn Park aweing over the changes in the past 5 years. We got back home around 3pm and I started on the Teriyaki chicken wings. Pork Tenderloin, twice baked potatoes and stewed carrots were on the menu for dinner. My Dad came for dinner and to meet Kelly's parents for the first time. Dinner was a hit.

    Kelly's parents left on Monday. We miss them already! I'm definitely cooked out for awhile, but it was a lot of fun to be the entertainer for the weekend!

    Monday, October 21, 2002

    NFL Week 7 Recap

    If you wanted excitement, you got it on this given Sunday.

    Let's start with Mariucci's call in the 4th quarter with 2:23 to go. 49ers are down 28-27. NO have a 1st down on the 1 yard line. Brooks runs it in for the TD but there's a penalty - NO had 12 men on the field! There's 1:56 on the clock, 9ers have 1 timeout left. He knows if he accepts the penalty he won't get the ball back and so he does the unfathomable. He declines the penalty making the score count and receives the ball only to be stopped at the NO 20. They lose 35-27.

    The Atlanta Falcons shut the Carolina Panthers out. What?

    Brett Farve the Bionic Man leaves the game in the 3rd quarter with a sprained knee. If you saw it, you grimaced. Sounds like it's not as bad as it looked as he's been reported to be walking on it. Naturally the Pack has a bye next week so his 165th consecutive start will likely happen.

    And then there was overtime...

    2002's "most complete team" loses to the Chargers in OT. How do the Raiders manage to completely forget about Tomlinson in his OT debut?

    Arizona takes over Dallas 9-6 in a drawn out kicker's showcase. Gramatica makes up for his 2 misses during regulation by making a 40-yard FG with 3:10 to go in OT. Some fans are still sleeping in the stands unaware that the game is finally over.

    Speaking of kickers, Elam makes another game winning FG in OT over Kansas City. Priest Holmes managed to squeak out 113 yards and 3 TDs against the NFL's number 1 rated run defense. It just wasn't enough.

    Perhaps the biggest shocker was Detroit's overtime win over Chicago. 4th quarter 1:04 to go. Chicago's up 20-17. Detroit has the ball on Chicago's 15. Do they go for the FG to tie it up? No, they're going in for the score... a defensive pass interference call gives them 1st down at the 1 yard line with 7 ticks left on the clock. Pass incomplete; 5 ticks left, 2nd down. False start, 5 yard penalty. THEN Detroit kicks the game tying field goal. Detroit wins the toss and Hanson knocks in a 48 yarder to win the game.

    Oh yeah, and the Jets hand it to the Vikes 20-7.

    Wednesday, October 16, 2002

    Weekend Mahem

    Stephanie & Martos came over on Friday night for Teriyaki Wings and Pizza. We watched the Twins lose and caught up on things. Steph's due in January! We really need to get together more often!

    Saturday morning Kelly & I went to Samantha's last Soccer game. They tied 1-1! She did a great job.

    We went to Doyle's and pre-bowled while the kids did some bumper bowling. In the afternoon, Mike, Kelly & I threw the football around for awhile and ran a few plays. Kelly & I collided and I tweaked my neck. It was sore, but I didn't think it was anything to write home about.

    Saturday night, we bowled with Kris & Jake. Then Heidi & Jake came up and we enjoyed the moonlight bowling festivities. Perhaps the intoxication masked the neck soreness.

    Sunday was Hoosier Daddy's last game. The other team didn't show so we got our 3rd W. The team at field 5 was short 4 players plus their opponent was a no show as well. Ironically, 4 players from the 3rd field were loners and joined us for a just-for-fun game. We had 3 umps - it was pretty cool. We lost by 1 or 2 but it was a lot of fun. Perfect weather too - cool but comfortable.

    Monday Kelly took me to the ER because the swelling in my neck got really really bad really really fast and the pain was getting unbearable. Turns out the space between my 6th and 7th vertebrae is condensed. This could be nothing or it could mean I compressed or slipped a disc. I went to the doc yesterday and she prescribed some meds and some slow light stretches. She wants to wait until the swelling goes down a little before doing an MRI. The hope is that the swelling goes down and I start feeling a lot better by Friday and then the MRI won't be necessary. Being stuck at home is getting to me. There's only so much daytime TV one can stand. Plus watching all of these home improvement shows is making me want to start about 100 projects. Or maybe it's the drugs. Who's to say???

    Wednesday, October 02, 2002


    I kind of thought that I would have time to relax after Shelly and Brent's wedding but I was mistaken.

    We've been bowling fools. You'd think bowling twice a week would make for a better bowler. I think I've only increased my ability to suck down Vanilla Cokes. Then there's softball twice a week. We're tied for 1st place in the Division II Apple Valley league. Last game's on Friday - wish us luck! The Sunday night Hoosier Daddy team has been showing glimmers of brilliance. We won on the 22nd but lost to a bunch of soccer players last Sunday. I love playing ball but with how busy we've been, I'm sort of looking forward to this weekend, it being the last game of the season for both leagues. Wish us luck!

    As for professional sporting events, the Vikings suck, Moss needs to be traded (can you say Hershel Walker trade in reverse??), Culpepper needs to be benched if he fumbles another football and Bates needs to stop returning punts/kick-offs. The Twins won the first game 7-5! Could this be a World Series year? Kelly got tickets to the Minnesota Wild pre-season game last night and we took Heather & Mike. The seats were fantastic - 9th row on the side. I'd never been to a hockey game before - not even high school. We had a blast! Wild beat the Mighty Ducks 4-1. We're going to the CO game in a few weeks - got club level tickets through work! Can't wait.

    Work has been incredibly busy. I've spent the last 10 days installing a Linux webserver and a Sun Solaris server. I've never done an install before. It's been interesting. Thank heavens I didn't have to do this on my own or it wouldn't be neatly done right now. Instead, it'd likely be at the bottom of Lake Independence. I love Vi. Also, I love hot swappable disk drives. Not.

    So that's about it. I've been so busy I haven't been to basket class in a month. Am definitely going through withdrawals. Hopefully I can go next week!

    Monday, September 16, 2002

    4 Days

    Kelly & I went golfing on Thursday at Lost Spur in Eagan. It had been about 6 weeks since I'd swung a golf club... unless you count that one time I swung it at Kelly... But seriously. Surprisingly enough I started out well. My 2nd shot I hit my 5 iron out of the rough 175 yards to the fringe. Those who know my golf game will be astounded. I ended up with a 63. Better than 64.

    Friday we had an 8:40 softball game and Vicki earned a shutout 23-0. We stayed awhile sipped a few beers. I love playing on that team. Kelly subbed and made a lasting impression. His bat is on fire.

    Saturday we took Mom to Cirque du Soleil for her birthday. We had an appetizer at Grandma's at Seven Corners and then headed to the show. It was fantastic. Truly an amazing show. We then had dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory in Minneapolis. The food was excellent. It's a beautiful restaurant and affordable. An appetizer, dinner and drinks for 3 came to $51.00 including tip. Plus desert comes with your meal. I would recommend it to anyone! Mmm!

    Sunday, we "pre-bowled" with Kris & Jake and then went to their place to watch the Vikings game. I can't believe they lost to the Bills in OT. Doug Brien missed a field goal AND 2 extra points. UGH. Then to seal the deal, Hoosier Daddy was shut-out 34-0 Sunday night. Emily hung in there after being struck by a line drive. Nailing down the fact that she is a superstar. :) We made a lot of errors, but then again, this team could hit the ball. 1 over the fence, 1 bounced off the top of the fence and 3 that hit the fence. Not much you can do about that. Sigh.

    Today is another bowling day. Jill got a new car. She's fancy in her little red Saturn.

    4 Days

    Kelly & I went golfing on Thursday at Lost Spur in Eagan. It had been about 6 weeks since I'd swung a golf club... unless you count that one time I swung it at Kelly... But seriously. Surprisingly enough I started out well. My 2nd shot I hit my 5 iron out of the rough 175 yards to the fringe. Those who know my golf game will be astounded. I ended up with a 63. Better than 64.

    Friday we had an 8:40 softball game and Vicki earned a shutout 23-0. We stayed awhile sipped a few beers. I love playing on that team. Kelly subbed and made a lasting impression. His bat is on fire.

    Saturday we took Mom to Cirque du Soleil for her birthday. We had an appetizer at Grandma's at Seven Corners and then headed to the show. It was fantastic. Truly an amazing show. We then had dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory in Minneapolis. The food was excellent. It's a beautiful restaurant and affordable. An appetizer, dinner and drinks for 3 came to $51.00 including tip. Plus desert comes with your meal. I would recommend it to anyone! Mmm!

    Sunday, we "pre-bowled" with Kris & Jake and then went to their place to watch the Vikings game. I can't believe they lost to the Bills in OT. Doug Brien missed a field goal AND 2 extra points. UGH. Then to seal the deal, Hoosier Daddy was shut-out 34-0 Sunday night. Emily hung in there after being struck by a line drive. Nailing down the fact that she is a superstar. :) We made a lot of errors, but then again, this team could hit the ball. 1 over the fence, 1 bounced off the top of the fence and 3 that hit the fence. Not much you can do about that. Sigh.

    Today is another bowling day. Jill got a new car. She's fancy in her little red Saturn.

    Monday, September 09, 2002


    Hoosier Daddy got a W 17-12! We played Brady's last night in the 92 degree heatwave. We're changing Emily's nickname to Superstar. She's a spectacular pitcher. The bats were hot and we played tough D - way to go!

    The Vikes lost to the Bears 27-23 in a last minute TD to D. Terrell. The Vikes started out on fire but went to sleep in the second half. Moss actually sounded smart in his after game interview. Even though they lost, I was impressed by Bennett and think this team has great potential this year. The Chiefs/Browns game was unbelievable. The Browns had the game in the bag with less than a minute to go when the former Viking Rudd threw his helmet during the kickoff return giving the Chiefs 15 yards which brought them within field goal range. Chiefs were 2 points down and nailed the FG. I think Rudd is going to get his rear end in a sling. At least 3 games went into OT - Green Bay pulled out an OT win to Atlanta, Jets take over the Bills and the Saints beat Tampa. Nice opener folks. Cari predicts Steelers over the Patriots 24-20.

    Friday, September 06, 2002

    Deluded Drafter

    Where do I begin??? This summer has been incredible. I'm still trying to catch my breath.

    Last Thursday was my fantasy football draft. I'm not happy with my draft - I made a stupid decision with my first pick. I didn't want to take a risk so I picked Curtis Martin instead of Owens or Moss. What was I thinking???? Now my best receiver is Amani Toomer. Ugh.

    Last weekend we went to Kelly's aunt and uncle's in northern Wisconsin. They're on Bridge Lake and we caught a few Bass, Northern and Walleye. We kept a 2 lb bass and ate him on Sunday. He was fantastic. We missed the F3 tornado that went through Ladysmith by 2 hours. We usually take highway 8 home and almost stayed to do laundry, but decided to head out early and take an alternate route. The entire town is devastated. Thankfully noone was killed.

    The NFL 2002 season started yesterday with the 9ers stuffing the Giants. Pretty boring game until the 4th quarter. We went out for dinner with Shelly & Brent and watched the end of the game at their place. Toomer looked decent but it doesn't show in the numbers. Yikes!

    Tonight is Rob Schlegel's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBBIE!). Kelly is going out with Rob and Heather, Serenity and Chris at the Mall of America tonight. Be on the lookout for a blonde curly haired staggering down the isles. Piano Bar, here they come. Tonight I'm going to Shelly's bachelorette party. We're going downtown. It will be fun. Give her money.

    Love & Blow Pop Bouquets,


    Wednesday, August 28, 2002

    Finicky Ferret

    On Saturday we went to Fleet Farm to buy the "kids" their Science Diet. Who would have thought that choosing your ferrets' diet could be so complicated. IAMS was recommended by all of the ferret sites I'd researched but when Jazmine developed her allergy to it, the vet suggested Science Diet. Unfortunately, I'd never stopped to appreciate that IAMS is carried at all pet stores, discount stores and even some grocery stores. Science Diet is not. So far, I've found it at pet stores at their pet store prices and at Fleet Farm. I might mention the only reason we found fleet farm is because their display at the State Fair included a bag of Science Diet. Additionally, the Kitten variety that I must buy them only comes in the small bags and thus not at the greatest value. Apparently kittens grow out of the kitten food before a big bag would have been consumed. The ferrets will be on kitten food for some 2 years or something like that. Yeah, as if Asti needs to grow anymore.

    After Fleet Farm, we ventured onto Woodbury's brand new Sam's Club anxious to use our $10 voucher to purchase a membership and 10 gallon vat of mustard. We spent over an hour browsing and picked out mahogany TV trays along with some perishables. We reached the check-out lanes only to find that they do not accept Visa or American Express. They take debit cards, Discover and their own Sam's credit card. In this, the age of Visa check cards, you just assume large retailers will accept Visa. Maybe not Amex, but Visa. I think if you're a large corporation and you don't accept Visa, it's your obligation to make this abundantly clear at the entrance. On top of this point not being made by a sign, nor by the membership representative who spent 5 minutes with us prior to our shopping, this brand new store's ATM machine was out of order. At least communicate THAT at the entrance. We left the store disappointed and disgusted. If they didn't have so many great deals we wouldn't go back. But alas, we will.

    Saturday afternoon, I went to another Bridal Shower for Shelly. This was held at Brent's parents. We played lots of games. It was fun. I can't believe it's getting to be that time already! 3 1/2 weeks!

    On Sunday we went to Canteburry Downs with Heather & Mike. Kelly'd never been to the races. Kelly won on a long shot - $15 on $2. He can finally have that operation now. I won a total of $16 but netted $2. Enough for another bet (haha). We stopped at Culvers before heading to softball.

    Hoosier Daddy's game #2 was fantastic. We only lost by 1. We played tough and the bats were on fire! If not for a few overthrows we would have won! The MVP award goes to Emily & her ferocious pitching and to Kelly for his monster slide into home plate. He's healing nicely and accepting sympathy in all forms for as long as possible. He is a delicate flower after all.

    Tuesday, August 20, 2002


    Well it's that time of year I guess.

    We're bowling on the Syntegra league this year. So far it's Jill, Heather and I with Mike, Kelly and Emily as subs.

    The next task is to decide on a team name. Anyone know of a good bowling team name? There's Split Happens, The Weakest Links... Flinstone's team was the Water Buffalo. We could just go with The Flinstones. What do you think!?

    Monday, August 19, 2002

    Hoosier What?

    What a game! We had a great time. We lost 16-12 but everyone played extremely well. You'd never guess we'd never played together before. I strained my quad again. I hope this doesn't turn into a nagging problem.

    Other than that, Saturday's plans turned upside down when I was reminded my cousin Adam's wedding reception was at 2pm... in Arlington, MN. We had a good time though. They're doing well. They live in a huge ex-boarding house with 10' ceilings, neat nooks and cranny's everywhere. It's nice to see them happy.

    Fantasy football draft in less than 2 weeks. Apparently I should start hitting the books immediately.

    Wednesday, August 14, 2002

    Junk in My Trunk

    I have a tiny car. In the Prelude's tiny trunk you will find:

  • 1 set of golf clubs rolling around aimlessly, trying to escape
  • 2 golf bags holding 2 sets of golf clubs captive
  • 2 pair golf shoes
  • 1 bowling ball in bag accompanied by shoes in dire need of replacement
  • 1 softball equipment bag holding 3 bats, 24 balls, 2 mits and 2 pair of cletes
  • 1 volleyball
  • 0 dead bodies

    Also, check out the updated albums on the photos page.

  • Tuesday, August 13, 2002

    PGA Championship at Hazeltine

    You may know that the PGA Championship is being played at Hazeltine National Golf Club in Chaska, MN. Tiger will be there.

    Anyway, Hazeltine has 290 members and therefore, needed thousands of volunteers in order to make the tournament a success. The local news showed thousands of volunteers wearing green golf shirts with an embroidered Hazeltine logo along with the word Volunteer or tan pullovers with similar markings. Also some donned visors with Volunteer stitched into the band. Although no 2 looked exactly alike, they all had one thing in common. They all paid for their "uniforms". Granted, they get to keep the uniforms and wear them again on their next golf outing and that they'll get a glimpse of some of the players and maybe see a tee off here and there but isn't it ridiculous that they're paying for an item that says "VOLUNTEER"?? I'll bet they don't even get a discount. Hazeltine is making a killing on this tournament and they couldn't host it without the volunteers. Could they really not at least supply the golf shirts? I just think it's wrong for someone to have to pay for something that says volunteer when they're making someone else a profit!

    Saturday, August 10, 2002


    - Cari's muscles after the first softball practice.

    I played a double-header last night & then practiced hard today. Apparently this is too much after being a complete bum all summer. Golf, on my level, doesn't count as real physical activity. Although Majestic Oaks is going to be a challenge tomorrow.

    I am a walking bruise.

    Friday, August 09, 2002

    Vikings Pictures Posted

    See pictures from Vikings Training Camp in Mankato, MN.

    Friday, August 02, 2002


    Need proof that I'm a complete geek? Hah.

    Grand Slam

    Jill & I had a great time last night. We got to see Cuddyer hit a grand slam in the 3rd inning! Plus, in only his second complete game this season, Milton pitched a 3 hit shutout without delivering a single walk. Awesome ball playing. Twins won 6-0.

    Don't get me wrong, it'd be great to watch a Twins game outdoors; but where else but the Metrodome do you get to be blown out the doors by a constant gust of air?

    Speaking of baseball... I've been #3 for as long as I can remember. I was going to make this year no different but considering my nickname is crash... would it be appropriate for me to be #50? (10-50 radio code for accident)

    Thursday, August 01, 2002

    Go Twins!

    Today Jill & I take on the Metrodome. I think the last time I was there I severely sprained my ankle. I will try to avoid any such incident this time. Especially considering the fact that Jill might not be able to manuever herself up the stairs with me in arms. We will have margaritas before the game. Hopefully the Twins will beat the White Sox until their socks don't smell any more.

    Also, we must come up with nicknames for Jill & Kelly. Suggestions welcome.

    Friday, July 19, 2002

    Fall Co-ed Rec Softball

    It's official. The 12-step program failed and I have relapsed into softball addiction.

    For those of you who tried to help me through this, I'm sorry to have let you down. But since I'm going back to playing ball, you might as well join me...

    I'm starting a co-ed team in St. Paul! Strictly for fun & beer exposure (oh no that's another 12-step program). We'll play double-headers on Sunday nights for 6 weeks. We have a sponsor (St. Croix Valley Contracting) and so the only cost incurred should be for afterward refreshments. T-shirts, sweatshirts and hopefully game-time refreshments will be supplied.

    Only requirement is a nickname.

    Also I purchased a Demarini. The wrapper says it shouldn't be used under 60 degrees. Are they serious? We will need other bats as well. That's next on my list.

    What are you made of? Are you in?

    Monday, July 01, 2002

    Here fishy fishy fishy...

    Kelly & I went up to Chad's grandparents' house in Brainerd this weekend. The weather was unbelievable and we caught lots of fish. Wendy got to sleep in while us stooges hit the water. She joined us on Saturday afternoon for some pan fishing where Chad caught the only keepers. Kelly kept 2 bass and so he got a lesson on filleting bass and sunnies. I observed - I'm sure with a grimace but with equal fascination. Sunday we got up at 5:30 and found a hot spot. Chad caught several bass, Kelly about 4 northern (1 keeper) and 2 snakes (baby northern) plus about a 1.5 lb bass. I was the lucky one on Sunday (making up for a dry Saturday). I probably pulled in 7 or 8 northern and a 2 lb bass. Kept a 3 lb northern and of course the bass! Chad's uncle Dennis gave us some pointers on filleting northern and Kelly & I went home with a bucket full of fillets! Can't wait for the fish fry!

    Monday, June 17, 2002

    Golf Cart Acrobatics

    I think golf carts should come with the optional seat belt for those of us who have a hard time sitting still. Kelly and I went golfing on Saturday after the Pampered Chef party (thank you to everyone who came and to Linda for running the show!). I was driving the golf cart down the fairway naturally at top speed. It got a little bumpy and I braced myself for the cart to go right, and it went left. I fell out and literally bounced and rolled back towards the tee box where there were 4 guys waiting to tee off. After I collected myself and my internal organs, I brushed myself off and went on. I halfway believed that nobody saw... until the 4 guys come down to the 17th tee box and say to Kelly, what did you push her out?

    Friday, April 26, 2002

    Chasing a white ball with dimples

    Went golfing yesterday for "fun" night. There is nothing fun about golfing in 45 mph wind and 40 degree weather. It did give us a chance to use our new clubs though and for me to realize that I perhaps shouldn't be allowed on the course. Yikes. Today I got tickets to John Mellencamp in July!! I can't wait! Rob & Heather are joining us. Well, I'm off to my pink house.
    Love & Quiet Sneezes,

    Monday, April 08, 2002

    The Finality of Bowling

    It is with a great deal of sadness that I must announce the commencement of the Saturday Nite Live bowling league at Doyle's Lanes. That's right - Saturday was the last stand. To make it easier on the drunks, it was no-tap - wherein getting 9 pins on your first ball counts as a strike. Mike always gets 9's during league, in fact he had a game almost entirely made up of 9 spares last time. Somehow the 9's escaped most of us, except for Gary S. who bowled a no-tap 300! We had a great time. I'm not sure if we just had fun bowling or if we were drunk or if we were held over by the opponent who kept falling into the gutter. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera handy at the time so I have no proof.

    Shelly & Brent came out for moonlight bowling. I won 2 dollars. I'd pay the "better off dead" paperboy but I can't find him. We were paired up with some interesting folk. I reckon they were from the other side of them there tracks. One donned the 80's stonewash jeans complete with zippers and finished the ensemble with target shoes "painted" with what looked like flourescent markers for bowling shoes. Her husband wore similar stonewash jeans with strategically placed moth eaten holes along the right leg. It was too dark to see how many teeth they had. OK that's mean. I'm sorry, I'll do 2 extra good deeds today. Kelly made us sing Summer Nights ala Karaoke. No comment.

    Love and stonewash,

    Tuesday, April 02, 2002

    Syntegra's Golf League

    I just joined Syntegra's golf league. I have to play from the white tees. I'm the 4th female in the league. The other 3 women have been playing for years. 1 of them has only a 12 handicap. I might be having second thoughts about this.

    Friday, March 29, 2002

    Vikings Spirit Day

    Tim the superfan
    Well Viking's Fans... it's official, our team will not have a Monday Night game this season. First time in a long time. I blame Tice. Well, and losing the entire defense and offensive line might have something to do with it. Crap.

    Tuesday, March 26, 2002

    Saturday Nite Live Gets Live

    The pictures from Saturday night are up now... I split them into 3 sections. First, the after league bar party at Doyle's. Second, Rick's beer drinking skills. and Third, the after bar at the Rymers. If you don't feel like seeing the whole album, this page features my cousin and her many talents. And for your viewing pleasure, 5 new movies can be found on the movie page! Rick gives us a dancing lesson... Mike shows us his pizza roll trick - it's better than must see TV! Bon appetit!

    Monday, March 25, 2002

    The Sexports

    Rick, Bev, Duane and Diane brought the party back to Heather & Mike's after bowling on Saturday night. What a riot! All I can tell you for now is that Diane was attacked by a brown bear and Rick ended up getting stuck in the fireplace. I'm working on posting the pictures. I'm going to have to make some kind of story line for this album... :) Happy Monday!

    Tuesday, March 19, 2002

    More Participation Than Bargained For

    In Ohio, a 13 year old girl dies after being hit in the side of the head by a puck at a hockey game. And she was a spectator. How awful. I can't even imagine what her family must be going through right now. No words.

    Tuesday, March 12, 2002

    Bowling Songs Rule

    Your rosin bag, your towel too
    You have your own.. bowling shoes
    If you don't go, you'll sing the blues
    Another game is what you choose

    Ohh oohh
    You like to think that you're immune to the stuff
    It's closer to the truth to say you can't get enough
    You know you're gonna have to face it
    You're addicted to bowling

    Friday, March 08, 2002

    See Pins, Hit Pins

    Bowling pictures are here! You really should check out the Gutter Queen... she might be the girl of your dreams!

    Tuesday, February 12, 2002

    Load Unbalancing

    Well, I've removed the post with the horrible banners that took forever to load! I'm so sorry to you guys with 56k modems (like me). Anyway, I've decided to go another route... check out the new homepage and let me know what you think. I'm not sure if it's too plain or if it's too much or just too ugly. Maybe it's the white background I don't like...

    Bowling went well last weekend. We won all 3 games giving us all 7 pts! We should be in 3rd place or higher now. It's nice to be in the running not only because winning's fun (duh), but because it makes it more of a team effort. You're thinking... um, that's why they call it a bowling t-e-a-m... right but if you're not in contention, it's easy to bowl just to try to improve your average i.e. individually. Now we're starting to work as a team and it shows!

    Love and bowling shoes,

    Sunday, February 03, 2002

    John Madden is Not My Hero

    While you can't always count on the Rams to score a touchdown, you can always count on Madden saying things that make you go hmmm. The most recent favorite: After a Rams lineman drew the Patriots off-sides (i.e. false start), Madden quips: "Once you put your hand down there, you can't have that little wiggle" Little wiggle. That's funny!

    Friday, February 01, 2002

    Jill & Cari Do Fight Night

    The RiverCentre Rumble was fun last night - we saw 2 K.O.'s!

    I'm off to Green Bay to see Amy Pease today! We're going to see how many beers we can consume :) Tomorrow I'll be going to Milwaukee to see Becky!

    Attention all officers and state troopers: You do not want to pull over the girl in the black Prelude. She's harmless and has good intentions. That should be good enough!

    Have a great weekend!

    Thursday, January 24, 2002

    Bowling Freak

    Tuesday night we went to Doyle's to pre-bowl (we'll be at Heather & Rob's wedding reception on Saturday night). I bowled an 82. Why is it that whenever the pins decide to hold a sit-down, it's always on my lane?? Kelly bowled right around his average which is excellent. Yesterday, I went bowling with Heather... I bowled 162 and 148 (we'll just ignore the 102). The hook ball idea is working quite well. While we're on this bowling thing, it's got to be in writing that I am officially a bowling freak. I spent 45 minutes reading online tutorials on how to throw a better, more consistent ball. While I was reviewing the chapter on the approach, I did however, refrain from what I call, air bowling. Jill wants to go to rumble-boxing. I'm almost done making the tulip basket.

    Monday, January 21, 2002

    Freakish Faulk

    Breaking news: After Sunday's performance, the Rams may name a new MVP. In the past, the Rams have named their Quarterback, Kurt Warner, the MVP due to his great passing ability. Warner was overshadowed on Sunday, however, and so it seems the Rams may indeed, name Brett Favre their MVP. Because of Favre's ability to find Rams defensemen open in heavy cover, they were able to run up the score without having to tire or risk Warner and Faulk. First, Favre lays down for Strahan so he can break the NFL sack record and now this! Where would we be without the green and gold??

    Tuesday, January 15, 2002

    Vikings Loop

    Apparently the world's biggest Vikings fan is a bit out of the loop. Seems we've hired O'leary AND Tice's brother. My my. Jay Leno referred to O'leary as Oh Really... (raising eyebrows). Yikes. I'm at my cousin Heather's house. I'm at lunch. I should be at work. I'm running late. It's almost to that point now where I can't go back. I've checked my e-mails and my voicemails as well as talked to Sprint. Does that count? OK, ok, I'm on my way. Toodle-oo.

    Monday, January 14, 2002

    So Tice Hires His Brother...

    Why does this make me nervous? I know nothing about this guy, but I'm starting to feel like maybe O'Leary wasn't an entirely bad idea after all... I mean, at least we know who he is!!
    A friend of mine from the Allpros fantasy football league and I had a short e-mail conversation about this website... he commented on this news page and I've been thinking alot about the whole wearing-my-life-on-my-sleeve deal. At first I was excited to be "found" on the search engines feeling it meant that I wasn't actually lost in the first place but now I'm thinking geez maybe I should be careful what I say here. And then it occurs to me that nobody probably reads into this as much as I do anyway so it's really not even an issue. And finally I realize, good God, what could be the worst thing that could happen!????? Well, I suppose QWest could sue me for incinuating that we needed a prayer to get through this service cutover thing. Or someone could probably sue me for mentioning prayer on the internet - I wouldn't want to offend anyone. lol - this has gone too far. I'll just make this disclaimer: anything found on this page is the opinion of the author unless it offends or irritates in which case you must have misunderstood. Please hang up and try your call again.

    Saturday, January 12, 2002

    Leary of O'Leary

    Rumors have it that Tice might offer a defensive line coaching job to his old college coach O'Leary. This is the same O'Leary that was hired by Notre Dame a month or so ago and resigned 5 days later after they discovered he'd lied on his resume. He lied about having a degree - even about playing football which he never did!!! Unreal. If you want to check out the standings of my fantasy football post-season click here. The QWest cutover has gone pretty well - we're almost done. Just ironing out some glitches at this point. I might even be outta here by 1pm!!! Thank you for those of you who prayed for us :)

    Thursday, January 10, 2002

    Mike Tice Likes Rice

    Vikings Name Mike Tice Head Coach
    He's got an interesting resume. I didn't realize all he had done for the Vikings in the past 5 years. If it's true that he transformed the likes of Matt Birk, Jeff Christy, Randall McDaniel, Todd Steussie, and Korey Stringer into the great players they are, he definitely has the motivational power that this team needs. I just hope he will also bring some heart and soul to this team.

    Tuesday, January 08, 2002

    News Worthy

    Went to Joe Senser's last night with Jill to watch the game. I think perhaps Spergon Wynn should take up badmitton. Moss threw the longest pass of the game. That's sad. An ugly end to an ugly season! FOX news was at the bar taping interviews regarding Green's dismissal - I might have been on the news last night, but I'm still not sure. I've been on the tube an awful lot this year! When do I start collecting royalties??? ;)

    Monday, January 07, 2002

    Bye Bye Green

    Oh and Dennis Green is fired on Friday - Mike Tice is the fill-in Head Coach for Baltimore tonight! Should be interesting. Green had an impressive record as the head coach of the Vikes, but he lost his rapport with the team - he not only lost control of them, but he lost the ability to motivate them. Rumors are flying that the new coach will be Dungy or Spurrier but I say not - if Dungy's let go by Tampa, he'll likely not get a head coaching job next year - maybe a defensive line coach, but not a head coaching position. Spurrier would want too much control - he wouldn't get it in MN - plus he's a warm weather guy I hear. Happy footballing!

    Monday, December 17, 2001

    Mmm... Cookies

    Added the Neiman Marcus cookie recipe.
    Vikes lost to Detroit on Sunday - they had a win coming. Vegas odds for a team going 0-14 is 5,000 to 1! At least Moss scored twice - my fantasy team put up some serious numbers. Rhodes 2 TDs, Moss 2 TDs, Holmes 1 TD, Pollard 1 TD. Fiedler got NEGATIVE points!!!! Only 149 passing yds and 3, yes 3, interceptions! I would have been better off starting Culpepper who sat the whole game!! I've got 72.7 points as of now. If I win (and I should), I've beaten both of my division leaders in the past 2 weeks. I'm not in the playoffs because I lost to the 3rd sead by LESS than ONE point! Yes, I'm a little frustrated. But at least I'm collecting some money - we get $10 if we are the top scorer of the week (which I have been the past 2 weeks darn it!) Yeah yeah, enough crabbing about football!
    Thought for the day: The early bird might get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

    Sunday, December 16, 2001

    The Next Walter Ray

    I bowled a 126, 169 and a 141. Pretty good considering my thumb hurts pretty bad. We lost 2 of our games by 2 points. We're in last place. :) At least we have fun before we go to the bar and get drunk and fight. :) Sometimes I'm not sure who's my worst enemy, him or myself. Either way I have heartache tonight. Ugh it's 2:27am, how could I not!?!?!?!?

    Sunday, December 09, 2001

    All Shopped Out!

    Got most of the Christmas shopping done on Saturday. Braved the Mall of America. Parking was crazy but the crowds inside weren't bad surprisingly.

    Went to the Vikings game today vs. Tennessee (Thanks Rob!). Vikes scored 6 TDs!!! Unreal. Bouman 348 yds and 4 TDs! A good day to be a VIkings fan!! Moss' 73 yd TD gave my fantasy team hope! And Priest Holmes has 151 yds and 2 TDs at the half! See, miracles DO happen!! :)

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