Monday, May 20, 2013

Puppy Love

I was just chuckling to myself about how no matter how soundly my little American Eskimo, Diego, is sleeping, he wakes up when I look at him or move in any way. He'll then watch me out of the corner of his eye before falling back to sleep, seemingly ensuring everything is OK and that I'm not going anywhere.

It dawned on me then. He loves me like I'm going to love my little baby.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Limerick Week 2010: Numero Uno

You may recall last year’s limericks
I’d adopted a dog to do tricks
The best one she had
She found me a lad
In August we will be hitched!

Last Year's Limericks

Well, it's that time of year again!

Importation Day (or St Patrick's Day for the rest of you) is in one week so let the Limericks* begin!

Limerick subject suggestions welcome and encouraged!
Seriously, help the Asian equivalent of Irish out!

#1 Tuesday 3/10
There once was a lass named Cari
She wasn't sure she'd ever marry
She adopted a yellow lab
Who didn't like any lads
Perhaps Nika would prefer for Cari a "Terri"?

#2 Wednesday 3/11
There once was a chap named Dean
Oh how he wanted his beer green
So he waited all year
'Til green turned his beer
Now he's green too so it seems

#3 Wednesday 3/11
This is a story about Randy
The best roommate ever, he's dandy!
I don't mean to brag
He's really chips in a bag
And of course his girlfriend's eye candy

We're going for quantity, not necessarily quality :)

Monday, March 08, 2010

Bad Star Tribune. Bad.

I feel like a horrible “pageant Mother” but this really got under my skin. Star Tribune made the mistake of showing vote counts in Nika’s "Cutest Canine" round.

Five dogs had a silly number of votes. While you want to believe they just had big support or were simply *that* cute, they weren’t. To vote, you must log in and are limited to one vote per hour in a 23 hour round. It's not humanly possible to have a single voter every minute.

Isn’t it suspicious when 5 entries have over 1000 votes when the next closest is 75? Even after several independent inquiries were sent and responded to by contest support, these 5 cheating dog owners still make the Top 5. It doesn’t bother me one bit that Nika didn’t make it, but it pains me that they did! Boo!

Somehow I feel better for making a tactful but direct comment on the contest link on their Facebook page. I also feel ridiculous for letting this irk me so much.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Please Vote for Nika!

Voting started today at 10am and goes until tomorrow at 9am. If she makes it, there will be a "Top 25" vote next week!

Friday, July 25, 2003

Jazmine & Asti

I found a good home for Jazmine and Asti (Thank you Doug for putting me in touch with Brandon!). Kelly helped me prepare them and bring them to Brandon's last night. He is an avid animal lover and will be able to give them the love and attention they deserve.

They seem happy in their new place and comfortable. In fact, even with the commotion, the smells of a new place, a new dog and a McCaw, they were more interested in eating and drinking than anything else!

I miss them. Their corner is bare and empty. Last night when I was doing my crunches I still heard them running around in their playpen even though I know they weren't there. But they'll be happier with more attention and love and I will be happier without my sniffles and guilt for not being around enough. I can't say I will miss cleaning out their litter box daily, but I will miss their company.

I hope they know that I love them and wish I could have kept them. Boo.

Friday, June 27, 2003

Ferrets For Free

2 well behaved sweet lovable Ferrets are up for adoption to a loving home.

Jazmine is almost 2 1/2 years old (born 2/7/01). She doesn't bite, she's mild mannered and great with kids. She's a snuggle bum.

Asti is 1 year old (born 3/5/02). He also doesn't bite, but is much more active and playful than Jazmine.

They're both up to date on their shots and excellent pets. Unfortunately I just don't have the time to devote to them and they need attention and love. They can be adopted together or alone as they're in separate cages now so would not miss each other. Both would come with their own cage and 4' x 3' playpen.

Please e-mail me if you're interested or know anyone who might be - spread the word!

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Finicky Ferret

On Saturday we went to Fleet Farm to buy the "kids" their Science Diet. Who would have thought that choosing your ferrets' diet could be so complicated. IAMS was recommended by all of the ferret sites I'd researched but when Jazmine developed her allergy to it, the vet suggested Science Diet. Unfortunately, I'd never stopped to appreciate that IAMS is carried at all pet stores, discount stores and even some grocery stores. Science Diet is not. So far, I've found it at pet stores at their pet store prices and at Fleet Farm. I might mention the only reason we found fleet farm is because their display at the State Fair included a bag of Science Diet. Additionally, the Kitten variety that I must buy them only comes in the small bags and thus not at the greatest value. Apparently kittens grow out of the kitten food before a big bag would have been consumed. The ferrets will be on kitten food for some 2 years or something like that. Yeah, as if Asti needs to grow anymore.

After Fleet Farm, we ventured onto Woodbury's brand new Sam's Club anxious to use our $10 voucher to purchase a membership and 10 gallon vat of mustard. We spent over an hour browsing and picked out mahogany TV trays along with some perishables. We reached the check-out lanes only to find that they do not accept Visa or American Express. They take debit cards, Discover and their own Sam's credit card. In this, the age of Visa check cards, you just assume large retailers will accept Visa. Maybe not Amex, but Visa. I think if you're a large corporation and you don't accept Visa, it's your obligation to make this abundantly clear at the entrance. On top of this point not being made by a sign, nor by the membership representative who spent 5 minutes with us prior to our shopping, this brand new store's ATM machine was out of order. At least communicate THAT at the entrance. We left the store disappointed and disgusted. If they didn't have so many great deals we wouldn't go back. But alas, we will.

Saturday afternoon, I went to another Bridal Shower for Shelly. This was held at Brent's parents. We played lots of games. It was fun. I can't believe it's getting to be that time already! 3 1/2 weeks!

On Sunday we went to Canteburry Downs with Heather & Mike. Kelly'd never been to the races. Kelly won on a long shot - $15 on $2. He can finally have that operation now. I won a total of $16 but netted $2. Enough for another bet (haha). We stopped at Culvers before heading to softball.

Hoosier Daddy's game #2 was fantastic. We only lost by 1. We played tough and the bats were on fire! If not for a few overthrows we would have won! The MVP award goes to Emily & her ferocious pitching and to Kelly for his monster slide into home plate. He's healing nicely and accepting sympathy in all forms for as long as possible. He is a delicate flower after all.

Thursday, August 22, 2002

Maddie's having surgery

Maddie had surgery today. She should be coming out of it in an hour or so. She's having teeth extracted and will hopefully have a fast recovery. She's 11 and so we're anxious but know she'll be better off after the surgery.
Update: Maddie is recovering well. She's on an antibiotic and morphine which makes her groggy and less than coordinated but she's doing surprisingly well. She has trouble with stairs as her front legs go up while her back legs go sideways. So, yes, she's more like me now.

We have our department picinic today. It's cloudy but it's going to be fun. BBQ and volleyball - the right ingredients!

I'm going to the State Fair afterwards. As you may know, most everything at the fair is deep fried on a stick. In fact, I do believe they have macaroni and cheese on a stick this year. I won't be trying that but I'll gladly watch others try it. Anyhow, we've always gone towards the end of the fair and since today is opening day, all of the oil is clean. Do you suppose we're even going to like the food???!! Hold on heart... pronto pups here we come. Speaking of pronto pups (one of my favorites)... surely you've seen corn dogs and pronto pups during one of your past artery clogging fair-going escapades and might have been curious if there's a difference between the two. Last year, I was informed that corn dogs are covered in a breading while pronto pups are battered. Good to know.

Monday, July 15, 2002

Ferocious Ferret

Friday I took the ferrets to the vet for their yearly vaccinations... Asti is now on a regular yearly schedule - no more boosters (yay!) The vet noted Jazmine's sweet demeanor immediately nuzzling her as she gave him kisses. Then he literally took a step back when he saw Asti. "He's the biggest ferret I've ever seen!" he says. Bring him by in December and have us weigh him - I'll bet he'll weigh 5 lbs! This is not exactly encouraging as he is 2 hands full already. Maybe when he's that big he'll lack the energy to drive me mad.

Friday night we treated ourselves with a movie. Men in Black II. It's cute, funny, pretty much what we expected, but it's a renter folks.

Saturday, we embarked on our Pampered Chef route. We delivered to Grandpa's first and visited with my Mom and Grandpa & Grandma for awhile. Then we headed to Shelly's where we made a golf date for 5pm and onto Shari's. We golfed at Brightwoods in New Brighton. It was so wet that there was an actual mud moat around the 2nd green. It ruined our shoes. We were less than content about this. Afterwards, Brent & I went in to ask for a refund. I flustered the attendant. We got our money back. I don't think we'll be going back there. It stinks. Thankfully we made up for the lousy golfing with a fun dinner at Champps on Silver Lake. I had the best fettucini alfredo ever. Go figure... at Champps.

Sunday we went to Kathy & Tim's for Whiz Bang Days. I made the turkey, they had lots of awesome food. Burgers, brats, salads, yum. The kids played in the lake, we checked out their beautiful new addition, poured a few beers and ate until we were full. We celebrated Jeremy, Mitchell & Noah's birthdays. We all doted on Katie & Dustin's 3 day old Jack. He's just unbelievably adorable. I'll have pictures before week end guaranteed.

um... how about today... pictures

Thursday, July 11, 2002

Fishing Pictures Up

Not all the big ones got away... check out the pictures.

I'm slowly but surely changing over the pop up windows to html so that you won't see the ugly white space framing the photos in the pop-ups. So far I've converted, Asti's, Jazmine's, and the Miscellaneous pages. Hope they're easier on the eyes! I hope to have them all done by month end. Wish us luck golfing tonight. I definitely need it.

Friday, June 21, 2002

New Albums

Check out the new albums on the photos page!

You can monitor the progress of my garden

See pictures from Jill's birthday Jenga game

And see the latest Jazmine and Asti pictures!!

Monday, June 10, 2002


Have been extremely busy planning party. I can't believe it is in 4 days. I have so much to do! Took Asti to vet today for distemper booster (was supposed to cost $18). Found out he has ear mites. Had to have culture and a shot to kill mites. Paid vet $78. Their vet is great, don't get me wrong but these little guys are getting very expensive. Also must now clean everything in their cages... again. I've been up to my neck at work, am sunburned and didn't get any sleep because other ferret decided to wake up at 5:40am. She will be moving back into the living room starting tonight. Oh and the movable type migration is just where I left it on Friday. Haven't had time to work with it since so bear with me please. So wish me luck. I almost ran into a garbage truck this afternoon. Things aren't looking good.

Tuesday, June 04, 2002


He escaped from his cage last night. From the top door which is roughly 5 feet up. Yes, this is akin to jumping off of my head. He's 2" tall. This did not phase him. He came out to the living room all hunky-dory like, "Hey Mom, what's shakin'?" Amazingly, he didn't eat anything which would have resulted in a vet visit. He also did not mistake the carpet for a large plush lavatory. He still hasn't missed the potty. What a good little boy Houdini we have on our hands.

Asti's a Big Boy!

I've had Asti for 4 weeks. He's 13 weeks old today. He's grown 6 inches - he's exactly the same size as Jazmine already! I bought a Ferret magazine at Petsmart (not knowing it was $7.99 until I got home youch). It's filled with lots of good tidbits of information such as, females are 1-2 lbs. while males grow to a whopping 3-6 lbs. There is a picture of a huge male that seriously resembles a small bear cub. I think Asti is turning into a bear cub. Help.

Friday, May 31, 2002

Lake Vermillion Pictures

I've done an album for Lake Vermillion. Let me know if you like the format. It was kind of cumbersome to do, but would work for albums that I won't be updating. I'm thinking it might be easier to browse through than the pop up windows. Another album format example is here (SC). Which one's better? Please help me make the albums easier on the eyes!! Let me know what you think by leaving a comment here or sending me an e-mail.

I've archived some of the old pictures in Chris & Sheryl's and Jazmine's albums. Hopefully that'll be easier viewing for those of us still using 56K modems.

Have an excellent weekend.

Thursday, May 16, 2002

Jazmine's feeling much better...

Jazmine's feeling much better after just 2 doses of medicine. I found a painless way to give a ferret medicine he or she doesn't want! If you hold them by the scruff of their neck, it makes them "go to sleep". It's painless for them (although I would not recommend doing this often or anything but in a gentle manner). Anyway, when they're "sleeping" I put the dropper by her mouth and dropped 1 drop or so at a time right below her nose, at the tip of her mouth. Instinctively she licked her lips thus eating the medicine! In about 30 seconds all meds were down and she seemed none the wiser. The vet had recommended holding her mouth open (good luck) and forcing it down but all that did is make her angry and shake it out of her mouth. The carpet didn't need medicating so this was a waste of both of our time.

Kelly should get his loaner car today. Her insurance company seems to be cooperating. This is a pleasant surprise!

Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Asti the Movie star

2 Asti features on the movies page. They're big files but if you've got some patience (or high speed internet access) they're worth it! My favorite is his honking... not the best filming but if you turn your speakers up you can hear him "honk/whine". He's hilarious.

Friday, May 10, 2002

Bathing Beauty & the Birthday Girl

Asti had a bath last night. He didn't enjoy it. But he doesn't smell like an armpit anymore! He's so sweet, he gives "kisses" like Jazmine now. C'mon, ferret kisses aren't as gross as big wet doggie kisses. On that note, it's my birthday today. I don't feel old but am feeling a little blue for one reason or another. I'll get over it. (nothing a little cake and ice cream won't cure!) So everyone who cares, have a drink for me tonight! For anyone who doesn't care, drink until you do*!

*not recommended

Thursday, May 09, 2002

Stinky Ferret

Have begun a bio for Asti... he's a character. I am a bit disturbed, however. He and Jazmine were playing yesterday and he was biting Jazmine's ear quite nastily. I made the parental standard finger pointing gesture and said, "No!" Apparently I moved a bit too quickly because this scared the pants off of him and he leapt backwards and let out this shrill scream. Afterwards, I noticed he smelled like an armpit. He still smells like an armpit. He's descented and I'd wrongfully assumed that removing the "stink" glands would prevent them from scenting as it were. Either his descenting was unsuccessful or it's proof that boys just smell worse than girls do. Mental note: Scaring ferret makes for smelly ferret.

Wednesday, May 08, 2002

This is the new baby...

This is the new baby... Asti

See more pictures

Wednesday, April 03, 2002

Must Have

I want this dog.

Monday, March 18, 2002

Starring Jazmine...

New Jazmine clip (it's pretty cute). Also new pictures on Jazmine's album.

Friday, February 08, 2002

Because Animals Need Headshots, Too

Jazmine's 3rd album is up! I used Dreamweaver to make the album this time. It's not as "pretty" but it was a lot easier to make (mainly because PictureIt is such a memory hog).

Wednesday, December 12, 2001

Take a Peek

New and updated Photo albums on photos page! Jazmine's got her own page!

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